Blastrac was established more than a hundred years ago. In the early 1980s, the company invented the first mobile shot blast cleaning machine. Since then, Blastrac has developed a complete portfolio with machines specially designed for airport applications, which includes:

  • Shot blasting machines for runway retexturing, line and rubber removal
  • Scarifying machines for line removal and profiling runways

Blastrac’s techniques are highly efficient whilst being mechanically and environmentally friendly. There is no projection of gas, dust or particles, no use of chemical products and no waste of drinking water.

Using shot blasting and scarifying on runways

Blastrac’s environmentally friendly methods of surface preparation ensure no valuable drinking water or chemicals are used and that the blasting abrasive is recyclable.

They are the preferred method for runway maintenance because they achieve the following:

The Blastrac 2-45DTM is ideal for runway maintenance, rubber and paint marking removal and runway retexturing.
The Blastrac BMR-85D can be equipped with a shot blasting head or scarifying attachment and is equipped with an onboard dust collector.
Shot blasting recreates a micro and macro texture on the surface.
Blastrac offers a full range of equipment that can be used for several kinds of applications.
Perfect removal of old lines and markings with scarifying or shot blasting.
Increased lifetime of existing runways by up to five years.
Due to the mobility of our machines, there is minimal traffic disruption.
  • Increase the lifetime of existing runways by up to 5 years
  • Recreate micro and macro texture on the surface and will therefore reinforce the grip
  • Quick and easy removal of rubber and markings on runways with minimal traffic disruption
  • Improve light reflection and optical effects, as well as reduce vibrations and noise levels during take-off and landing

Blastrac’s shot blasting and scarifying technologies can treat up to 3,000m²/h on concrete or asphalt surfaces and, once the surface has been treated, it is ready for immediate use or the application of paint or protective coating.

Shot blasting and scarifying can be used to remove rubber and markings from runways, as well as maintain and renovate taxiways, air terminals and parking areas.

Shot blasting retexturing systems

Blastrac’s shot blasting machines offer the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and high-performance technology for runway maintenance, improving runway safety, as well as marking and rubber removal.

Blasting improves skid-resistance on asphalt and concrete surfaces, which become polished. Shot blasting with a Blastrac machine removes debris and excessive surface asphalt, such as rubber on airport runways.

Improvement of micro and macro textures with the Blastrac shot blasting retexturing process has repeatedly proved to be extremely effective. In all cases, it will bring the surface microtexture back to its original state or better. Shot blasting is also the only technology that creates both macro and micro textures on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Scarifying machines

Blastrac’s scarifying machines are suitable for line or marking removal of thick and elastic materials such as thermoplastic. The principle of the operation is simple but very effective; a rotating drum with a variety of different cutters is loosely fitted onto lateral shafts.

Blastrac’s scarifiers are not only suitable for line marking removal, but also for the removal of thin overlays of a few millimetres of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Depending on the job size, you can choose between a medium-size scarifier or the larger model. Both versions are available in either electric or petrol.

All scarifiers have been specifically designed to have the maximum amount of weight cantered above the drum shaft. They also have an extra heavy drum for additional downforce.

Please take a look at the ‘Products & Services’ page to get a small overview of our surface preparation equipment for rubber removal, marking removal and improving both macro and micro texture on runways.