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Semi-Automatic Loading / Offloading Solutions for Baggage and Cargo Handling Applications

Power Stow is a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced conveyor solutions for baggage and cargo handling.

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Power Stow is a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced conveyor solutions for baggage and cargo handling.

The company’s flagship product is the Rollertrack Conveyor, a unique belt loader extension that provides enhanced working conditions for ramp agents inside aircraft while improving productivity and reducing baggage loading / unloading process times.

The conveyor has been proven by customer analysis to reduce body injuries by more than 50% and provides ground handlers, airports and airlines up to 30% faster baggage handling times. Providing high quality, low maintenance costs and improved productivity, the solution offers a significant return on investment (ROI) to both owners and users.

The Power Stow Rollertrack conveyor makes the 90° turn and delivers bags to the ramp agent inside the hold.
The conveyor offers safe, efficient and fast baggage handling.
The Power Stow Rollertrack conveyor eliminates repetitive lifting, turning and tossing of bags from the door position.
The elevating loading head prevents the baggage operator inside the hold from lifting baggage from the floor.
The solution is ground-based, so there is no need for heavy on-board loading systems, creating significant fuel savings for airlines.
Power Stow's products deliver highly reliable operations and low-maintenance costs for our customers.
Bags are safely transported onto the aircraft, which reduces damage to baggage and costs for passengers.

The company’s products are designed for reliability and availability in all weather conditions, from arctic to tropic. Focus on quality, innovation and continuous development has helped Power Stow become a world-leading provider of extendable belt loader technology.

Extendable belt loader system for optimised baggage handling operations

Rollertrack is particularly effective on bulk-loaded and higher capacity aircrafts, such as the B737-800/900, B757 or A319/320/321 aircraft, and the efficient turnaround times improve gate operations and speed-up airline.

Power Stow’s solution helps ground handlers becoming faster and more efficient during loading and unloading of bulk baggage and cargo.

Enhanced working conditions with innovative baggage handling equipment

Power Stow aims to create a better work environment with innovative baggage handling equipment that requires less physical exertion and potentially reduces the long-term physical impact on the human body, as well as the risk of personal injuries.

The company’s innovations decrease physical strain on ramp workers while improving their effectivity during baggage loading and unloading operations.

Reduced risk of injury for baggage handlers

The Rollertrack Conveyor eliminates the repetitive lifting, turning and tossing of bags from the door position, while the elevating loading head prevents the baggage handlers inside the hold from lifting baggage from the floor.

The conveyor have a proven track record of more than 50% reduction in sick leave related to back and shoulder injuries.

The Power Stow Rollertrack is well-recognised by HSE organisations worldwide.

Reduced aircraft and baggage damage

The Power Stow Rollertrack secures bags inside the hold to significantly reduce floor and baggage damage, as well as costs while ensuring passenger satisfaction.

The auto-levelling feature makes sure that the conveyor is always automatically adjusted to the shifting loads of the aircraft in order to prevent damage, and built-in sensors ensure that the Flexramp is horizontally adjusted and follows the up / down movements of the aircraft.

Customised conveyor solutions

The Rollertrack conveyor can be adopted for gas, diesel or electric-powered belt loaders.

Our engineers work in close collaboration with the market’s major belt loader manufacturers to provide a complete solution to meet our client’s standards and requirements.

Market-leading innovation since 2005

Introduced to the public at Inter Airport Europe 2005, the Rollertrack Conveyor is celebrating its 13th anniversary in 2018.

Through constant improvement, longstanding relationships and involvement of all stakeholders, Power Stow has become the market leader of this unique technology, bringing value to more than 120 airports in daily operations worldwide.

About Power Stow

Power Stow was established in 2003 when founder Martin Vestergaard saw the potential for a system that would improve working conditions for airport ramp agents, as well as enhance efficiency and reduce baggage loading / unloading process times without compromising quality or performance.

The company currently employs more than 100 people with production carried out at its facility just outside Roskilde, Denmark, as well as a facility near Atlanta, Georgia, US.


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  • Rollertrack Conveyor

    Rollertrack is a versatile belt loader extension that is built into a mobile belt conveyor in order to facilitate the loading and offloading of passenger baggage and cargo in the aircraft cargo hold.

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