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Trip & Co has been manufacturing and supplying air cargo products since 1890. In collaboration with KLM, the firm invented the first-generation of insulated air cargo covers.

Complete range of cargo products for the aiport industry

Trip & Co bases its values on innovation, quality and long-term relationships with its customers. The company ensures it uses the best materials to guarantee the quality of its products.

Through the firm’s many years of experience and good contact with clients, Trip & Co has been able to put together a complete range of cargo products for the aviation industry.

Its product groups comprise covers, hardware, utilities, as well as restraint, ramp security and special solutions.

Trip & Co's GoodCap covers and blankets are FAR 25853 certified.
Restraint products, hardware, utilities, ramp security products and special solutions are provided by Trip & Co.
Trip & Co has its own production facility at Schiphol International Airport.

On-site production facilities for speed and efficiency

Trip & Co has its own modern and certified production facility, allowing it to work swiftly and efficiently. This also allows the firm to be flexible and able to respond to specific requirements of its customers.

The company is situated at Schiphol International Airport, which gives it the opportunity to deliver its products worldwide within 24 hours.

Testing capabilities for product check and control

Having its own testing facility allows Trip & Co to thoroughly check and control its products.

The firm simulates every possible situation, and by using the most sophisticated software and hardware, its customers are able to login and follow tests worldwide.

The testing facility allows Trip & Co to find the best solution for transporting goods.

Air cargo equipment to EASA standards

Trip & Co designs, develops, installs, tests and trials air cargo equipment to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards.

It has applied for EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Part 21 Subpart G Production Organization Approval (POA).

The firm’s products are 100% quality controlled, from concept to end-product.

Its GoodCap covers and blankets are certified FAR 25853; determination of burning behavior of aircraft material and Federal Certificate of Conformance. The covers are produced without vaporised aluminium or solvent tapes, which is a requirement for pharmaceutical companies.