Oshkosh Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of specialty airport vehicles.

The company has successfully acquired four business segments, including fire and emergency, commercial, access equipment and defence.

Oshkosh Corporation leverages its proprietary technologies to create powerful competitive advantages across many different segments and business units. Oshkosh distributes and services products under a range of brands, including Oshkosh®, Pierce®, McNeilus®, JLG®, Jerr-Dan®, Frontline®, CON-E-CO®, London® and IMT®.

Oshkosh products are valued worldwide in businesses where high quality, superior performance, rugged reliability and long-term value are paramount.

The Striker® is an aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle known for its incredible firefighting systems, maintenance access, extreme mobility, cockpit-controlled turrets, optional Snozzle® HRET and interior ergonomics.
Pierce features the industry’s widest selection of aerial apparatus built to
deliver safety and peak performance, including a variety of ladders (both
aluminium and steel), platforms, water towers and tractor-drawn aerials.
tackle initial response, wildland, urban interface and rescue scenarios. All-wheel drive powers you over rough terrain and roads.
Pierce Pumper designs offer flexibility to meet customer needs. Pierce Pumpers are available in a wide range of options, ranging from basic to fully loaded. The Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) is an industry-changing, multi-purpose response vehicle that dramatically changes the way the fire service configures apparatus by removing the bulky pumphouse without compromising firefighting capabilities.
The Oshkosh ® Exclusive Snozzle® prepares you for the most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50ft or 65ft extendable boom that can penetrate an aircraft’s skin to extinguish fires. The Snozzle® is the recognised industry-leading high-reach extendable turret, and has become one of the most innovative products for fire suppression. The

Municipal and industrial firefighting apparatus

Oshkosh subsidiary Pierce Manufacturing provides the Pierce® ,Dash® ,CP Velocity™, Impel™, Quantum™, Arrow XT™, Saber® and Enforcer™ custom chassis.

Pierce also features a wide selection of aerial apparatus that are built to deliver safety and peak performance, including aluminium and steel ladders, platforms, water towers and tractor-drawn aerials.

Oshkosh offers custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, mini-pumpers, elliptical tankers, and homeland security apparatus.

Pierce is also a leading provider of safety innovations, including:

  • Side roll protection: when the roll system senses an imminent roll based on rig monitoring, it automatically activates eight occupant protection devices
  • TAK-4® independent front suspension: Pierce apparatus equipped with TAK-4 stops shorter than those with standard axle and brake combinations
  • Husky® and Hercules™ foam systems: designed for municipalities and industrial refineries, volunteer and career fire-fighters, and class A and B fires, Pierce systems provide reliability, ease of operation, and quicker knockdown of fires
  • Tire protection system: this exclusive Pierce offering is a safety band that attaches to a recessed drop inside the wheel and prevents the tire from coming off during a blowout
  • VHL® caps: These self-venting caps reduce risk of injury caused by the inadvertent release of lines containing trapped residual pressure

Aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle

The Oshkosh Striker® is an aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle renowned for its firefighting systems, maintenance access, extreme mobility, cockpit-controlled turrets, optional Snozzle® high-reach extendable turrets (HRET), and interior ergonomics.

The Striker offers greater fire suppression, control, safety and versatility to maximise response against the ever-changing risks, threats and dangers of ARFF.

The vehicle provides fast acceleration and increased fuel economy from its 697hp Euro 5 emission-compliant engine. It also delivers a lower centre of gravity, a tighter turning radius and greater control with the help of TAK-4 all-wheel independent suspension.

It is also designed to be lighter by 5%, ensuring faster acceleration and a shorter stopping distance.

Snozzle high reach extendable turret

The Oshkosh Snozzle HRET prepares clients against extreme ARFF threats.

It is able to extinguish fire on both sides of the aircraft with intense precision and manoeuvre through tight spaces, such as through doorways and over wing exits, without ever requiring the user to enter the plane.

The Snozzle offers more than 914mm of penetrating depth, and 305mm extenders are available. It can apply a 12m cold shower patter of 947lpm water or foam.

The turret provides effective extinguishing from recommended distances, allowing vehicles to be positioned away from escape slides and triage efforts.

It also features standard light emitting diodes with optional high-intensity discharge lighting for night scenarios, as well as permits a theoretical critical area (TCA) of fire on both sides of aircraft.

The application’s patented design shoots a full master stream at ground level, and easily cools burning tires and hot brakes.

Featuring an unparallelled below grade reach, the Snozzle’s wide spray pattern reaches underneath planes, cooling fuel tanks and cargo areas.

Training simulator for firefighting vehicles

The Striker Simulator safely trains crews for situations that would otherwise be impossible or costly to recreate.

With authentic Striker operating tools, clients can tailor realistic training programmes that can be customised to their airport. Crews can train using a laptop or a fully immersive wrap-around simulator. The Striker Simulator can be configured around cost-effective airport protection requirements.

Refuse truck bodies and compressed natural gas power solutions

Oshkosh is a leading manufacturer of refuse truck bodies for the waste service industry through its McNeilus brand. The company offers a variety of front, rear and side loader truck models and options to meet customer requirements worldwide.

McNeilus is the industry leader in compressed natural gas (CNG) power solutions for the refuse industry.

ARFF services and support

Oshkosh has been working with the Asia Pacific market for the past 20 years.

Many of the world’s best airports are constructed using Oshkosh’s JLG® aerial work platforms. When these airports become operational, they are protected by the company’s Striker ARFF vehicle.

Oshkosh supplies products, services, training and support to protect and serve clients worldwide with an integrated and comprehensive approach to emergency response.

The company’s team of dedicated service and support professionals in the industry work tirelessly to provide the best service using the latest technology in the industry.

Oshkosh Corporation stocks only the highest quality aftermarket parts that lead the industry in quality and innovation. Each part is supported with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) limited warranties.