MOBATIME is the leading brand for innovative time display, time distribution and time reference systems. Equipment and components are developed, manufactured and promoted by Moser-Baer, Switzerland. MOBATIME offers practical experience and extensive technology know-how in time systems for a wide range of application fields. This includes outdoor and indoor clocks, clock movements, master clocks and time servers.

Airport clocks and time-distribution systems

MOBATIME has many years of practical experience and extensive technology appropriate for airport clocks and time distribution systems.

GPS-synchronized master clocks and sub-master clocks

Centralized systems for airport applications usually have a network consisting of a GPS-synchronized main master clock, located in the main control room and a number of sub-master clocks at various terminals. These master clocks then synchronize slave clocks and other IT systems in their environment, whereas the main master clock is connected with all sub-master clocks by means of the LAN/WAN and appropriate protocols (e.g. NTP).

MOBATIME can offer a variety of products and components for such applications and provides full customer support with regards to the general system approach, depending on BoQ and customer specific requirements.

MOBATIME provides ATC time synchronization equipment, terminal clocks, and distributed time systems.
MOBATIME offers a wide range of master clock equipment.
MOBATIME can replace obsolete master clocks equipment with state-of-the-art master time centres.
MOBALine is a two-wire transmission system for maintenance-free self-setting slave clocks and remotely synchronized computer-based systems.

Transmission system for slave clocks

Options to distribute time signals are NTP, MOBALine, IRIG-B and Impulse. Clocks can be synchronized by NTP according to the standards RFC 1305 (V3) and RFC 4330 (SNTP V4). LAN communication is used for:

  • Self-setting digital and analog slave clocks
  • Can be operated in unicast and multicast mode, whatever is more convenient for the specific installation
  • Clocks can be integrated into a supervision / management system. The clocks are able to send alarm and alive-traps to the assigned SNMP manager
  • Clocks can be managed and operated from a centralized station by using the software MOBA NMS (Network Management System)

MOBALine is a two-wire transmission system for maintenance-free self-setting slave clocks and remotely synchronized computer-based systems. MOBALine sets the time of:

  • Self-setting digital and analog slave clocks
  • Relays- switching of remotely located loads such as light, heat, bells etc.
  • Any system designed to be synchronized by DCF antennas, DCF-FSK or IRIG-B codes
  • Time zone clocks

Advantages include data transmission with self-correcting code, two-wire low-voltage cable for data and power and maintenance-free, centralized time-distribution. It allows new slave clocks to be installed under MOBALine power.

MOBALine is well-established in many different fields such as airports, railways, subways, industries, administration buildings, hospitals and schools.

Customized indoor and outdoor clocks

For airports, MOBATIME has developed specific indoor and outdoor clocks, exactly following the relevant customer specification regarding design, modular concept approach, reliability, maintainability, integration into electrical and / or IT infrastructure. Many airports use MOBATIME clocks, clock movements and master clocks.

Time reference for air traffic control

Time references from MOBATIME master clocks guarantee that controlling and monitoring networks and the devices and instruments linked to these proceed in exact lockstep with one another.

Air traffic control is a crucial safety demand for people and monitoring instruments. With its master clocks and time servers, MOBATIME delivers dependable time references for air traffic control monitoring systems.

Airport time systems and clocks

Airport time systems and clocks are used in airports throughout the world, including:

  • International Airport, Toronto, Canada
  • Delhi International Airport, India
  • Airport ‘Orly Sud,’ Paris, France
  • International Airport ‘King Fahd International,’ Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • International Terminal 1 & 2, Frankfurt, Germany
  • International Airport ‘Gardermoen,’ Oslo, Norway
  • International Airport Changi, Terminal 1 & 2, Singapore
  • International Airport Changi, Tower, Singapore
  • International Airport Congonhas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • International Airport Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Airport time reference system

Time references are used in airports throughout the world, including:

  • Air traffic control, Schiphol, Holland
  • Air traffic control, Oslo, Norway
  • Air traffic control, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Air traffic control, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Air traffic control ‘Belgocontrol,’ Brussels, Belgium
  • Air traffic control ‘Skyguide,’ Geneva, Switzerland
  • Air traffic control ‘Skyguide,’ Zürich, Switzerland
  • Civil Aviation (21 Airports), Spain
  • International Airport Domodedowo, Moscow, Russia
  • Air traffic control, Shenyang, China