Total Linemarking Resources (TLR) offers expert line marking services for a range of airport applications.

The company uses self-propelled computerised line marking technology to accurately set out and mark new and existing runways at regional airports.

Professional line marking services for airports

Our team has extensive knowledge in preparing runway and road surfaces before applying marking products. This includes intensive scrubbing, diamond grinding, patching and repair where necessary to ensure the surface is optimally suitable for markings.

We can provide preformed thermoplastic, which is a durable road marking material. It is available in reflective and various colours for transverse lines, symbols and letters.

TLR provides high-quality line marking for runway, parking and road surfaces at airports.
Markings can be designed for helipads and other emergency landing applications.
Preformed thermoplastic is a durable material designed for road markings.
Line marking work can be carried out at airport warehouses and parking facilities.
TLR can provide specialist line markings for a range of applications at airports.

TLR is a member of the Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia and accredited by the Painting Contractor Certification Program.

Line marking for airport runways, car parks and helipads

TLR has completed line marking work at a number of airports, including Charleville Airport in south-east Queensland, Australia. We used our self-propelled line marker to set out a new runway at the airport, working from survey points to ensure accuracy.

Other aviation applications include helipads and emergency markings. Two anti-slip products and emergency department markings can be applied to ensure staff and patient safety.

For parking facilities, TLR can provide line markings for spaces, wheel stops, bollards, arrows and disabled spaces for clear and safe navigation around the facility.

We can set out road marking and directional arrows around airports, including raised reflective pavement markers, turning bays, traffic lane arrows and pedestrian crossings.

High-quality line marking for industry applications

TLR prides itself on only using high-quality products and machinery for its line marking services.

With 30 years of experience in marking, we have a number of long-standing clients from a variety of sectors, including defence, civil engineering, commercial, council and aviation.

The company is registered with the Pegasus Workforce Management System, ensuring workplace compliance and confidence.

About Total Linemarking Resources

TLR is based on the east coast of Australia and has 30 years of line marking expertise across a range of sectors.

Our skilled team of professional line markers focuses on delivering high-quality services according to client requirements. We provide reliable line marking services with complete project planning and execution.

Over the years, we have provided line marking services to a growing client base. Companies return to us due to our customer service, professionalism and the commitment to workmanship.