Ahkera is a leader in airport baggage handling and automation. We increase your business performance, improve your efficiency, cuts costs and develop workplace safety and air travel security. Ahkera will bring you a more efficient baggage handling process, while saving valuable floor space.

With Ahkera you can:

  • Add performance and cost efficiency
  • Match shorter timeframes
  • Handle growing numbers of bags quickly and reliably
  • Add overall security
  • Increase work safety

Space-saving baggage hall operations for expanding bag flows

Many airports have growing numbers of passengers and many need to expand or modernise their facilities to handle expanding bag flows. Traditional manual baggage hall operations require a lot of facility floor space to accommodate sortation by flight and segregation.

Automated baggage make-up is a difficult problem. Robotics has been successful and very widely used in many fields of industry. Robotics is at its best when movements and objects are clearly pre-defined. Bags have very different sizes, shapes and textures, so packing a ULD so that it is automatically packed full and the stack is stable has required a lot of innovation and intelligent software.

Bags untouched.
Software for maximised packing.
Software for optimised packing.
Non-stop loading capacity.

With Ahkera Smart Tech, you can fit baggage hall operations in half the space. We use gravity; hence Ahkera’s patented tilt and pack method.

Fully automated containers

Ahkera has solved the issue of filling ULDs or bag trolleys to full capacity. Airline representatives who have seen our solution in action have been very happy with our fill-rate of 35 to 40 bags per AKE, how gently bags and ULDs are handled, and how Ahkera’s solution is able to handle segregations.

Ahkera’s solution has been designed to be easily bolt-on retrofitted to modernise many baggage hall operations, bringing much better throughput per facility footprint square metre required. The innovation-minded service provider can revolutionise the entire baggage hall service chain concept with Ahkera’s technology.

Low-cost baggage handling

At Ahkera we offer remarkable saving opportunities. Airports can save valuable facility footprints and gain better throughput. Ground handlers need less personnel for the make-up process, with much increased health and safety. Airlines gain added process predictability and security, as opportunities for theft, terrorism and human error are diminished to a minimum; at the same time the total cost of bags handled can drop by as much as 90%.

Any airport that has bag flow capacity issues can benefit very quickly from Ahkera’s cutting-edge technology. The solution is designed to receive bags from existing sorter systems. Costly modifications to current active infrastructures will not be needed. The solution is modular and easily scalable to answer airport and terminal specific bag flow needs. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for both airports and ground handlers.