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Security Software for Control Rooms and Crisis Management

TECHWAN offers security solutions through the SAGA software range for airports, border guards and civil defence operations.

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TECHWAN offers security solutions through the SAGA software range for airports, border guards and civil defence operations.

Modules covered by SAGA include incident management, crisis management and mobilisation solutions.

Multi-screen security monitoring for incident management

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is the incident management system with the ability to handle many thousands of workstations.

The company provides software used in security control rooms throughout the world.
The French Gendarmerie uses more than 6,000 workstations with the SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL programme.
Critical situations can be managed through a simulation where multiple departments communicate with each other to control the crisis.
A mobile workstation programme with the same interface as the control room is supplied in SAGA MOBILE.
SAGA PLANNING is an additional module for SAGA products and is an event-planning tool with integrated storage of key plans.

The multi-screen full web workstations and mobile devices are based on AngularJS. They can be adapted to Microsoft WPF with additional dashboards displayable on image walls, workstations or tablets.

Used by the French Gendarmerie, there are more than 6,000 workstations throughout France, with over 60,000 mobile workstations also installed.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is also used by French Air Force and Geneva International Airport.

For geographic information system (GIS) use, SAGA can be interfaced with several onscreen programmes at a time, including ESRI, GeoServer, OpenLayers, and Google Maps.

Software for crisis collaboration with multiple departments

SAGA CRISIS is a multi-service solution that combines functions from different departments under common control. The product allows for management of critical situations by simulating the crisis and preparing a plan of action.

Crisis management software works through multiple components with the message module allowing for communication and alerting users of incidents.

Workflow and GIS are part of the module that enables responses from multiple teams.

A set of dashboards are part of the SAGA CRISIS programme which can be displayed on image walls, workstations or tablets.

This crisis solution can be used by standalone services, or large multi-service organisations with the French National Police and the Swiss civil and military security departments among SAGA CRISIS users.

Multi-screen full web workstations and mobile workstations are based on AngularJS, and mobile workstations compatible with iOS and Android.

The GIS used in SAGA CRISIS can be chosen from ESRI, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Google Maps or Bing.

This module can be installed directly on premises, as well as on public or private Cloud services.

Customised control room platforms for smartphones

SAGA MOBILE is an accompaniment to SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL and SAGA CRISIS. The module offers a mobile workstation that is individually notified, working similarly to the control room workstation.

This mobile software is compatible with smartphones or tablets and is supported on iOS or Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry can also be supported on request.

The mobile user interface is tailored to take advantage of screen size with features compatible with the SAGA modules.

The bidirectional GIS integration can direct users to locations from control room workstations. An incident management module is integrated into the SAGA MOBILE system.

Communication tools include an inbuilt chat with other patrols, and a camera to exchange pictures and film with the control room.

SAGA MOBILE also has an option of Waze, TomTom, AnyMap or Sygic interface. Automatic status control is a part of the programme with dashboards from other SAGA modules displayable within the programme.

Dashboards from other SAGA modules can be displayed with the SAGA MOBILE programme.

The system can utilise 3G or 4G networks, and will soon be 5G-compatible.

Quick-response platforms for emergencies

SAGA MOBILISATION can quickly deploy thousands of resources through security operations.

The programme is interfaced with PABX, IPBX in SIP mode, or in any dedicated interface. SMS, pagers and voicemail are used, along with fax and mail for reporting.

The programme supports speech-to-text and text-to-speech, and it is a multi-language tool.

SAGA MOBILISATION can be a standalone solution, or an additional module of SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL or SAGA CRISIS.

Resource management tool for large-scale events

SAGA PLANNING can be used as an additional module to SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL.

The programme is used by the city of Paris to plan big events such as Tour de France and the Paris Marathon.

Event-planning models can be stored in the programme, with the option to reuse them for occasions.

Modules in the SAGA product line can be used individually or in combination. Each module has been developed in collaboration with TECHWAN customers.

The entire SAGA product range supports Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Arabic alphabets.


TECHWAN is a Swiss software editor, specialised in public safety solutions. The company was established in May 2000. TECHWAN also offers solutions for armies, ambulance services and private companies.

Products & services


    SAGA MOBILISATION is designed to transmit voice messages and text at airports.


    SAGA MOBILE is a solution designed for crisis management on smartphones and tablets.


    SAGA CRISIS is designed for managing small, medium or large scale incidents at airports.


    SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is a programme for incident management that can be used across airports.

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