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IT Business Solutions for Regional Airports

Adecs Airinfra’s IT solutions are developed in close cooperation with clients and leverage extensive knowledge about the aviation industry, airports, and their operations .

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Adecs Airinfra provides innovative and smart IT solutions to airports, with a particular focus on affordable solutions for regional airports. The company’s AirSystems range of products work with existing airport operational database management (AODB) systems, visuaisation systems, registration systems, and flight information display systems (FIDS) control systems.

Airport IT systems

Adecs Airinfra’s IT solutions are developed in close cooperation with clients and leverage extensive knowledge about the aviation industry, airports, and their operations. Designed to improve efficiency and promote the sustainable use of airports, Adecs Airinfra IT solutions are affordable and innovative.

Information management systems for regional airports

AirLink is an AODB management system that enables the sharing of timely, reliable, and accurate information between all airport partners to facilitate more effective communication and improved situational awareness, thanks to increased predictability. In turn, this provides airports with more flexibility and efficiency.

AirLink has been specifically designed for regional airports, meaning it is a simpler system that requires less financial investment than comparable systems. As a web-based application, AirLink supports cross-platform compatibility and mobile access. AirLink’s centralised database also provides secure, real-time information and guarantees data integrity. The software’s modular design also makes it flexible and suitable for a range of airports.

AirLink is based on the principle of collaborative decision making.
When using AirLink, airport staff will have a uniform method for sharing the same information in real-time. This will result in improved efficiency of processes at the airport.
AirLink is a web-based service developed in cooperation with a regional airport where it has recently become operational.
AirMap displays all relevant information on an interactive map of the airport and its surroundings, providing an instant overview of the situation.

Airport visualisation platforms

AirMap is an airport visualisation platform that helps airport operators to keep track of all activities within an airport. Using an interactive map, AirMap displays all important information to provide an instant overview of the airport and its surroundings. Multiple users can access AirMap simultaneously including customs, security, operations, or the fire brigade.

AirMap clients can all instantly access information as soon as it is uploaded to the system. This creates a common operating picture (COP) that allows for better situational awareness and improved decision making.

AirMap presents a visual representation of data, allowing information to be processed and analysed quickly and with ease. It can also be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into existing airport system architecture. In case of a network outage, the system will also remain operational, allowing any situation to be effectively managed.

Airport signage systems

Adecs’ AirSignage is a FIDS that combines flight information and targeted content for any airport display situation. As airports are visited by thousands of people every day, effective signage solutions are vital for helping to direct travellers. AirSignage is powered by PADS4 digital signage software that can easily integrate with existing systems to create a smart airport signage solution.

AirSignage is scalable solution and extra screens can be added to fit airports of any size. The system can also be integrated with Adecs’ AirLink system to create a total airport system.

Movement registration systems for airports

AirFee is Adecs’ automated movement registration system that uses mode-s transponders to monitor aircraft movement. Advanced algorithms register the time and type of movement of aircraft, as well as flown tracks, and the data is then sent to airport administration.

The AirFee system helps to save money by reducing labour intensive tasks and administration errors. Additional information such as the pilot’s name can also be tracked and added to the data. Each movement of an aircraft is tracked, analysed, and stored, enabling complete and transparent administration.

Other systems and future developments

AirLink and AirMap are only two systems in Adecs Airinfra’s product portfolio. The company is continuously working on new systems to improve efficiency and information sharing. The company’s focus is and will remain on regional airports, providing the best value for money.

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