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Aircraft Power Units and Underground Service Pits

B GSE Group offers a range of products to improve efficiency of airport operations, including underground service pits for aircraft, ground power units and air-conditioning equipment.

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B GSE Group offers a range of products to improve efficiency of airport operations, including underground service pits for aircraft, ground power units and air-conditioning equipment.

Underground aircraft service pits

B GSE Group is an innovator of several technologies that greatly reduce and streamline service points by building them underground.

EZ Access PITs have been installed at airports around the world, putting fuelling services underground, as well as bringing power, air, potable water, and lavatory fill and dump services in close proximity of aircraft.

These EZ Access PITs are built to be quickly accessible, located where they need to be and eliminating the number of service trucks that would be used for these services. This underground solution is used at airport terminals, remote parking and aircraft maintenance hangars.

B GSE provides fuel service pits along with air, power and other services to American Airlines.
Service pits are quick and easy to access, minimising aircraft turnaround time.
The CoolJet system features direct expansion air conditioning system, which can be crafted for all aircraft.
Aviation power is offered through solid-state units, providing more than 1,000kVA to aircraft.
EZ Access service PITs can be made and installed according to customer requirements.
B-Power units enable aircraft to reduce running and maintenance costs by offering an alternative power source.
Point-of-use PC air systems can be installed on passenger bridges to provide air-conditioning to parked aircraft.
B GSE Group offers service pits and power machinery that can be placed directly next to aircraft on the airfield.
EZ Access PITs are based right by the aircraft without the need for service trucks.
B GSE Group is a provider of air and power solutions for many airlines and locations, including Los Angeles International Airport.

EZ Access PITs limit the amount of large motorised equipment needed to approach the aircraft’s footprint area. This minimises factors that can endanger the working environment such as poor visibility, employee fatigue and time constraints.

BGSE Group offers the POP-UP PIT, hatch, vault access, rolling covers and combination PITs for fuel, power, air, water, lavatories and many other needed service points. All the technologies are custom-made for worldwide customers with the best quality products.

Power and air units for grounded aircraft

B GSE Group started a product called an External APU. This is a combination power and air machine that allows the aircrew to turn off the gas-guzzling aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU) and use a single-combination solution from B GSE Group.

This cuts costs of capital maintenance and operations and saves space. It helps reduce the potential of ground-service equipment damage to aircraft by combining two solutions.

B GSE Group solutions save fuel and limit greenhouse gases at airports where facility power is not available.

Solid-state aircraft power units

The company offers solid-state 400Hz power from 10kVA to more than 1,000kVA. The same power supplies are available for rotary technology. These products are sold as B-Power units from B GSE Group.

B GSE Group also sells direct expansion, known as point-of-use PC air, air handlers (AHUs), and DX Boost. These are hybrid units for all sizes of aircraft and every climate around the world, and are sold under our CoolJet air unit label.

B GSE Group services are provided to customers worldwide, made to meet customer specifications with high-quality products.

These products have been sold to OEMs such as Lockheed Martin, Airbus and Boeing, operators such as United Airlines and airports across the world. All branches of the US military and many foreign armes forces around the world use this equipment.

Integrated service packages for airport maintenance

Putting the best of multiple manufacturers together under one umbrella as an integrated seamless system solves problems many airlines have in their operations. B GSE Group offers a complete service package, including start-up, commissioning and turning over a working system to customers, ensuring deliver under-budget and on schedule.

B GSE Group delivers one-source turnkey value-added specialised contracting, with projects completed at airports in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Dallas.

The company’s largest repeat commercial customer happens to be the largest airline in the world, American Airlines. American buys power, air, PITs, reels, cables, hoses, bag chutes, hoists, pantographs and more from B GSE Group every month.

About B GSE Group

B GSE Group excels at total solution projects where they can work on value-added turnkey expertise. The company has extensive experience in point-of-use, central and hybrid solutions for airport terminals, ramps and hangars.

B GSE Group was established as a different type of aerospace company. The company is made up of airline pilots and retired military personnel. All employees were customers and end-users for a big part of their career before becoming part of a system supply company.

Although the company offers a range of products, B GSE Group does not identify as a product-specific supplier but as a systems provider and integrator. This is because B GSE Group is unlike any other company in this industry.

The main difference is that B GSE Group speaks ‘contractor’. Employees are not focused on selling units but providing complete systems along with all of their requirements.

B GSE Group’s experience makes it an expert in the field. The company works closely with all customers to identify solutions to their needs as a specialist contractor.

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