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Airport Passenger Information Display Solutions

Simpleway offers a unified passenger communications platform, which takes user input from operators or information from real-time data feeds and distributes it directly to passengers through voice, visual, mobile, and social channels.

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Simpleway offers a unified passenger communications platform, which takes user input from operators or information from real-time data feeds and distributes it directly to passengers through voice, visual, mobile, and social channels.

Passenger communications platforms for airport applications

Simpleway’s platform features a powerful business rules engine that enables clients to design a passenger’s experience.

Clients can easily create a business rule delivering information to passengers for any situation. The system can control a wide variety of devices and generate messages such as public address (PA) voice announcements, visual messages for digital signage, interactive kiosks and LED panels, mobile app and SMS notifications, emails, web pages, or social network updates.

The business rules engine is powered by a flexible data integration framework that can import and export real-time and schedule data from any medium in any format. The flexible system aims to enable a seamless passenger experience in a fully converged transit system.

Simpleway’s passenger information system enables clients to set scheduled announcements.
The image shows an example of the gate user interface (UI) skin for voice announcements.
SimpleVox’s fully equipped paging station is compatible with iPads.
The image displays a gate change announcement on the gate UI.
The list of passenger departure details can be displayed on iPhones.
The iPad-compatible Cue passenger app displays airport details and departures listing.
The Cue app shows shop details and airport maps.
The image is an example of how flights listing ordered by destination are shown via the Vue module.
The flight arrival listing carousel can be combined with entertainment panels.
The image shows an example of SimpleVUE gate display.

Passenger information system modules

Simpleway offers a complete passenger information system for airport hubs.

The products consist of several modules that cover all possible scenarios of flight-related information delivery, including:

  • SimpleVOX – automated voice announcements
  • SimpleCUE – mobile phone information notifications
  • SimpleVUE – flight information display systems (FIDS)

Simpleway products share a single back-end system that is compatible with all of the above mentioned features, so there is no need for a dedicated interface between FIDS / baggage information display systems (BIDS) or automated announcement data exchange, nor to contact several companies to implement a change.

The company offers an all-in-one solution that can run on a single platform or separately.

With a special focus on small airports, Simpleway also offers automated voice announcements capable of being triggered from cloud-based systems.

Flight announcement systems

SimpleVOX can be connected to any existing analogue or digital PA system.

Fully automatic and manual announcements may be triggered from gate clients, and voice libraries are comprised of a full range of airline or airport related announcements.

SimpleVOX supports more than 30 languages, with a focus on the quality of voice announcements. Simpleway’s audio experts work closely with voice actors to create recordings, which are then split into segments and put together to make ready-to-be-played, full sentences for optimal clarity and voice intelligibility. Standard voice libraries can be extended or re-created based on customer needs within a few weeks.

SimpleVOX also represents the integration layer between different public announcement system zones or systems. It enables the setting up of dynamic call routing between individual PA subsystems via Cobranet.

PC call stations

Simpleway’s call station client software is ready for installation to meet agents’ needs at gates, operations or baggage claim areas.

The software is hardware and operating system (OS) independent, and can be installed even on mobile devices such as iPad or on common-use terminal equipment (CUTES).

Flight information display systems

SimpleVUE is a brand-new technology, which focuses on easy and flexible content creation.

A professional look can be created from scratch or by using a template. The role-based content management system ensures that each user can only perform permitted actions.

Airlines and third-party ground handlers can access SimpleVUE by using mobile or web-based user interfaces to manually enter flight updates.

The text of the currently played voice announcement is displayed on the information panel, which support disabled passengers.

Flight information notification systems

SimpleCUE provides communication between airport, airline and passenger information systems via mobile devices. iPhone and Android-compatible apps, personalised websites and SMS deliver marketing and up-to-date flight information to passengers. The application can include a map rendering feature or Wi-Fi-based navigation through the airport.

Clients can use SimpleCUE to reach more than 99% of mobile devices used worldwide, as well as easily implementing service offerings, duty-free shop advertisements or any other marketing material into possible announcements.


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