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Airfield Lighting Photometry Equipment and Maintenance

As a world-renowned leader in photometry testing, FB Technology provides photometric and maintenance systems for airfield lighting.

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FB Technology is an expert in the field of airfield ground lighting (AGL). It provides photometric and maintenance systems for airfield lighting, along with retro reflective markers. Based in France, the company has more than 22 years of experience in the aviation industry and is a worldwide leader in airport innovation. The company’s products are used by contractors, airports, and civil aviation providers in more than 250 airports across the world. To date, 130 of FB Technology’s systems are currently in use in several major airports.

All of FB Technology’s high-quality systems are compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and French Civil Aviation Technical Centre (STAC) regulations and recommendations. Its products are designed for the future and use the latest technology to prepare for any upcoming challenges that airports may face. FB Technology’s team of specially trained experts provides customers with the latest solutions that are reliable, effective, and suitable for use in all weather conditions.

AGL photometry measurement systems

Airfield ground lighting is a vital part of any airport and, to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely, the ICAO recommends that photometry should be carried out no less than every six months, according to the air traffic. To comply with FAA requirements, photometry should be completed every month. Since photometry is so vital for airports, it is important to use the best equipment for the most accurate results. FB Technology’s products meet all the necessary photometry measurement requirements, and its product range also includes airfield and apron signs, as well as elevated, inset, or PAPI light measurement systems. The company’s latest maintenance products include the So DICE, m-TAC, and DICE.

As a world-renowned leader in photometry testing, FB Technology uses its specialised equipment, designed by skilled engineers, to carry out measurements and testing for clients. Following this, a detailed report is produced by FB Technology’s expert staff and the results are then discussed with the client. If any part of the ground lighting does not meet the necessary requirements, FB Technology is able to take action to ensure that everything meets the required regulations and is fully operational.

MARC One détouré – Airfield Lighting automatic photometric testing and cleaning
m-TAC – Airfield Ground Lighting torque
PAC Lab II – Airfield Lighting Photometric testing in workshop
PAC Matrix – Airfield Lighting Photometry on-site and in workshop
PAC² V5 – Mobile Airfield Lighting photometric equipment with bi-directional sensors strip in Singapore
PAC² V5 – Mobile Airfield Lighting photometric equipment with bi-directional sensors strip, rear view
PAC π – PAPI Calibration, Alignment and Photometric measurement system
PAXign – Photometric Airfield Signs Calibration system
SoDICE – Airfield Lighting Cleaning equipment with soda powder
SoDICE – Airfield Lighting Cleaning equipment with soda powder

Retro reflective markers for airports

FB Technology offers lightweight and durable retro reflective markers for use on taxiways, traffic area edges, and runways. The markers are highly visible, which helps to increase airport safety. They are also durable, easy to install, and maintenance free, and come with removable retro reflective sleeves. The markers are ideal for use in areas without electric supply lines and are available in a variety of different colours and dimensions, according to ICAO recommendations. FB Technology offers red, yellow, white, green, or blue markers that can either be installed directly into the ground or pavement, or mounted on optional PVC supports in areas with soft soils. The markers feature a retro reflective surface of 150mm-375mm, depending on the height required.

FB Technology offers both airport retro reflective markers and heliport retro reflective markers. All of its markers are extremely reflective and resistant to jet blasts, making them suitable for a variety of different locations. They are also resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, making them long lasting and able to withstand harsh environments. To prevent damage, the markers are frangible on impact, and their cylindrical shape means that they can be seen from any angle during the day and at night.

AGL maintenance systems

Flight safety and regularity depend on regular AGL maintenance and reliable AGL equipment. As proper maintenance is so important, FB Technology developed a range of runway light cleaning products to help make it as quick and easy as possible for any airport to perform light cleaning and maintenance. Regular maintenance helps to reduce risks and ensures that airports and airfield lighting are adhering to the standards and recommendations set out by regulatory authorities. FB Technology’s products can help airports to prioritise their maintenance and make operations more efficient. This helps airports to optimise their procedures and significantly improve AGL performance, which can reduce costs and maximise runway availability.

Airfield lighting technical services

Along with its products, FB Technology also provides clients with helpful technical services that include system installations, training, and support throughout the entire lifetime of its solutions. FB Technology’s products are designed to last and often have a lifetime of over 20 years. To ensure that the measurements are carried out correctly, FB Technology offers on-site training to help operators get the most benefit out of the photometric products and produce accurate results. . All customers are provided with remote telephone or email support to assist airports with their AGL measurements. Alongside technical support and on-site training, the company also offers AGL photometry measurement services.

About FB Technology

FB Technology has been working with civil aviation authorities and international airports since 1993, providing them with the latest photometry measurement products and services.

Press Releases

  • FB Technology's MARC I Adds Artificial Intelligence to Airfield Lighting Maintenance

    FB Technology debuted its revolutionary robotic platform, MARC I (MARC One), at inter airport Europe 2015 earlier this month. MARC I stands for Maintenance of AGL Robot Controlled, it performs repetitive AGL maintenance tasks, enabling staff to focus on more complex tasks. The system automatically measures AGL photometry and checks for compliance. It also checks if the torque to secure the bolts of the inset light fixtures has been applied correctly. Larger airports requiring intensive AGL maintenance will benefit greatly from MARC I.


FB Technology
Parc Guillaume
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