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ASAP deliver aeronautical services, procedures and consultancy in ensuring safety and efficiency of operations for all of the aviation industry, including airports and airlines.

Aerodrome surface checks and airport surveys

Safety is an extremely important part of the running of any airport, both towards passengers and crew in terminals and on-board aircraft, as well as the wider community surrounding the airfield.

ASAP help ensure a safe environment for all with its airport surveys, taking into account runway thresholds, inset thresholds, navigational aids, and significant obstacles in the vicinity of the airport.

An accurate airport survey will include details of runway and inset thresholds, navigational aids, and significant obstacles.
ASAP’s Annex technology details all aspects of the three-dimensional surfaces that need to be clear of obstacles.
The ASAP PHX software can be used by professionals to create instrument flight procedures for the aeronautical industry.

WGS 84 Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) are used to conduct the surveys, establishing an airport control network, ensuring an accurate survey from a variety of network station positions.

Once complete, a full report will be provided, which conforms to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) WGS-84 Manual requirements.

In addition, ASAP provides ICAO Annex 14 aerodrome surface checks, to analyse the dimensional surfaces that need to be kept clear for outbound and inbound aircraft. All results are highly accurate, as any miscalculations could be disastrous for the airport or surrounding population.

Special aeronautical risk analysis of tall buildings

The danger when constructing tall buildings, especially in the vicinity of local airports, is that they will cause a hazard to low-flying aircraft.

ASAP carries out special aeronautical studies, including for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE.

A special aeronautical study consists of elements, including PANS OPS (procedures for air navigation services, aircraft operations) considerations, aviation law and regulations, risk analysis and mitigating factors.

Specialist private software development and programming services

While it isn’t typical for a private aeronautical service provider to provide an established computer software programming service, ASAP has been providing the service for more than 14 years.

If a project requires the use of new software design, ASAP has the necessary capabilities to undertake the task, working with the company’s other departments to provide a fully rounded service.

In its role as an innovator in instrument flight procedure design and aeronautical charting software, ASAP has used its expertise to develop its own expert software, ‘PHX’.

Classroom and online-based aeronautical software training courses

ASAP offers in-depth courses to help train professional procedure designers in the use of the PHX software. Training takes place both in the classroom and online, with learners having access to resources at any time of day.

The classroom course module is undertaken over a three week period, and covers the use of PHX software. The lessons are held at ASAP’s training rooms in Pezinok, Slovakia, and feature both classroom instruction and PC exercises.

About ASAP

Slovakia-based ASAP was established in 1998, and has maintained a reputation for high-quality solutions for clients throughout the air industries. The company works side-by-side with clients to ensure all goals are reached and customers are satisfied.