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Communications and Network Services

Every time you pick up the phone, 'surf the net,' travel on a motorway, catch a train, bus or tube, or call the emergency services; the chances are we have enabled the communications infrastructure to make this happen.

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Every time you pick up the phone, ‘surf the net,’ travel on a motorway, catch a train, bus or tube, or call the emergency services; the chances are we have enabled the communications infrastructure to make this happen.

With annual revenues of more than £310 million, telent is a technology services company providing a wide range of network and communications services across a variety of industries, from telecommunications and transport to utilities and the emergency services. We have unique scale and a track record for quality and delivery that is second-to-none.

Some of the services we provide to airports are:

telent Voice Perfect: Automatic flight-announcement systems

For more than 20 years, Voice Perfect has represented a first-class, personal service at affordable rates. We are delighted this heritage is now part of the telent portfolio.

telent's Asset Condition Monitoring web interface.
telent's build and test facility at Warwick, UK.
telent’s Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA) software at Reading Station, UK.

Based on successful announcement products used in the acoustically hostile environment of London Underground stations, our SCAS®-Air announcement systems are designed specifically for airport-industry applications.

SCAS®-Air’s functions include:

  • Automatic flight announcements
  • Foreign language announcements
  • Safety, security and housekeeping announcements
  • User recordings and storage of announcements
  • Live announcement function
  • User selection of public address zones for announcements
  • Unattended 24/7 announcement broadcasts

telent Lighting Control Systems

telent designs, installs and maintains intelligent, network-based lighting control systems, which offer fully automated, state-of-the art-control and energy saving optimisation.

As well as creating new lighting control systems, we also assess and optimise existing systems for improved operation and energy efficiency.

Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • System definition and design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • System programming
  • Systems integration
  • Support and maintenance
  • A 24 x 7 x 365 service centre
  • Remote monitoring and management

telent additionally manages KNX / DALI systems and have accredited programmers to commission and support.

Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA)

Since its launch back in 2006, telent‘s station management system, Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA), has evolved. It has been enhancing communication, SCADA and building management subsystems, integrating CCTV, public address systems, passenger information displays, help points, fire and intrusion detection systems and more, ever since.

MICA is an example of a physical security information management (PSIM) system, but unlike many examples, has had considerable effort made to make it very simple to operate. However, it still has the scope to integrate multiple applications and devices so they can be controlled through a single, customisable, comprehensive user interface.

Systems brought together by MICA typically include information displays, digital voice announcement systems, and access, security and fire notification systems to provide simple, intelligent building management.

MICA uses interchangeable drivers with standard interfaces, such as OPC and XML, to manage new assets, legacy systems and other building applications. The latest enhancement to MICA embraces Wi-Fi in order to go mobile, enabling MICA’s existing capability to be accessed by staff via handheld devices, such as iPads and iPods, from anywhere on the premises. This leaves staff free to leave the office and move around, to speak to and assist customers, whilst remaining in complete control of the systems at all times.

It has been designed to aid the management of mass transit environments where the operators are operational staff and not IT experts, and has been deployed on some of the busiest stations in the world such as Waterloo and Canary Wharf.

  • MICA can be supplied as a complete solution, or integrated with existing management systems and legacy equipment
  • MICA will operate as thin or thick client, and with hot standby servers
  • MICA includes a digital voice announcer and sign controller, which supports most types of display

Asset condition monitoring

telent‘s ACM system is designed to remotely monitor an asset’s critical components, to provide early warning of issues and predict failures. We have developed the remote monitoring hardware, user interface software and installed the system within lifts, escalators and critical equipment rooms.

The system provides the ability to check the status of each asset through Red, Amber and Green traffic light style alerts with immediate text alerts and simple web based trends. telent‘s system features a web interface tailored to the customer, that is accessible on any web browser, including PCs, tablets and smart phones, meaning users on-site are just as able to use the system as office-based colleagues.

System features:

  • Asset data integration: multiple asset data sources can be combined to provide users with a unified view. Asset condition data can also be linked to existing enterprise systems
  • Open communications: utilises the latest in open communications technology whilst supporting legacy networks at the same time
  • Rapid ROI: low installation and overall system costs provide a quick return on investment
  • Visual simplicity: graphical and data elements are combined into easy to navigate web or mobile-optimised user interface
  • Assets monitored include lifts, escalators, equipment rooms, pumps / motors, access control, security, HVAC, environmental systems, etc.

The ACM solution is perfect for existing and retrofit applications, where we can easily implement alongside existing systems and provide new monitoring without the need for additional networking.

telent also offers a comprehensive range of system integration, software, SCADA and support and maintenance services.

Please visit our website for a full portfolio of services or contact us to arrange a demonstration of our systems.

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