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ATC Training and ATM Consultancy

The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI), an integral part of Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR), specialises in the provision of ATC training and also provides consultancy services in ATM.


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The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI), an integral part of Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR), specializes in the provision of ATC training and also provides consultancy services in ATM.

ATC training courses

With over 25 years of experience in ATC training, CANI offers a full spectrum of ATC training courses including Ab Initio theory and rating training, tailor-made courses for ATC professionals and specialized English language courses. All courses offered meet international standards.

3D ATC tower simulator and ATC training

CANI operates a state-of-the-art 3D tower simulator (360° rear-projection tower system composed of six working positions; the simulator can also run as two 180° towers). It also provides TWR, APP and ACC simulators, a self-access center (CBT), a language laboratory, a library and a conference room.

ATC personnel training

Standard courses for the training of ATC personnel have been designed in order to offer:

CANI offers aviation background and training with qualified native English language teachers.
Classrooms at CANI have modern multimedia equipment.
Strong customer orientation is a key element of CANI's corporate culture.
CANI offers high-quality, cost-effective training to air navigation service providers.
A state-of-the-art 3D tower simulator at CANI.
CANI offers a full-service training facility with on-site accommodation and catering.
The ROSE simulator at CANI.
The PAR simulator at CANI.
The new ANS CR integrated air traffic control center has been honoured by Jane's and other industry awards.
ATS room in the new ATC center.
  • A standardized and systematic institutional training program
  • A harmonized training program, which is in conformity with the EUROCONTROL guidelines for ATCO common core content and training objectives and with the ICAO course outlines
  • A harmonized but also flexible training program for customers’ specific needs and requirements by combination of training modules: each module has a specific objective to be fulfilled in order to meet the requirements set in ICAO Annex I

ATC theory training and rating training

General ATC courses consist of basic training (theory) and rating training. Basic training is a necessary prerequisite for rating training. Both parts can be combined to form a complete training course for Ab Initio students to any institutional training course required prior to on-the-job training and issuance of an air traffic controller license.

Practical training can be conducted either in the ROSE or LATCI artificial airspace created by CANI or in the individual national airspace. Course content can be expanded to include additional topics based on customer request.

Specialized ATC courses for active controllers

Specialized ATC courses are intended primarily for active controllers seeking to expand or sharpen their skills and qualification in a particular area.

Specialized ATC language programs

CANI has a long tradition in offering specialized ATC language programs. English courses can be either offered separately or as a fully integrated part of any long-term ATC course. Language programs are highly customizable to fit the needs of the client.

Air traffic controller training

Air traffic controller training at CANI is designed to be a fully integrated service. On top of the approved training program, CANI offers its clients a choice of in-house or hotel accommodation, full-board allowances, restaurant, canteen, bar, full-time cafeteria and snack-bar and a student welfare office. The facilities are conveniently located in close vicinity to Prague’s city centre.

Airspace design and MLAT, RDP, FDP and ATM consulting

The primary focus of CANI’s consulting activities is around airspace design, MLAT, RDP, FDP, ATM system procurement and project management.

ATC and ATM consultancy

CANI offers a full range of consultancy services designed to meet even the most demanding needs of its customers. The customers can profit from the domain expertise of senior ATM staff, experience and stability of an ATC provider and hands-on experience from Europe’s number-one pioneer in the utilization of multilateration (MLAT) technology.

Consultancy services offered include:

  • Multilateration (MLAT)
  • Project management
  • Airspace management
  • Surveillance (SUR)
  • Radar data processing (RDP)
  • Flight data processing (FDP)
  • ATM system procurement

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The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI)
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