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Risk Management and QHSE Systems for the Aviation Industry

DNV Software is a leading provider of risk management software in the energy, process and maritime industries.


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DNV Software is a leading provider of risk management software in the energy, process and maritime industries.

Synergi Life is a complete business solution for risk and QHSE management, managing all non-conformances, incidents, risk, risk analyses, audits, assessments and improvement suggestions. It covers all workflow processes such as reporting, processing, analysing, corrective actions, communication, experience transfer, trending and KPI monitoring.

Synergi Life is implemented in close to 200 organisations globally, in 20 languages and in 150 countries. More than 500,000 users benefit from its capabilities.

Risk management services for airports

If you want to improve safety, achieve better quality and manage risk, Synergi Life is the ideal solution. It provides your company with the ability to share and rollup data across your organisation, allowing you to recognise trends and ensure compliance with requirements. Synergi Life reduces costs by preventing losses and by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational risk and QHSE management processes.

As an QHSE software, Synergi Life is the IT system you need to manage and reduce operational and business risk.
Synergi Life has extensive experience with QHSE software in the transport sector. Synergi Life is a cost effective solution and a low risk implementation project which increases safety performance.
Synergi Life has dedicated people working within each sector, making sure that the solution we provide to our customers is adapted to their needs while also being up to date according to business standards and all new requirements.

Reporting and communication tools for the aviation industry

Synergi Life is designed to secure a user-friendly interface and to facilitate for efficient reporting and communication. It generates reports suitable as decision support for any organisational levels. Reports include numerical, graphical and list views presented as html, Excel, PowerPoint or word reports. Individual searches can be saved as favourites and reused by a single click, whenever information and presentations are needed.

Modular risk management systems for the aviation industry

Synergi Life is a module-based solution designed to meet the demands from both reactive indicators and proactive initiatives. These modules can be used as standalone solutions, or in combination to fit the exact needs and focus of each individual client and user. Whenever a customer wants to expand into a new functional area; this is simply done by giving rights to a new module. Synergi Life is a system you expand into, not grow out of.

The implementation of Synergi Life is easy and users immediately see improvements in the involved areas. Our support organisation consists of IT engineers, developers and QHSE experts. Our support and services team can answer your technical questions concerning Synergi Life, as well as questions on how to optimise your QHSE performance.

Customer endorsements

"Using a risk management tool in everyday work also enhances the general awareness of personnel about the potential for failure, as well as giving us a systematic tool to follow up and make changes. That minimises risk," Greger Filipsson, HSE Coordinator, LFV – Sweden’s Air Navigation Services

"We have used Synergi Life since 1998. It is a fantastic tool with a high degree of user-friendliness. It is easy to extract the exact data you need," Odd Lynnebakken, Safety Advisor, Flytoget – The Airport Express Train, Gardermoen, Norway

Integrate risk and reliability analysis into your plant lifecycle

By understanding the risks and production pattern of your process plant or offshore unit, you can make effective decisions to design and operate your asset in the best manner for improved safety and performance.

Consequence and quantitative risk analysis

Phast and Safeti provide a complete, integrated software platform for Quantified Risk Analysis of process plants. It comprises of Phast’s validated consequence modelling of discharge, dispersion and flammable, explosive and toxic effects. Safeti combines these with population, ignition, transportation routes, weather probabilities and an array of vulnerability capabilities. Safeti software package allows the analyst to measure and then manage risks arising from process plant hazards at all stages of a plant’s lifecycle from conceptual design through to decommissioning.

Advanced reliability, availability and maintainability

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis is a crucial tool in designing and analysing the performance of your operations. Maros and Taro are software tools specifically designed to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry. This allows you to model even the most complex process system and to see clearly what is required to improve its performance. As a general purpose systems design tool it is currently used in a wide range of applications including chemicals, manufacturing, power generation and distribution.

White Papers

  • RAM Analysis on Floating Production storage and Offloading Vessels

    The demand for energy extends the exploration and production of oil and gas to increasingly remote and harsh environments. The Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSOs) are the most effective option for the processing and storage of oil and gas in challenging environments.

Press Releases

  • DNV Software Launches a Complete Risk Management Solution

    Structured and analytical risk management has direct effects on a company's ability to build a competitive advantage. In order to support organisations with one complete solution for managing operational, project and enterprise risk DNV Software has now incorporated the risk management tool EasyRisk Manager with the Synergi Life risk and QHSE-management solution. It provides a real time snapshot of a company's risk picture.

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