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Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Big Data Solutions for Airport Operators

ALTYS Technologies provides reliable software and hardware solutions for airport operators, airlines, aircraft and avionics manufacturers, ground system integrators, and air traffic management (ATM) organisations.

ALTYS Technologies provides reliable software and hardware solutions for airport operators, airlines, aircraft and avionics manufacturers, ground system integrators, and air traffic management (ATM) organizations.

Airport systems for safer, more efficient airside and ATC operations

ALTYS has developed SAGA, a turnkey solution that provides airport operators and ATC with real-time situational awareness over all aircraft and ground support vehicle movements.

SAGA’s web-based application includes real-time tracking, key performance indicators (KPIs), statistics and alarms, allowing airside operations teams to better understand traffic flow and trends. It also helps to pinpoint congestion areas, reduce delays and bottlenecks, and ultimately decrease waiting times for aircraft.

As a Level II advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS), SAGA allows air traffic controllers to schedule aircraft routing movements more efficiently and safely.

ALTYS’s SAGA platform provides airport personnel with real-time situational awareness, alarms and reports.
SAGA offers airside operations teams with real-time aircraft and vehicle tracking, as well as valuable statistics and reports on performance.
ALTYS’s big data solutions facilitate access to data received from aircraft, ATC, airlines, and airports, as well as allow users to quickly understand relevant information.
The company's software-defined radio products support multi-mode, multi-function, and multi-band operations for communiation, navigation and surveillance (CNS) applications.
An expert in data link communications, ALTYS has participated in major data link implementation programmes for both airborne and ground systems.
Airlines as well as avionics and ground system manufacturers can easily check data link functions with POCKET, a light, portable test set.

The solution ensures safety through runway, protection area, and restricted area incursion alarms, as well as potential conflict alarms that alert controllers to dangerous situations involving aircraft or ground support vehicles.

SAGA receives and combines surveillance data from a multitude of sensors. It also exchanges information with the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) platform, and complies with the information sharing requirements of the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) environment.

Aeronautical surveillance systems

ALTYS provides automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) ground stations and multilateration systems for surveillance purposes.

These systems can interface with SAGA or be integrated with any existing surveillance infrastructure.

Data link communications

A recognized industry expert in data link communications, ALTYS provides support to major data link implementation programs for airborne and ground systems.

The company worked to resolve European data link issues as part of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Joint Undertaking (JU) and is currently supporting the deployment of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data Comm through its collaboration with Harris.

ALTYS provides VHF Data Link Mode 2 (VDL2), Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN), and ACARS-capable communications systems, data link recording systems, monitoring and analysis tools, as well as consultancy services.

ATC communications test benches

ALTYS supports efforts to implement ATC data link communications such as CPDLC over VHF and SATCOM.

ALTYS provides communication system emulators to test ground-based or avionics installations either for lab validation or flight testing, as well as a light test set for quick connectivity verification.

The company also offers large-scale modeling and testing to immerse equipment into near-operational conditions, in order to ensure product maturity and smooth deployment.

Software-defined radios

ALTYS has developed a number of software-defined radio (SDR) products for the airport and ATM industries in support to communications, navigation, and surveillance applications.

The company’s implementation of software-defined physical layer processing facilitates product modification and customization. Our comprehensive devices support multi-mode, multi-function, and multi-band operations, and are more compact and lightweight than traditional aeronautical radio equipment.

Communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) monitoring

ALTYS supplies systems to monitor CNS infrastructures and service performance, enabling users to characterize system capacity trends, identify technical issues, and predict future disruptions and requirements.

The CNS systems extract and aggregate information and use multi-step analysis to enable real-time or post-processing operations. The source-independent monitoring platforms are able to receive and process a multitude of information types.

Big data solutions for aviation industry professionals

ALTYS provides a wide range of monitoring and big data analysis solutions, allowing air transport industry professionals to gain valuable insights into their operational environments. The company’s innovative big data solutions facilitate wide access to information generated by aircraft, ATC, airlines and airports.

Enhanced information sharing and clear, accurate representations of data allow customers to experience benefits, including heightened situational awareness, greater predictability, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.


Headquartered in Toulouse, France, and with a subsidiary in Miami, US, ALTYS has been a trusted partner for the European and US aviation industries since 2000.

The company has contributed technical studies, system development, validation and monitoring solutions to major CNS / ATM modernization programs, such as SESAR and the FAA’s NextGen / Data Comm initiative.

ALTYS’s portfolio includes innovative big data solutions that allow multiple stakeholders to easily access valuable information generated by aircraft, air traffic controllers (ATC), airlines and airports.

Press Releases

  • ALTYS Announces Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Japan Radio Co.

    ALTYS Technologies is pleased to announce it has signed a cooperation agreement with Japan Radio Co. (JRC). This agreement officially launches a strategic effort between the two companies to co-develop and market an advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS) integrating a second-generation multilateration system.

  • Embraer Selects POCKET Light Data Link Test Tool

    ALTYS Technologies' POCKET test tool has recently been selected by Embraer for the testing of data link functions based on VHF, including ACARS, VDL Mode 2, and ATN. The system has been successfully delivered this month to the Brazilian airframer's facility in Melbourne, FL.

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