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Global Airport Competence

Airport Competence consists of Airport Consulting Vienna GmbH (ACV) and Airport Design Management GmbH (adm). Together, ACV and adm offer access to a unique one-stop shop with a complete range of services for airport development, transactions (privatisations), management and operation.

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Airport Competence consists of Airport Consulting Vienna GmbH (ACV) and Airport Design Management GmbH (adm). Together, ACV and adm offer access to a unique one-stop shop with a complete range of services for airport development, transactions (privatisations), management and operation.

With tried and tested tools and methods, Airport Competence provides comprehensive project experience for a variety of services. These range from market analysis, airline marketing and route development, strategic planning, traffic projections to capacity planning and CAPEX, master planning, technical concepts, conceptual design, OPEX and revenue estimates, as well as the optimisation of financial structures.

With a joint track record of more than 500 consulting projects and around 100 airport transactions (privatisations, PPP’s, M&As), the newly merged group is the ideal partner for airport operators and investors (e.g. funds, banks, construction companies, etc.) who are interested in selling or purchasing airport assets. The one-stop shop philosophy offers advantages to clients and key decision makers; a single point of contact for complex airport evaluations and due diligence studies not only saves costs and time but increases efficiency.

Tailor-made airport consultancy and transaction services

Airport Competence is more than just a consultant. In more than 100 airport transactions we have either been an investor, a manager, an operator or know-how provider. We have thus acquired a unique business insight. Having proven our expertise hands-on and having shared risks with investors, we are also an ideal partner in airport privatisations. We make business plans work, and we know which innovative solutions will be feasible in the long run.

Global Airport Competence.
Reference projects.
Fully integrated commercial, technical and financial services.
A long history together and perfectly working models ensure high professionalism for our clients.
Our pre-bid business plans will be achieved through ongoing post-bid support.
We balance systems. We see each airport business as a total system.
We are 100% focused on airports. We really know the business.

Airport transaction services

In transaction projects (e.g. privatisations, PPPs, sales, etc.) we split our services into pre-award and post-award. We support our clients to achieve our business plan targets.

Pre-award services include:

  • Market screening and monitoring
  • Deal generation
  • Project evaluation
  • Pre-feasibility studies and second opinion studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Strategic development concepts
  • Bid management
  • Consortium structuring
  • Project financing and equity participation

Post-award services

  • Management of operational readiness programmes
  • Transition phase management
  • Turnaround management
  • Project management, control and monitoring
  • Sustainable know-how transfers through technical services agreements, management contracts or operational contracts
  • Strategic management
  • Organisational (re-)structuring
  • Airline and airport marketing
  • Exit strategies

Strategic services consultancy

  • Strategic management concepts
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Process steering and legal and regulatory framework consulting
  • Retail and concession strategy

Traffic forecasts

  • Passenger, movement and cargo forecasts per segment/country etc.
  • Multiple scenario analyses
  • Peak-hour forecasts
  • Secondary planning parameters

Technical concepts and master plan

  • Master plans
  • Land use and site planning – airside and landside
  • Technical planning
  • Capacity planning
  • CAPEX programming
  • Environmental care programmes
  • Programming and implementation of the master plan
  • Phasing concept / ultimate vision

Conceptual design

  • Conceptual design
  • Terminal design
  • Functional plan
  • Passenger flow
  • Airside facilities / airside systems
  • Landside facilities

Business planning for airports

  • Business plan modelling (revenues and OPEX)
  • Company valuation
  • Business unit strategies
  • Commercial strategies and developments
  • Human resource strategies
  • Financial Planning
  • Modelling

Advisory services for airport marketing

  • Airport and airline marketing
  • Traffic growth management
  • Route development

Airport operational services

  • Organisational (re-)structuring
  • Total quality management
  • Safety and security management
  • Ground handling concepts
  • Concession programmes and retailing
  • Operational readiness programmes
  • Operational manuals
  • Terminal management

Airport Consulting Vienna GmbH

Airport Consulting Vienna was founded in 1992 by Johann Frank as a founding partner. In the early years, ACV was a subsidiary of the Vienna International Airport (VIE) and as such responsible for the airport’s international business activities. More and more, ACV participated in big and complex airport privatisation projects all over the world. In 2001, Johann Frank bought the shares back from VIE and ACV became a wholly owned private company.

Today, ACV is a renowned industrial expert and internationally recognised airport know-how provider with exceptional skills in airport management and operations, commercial development, transactions and strategic fine-tuning. ACV has an unsurpassed understanding of the international aviation market and a strong track record of successful major airport projects.

Airport Design Management GmbH

Airport Design Management was founded in 2000 by Peter Königshofer, an architect and project manager for large scale airport projects. His aim was to provide more than just the advice needed: adm should act like a translator and help close the gap between operational needs and architects’ visions in the aviation industry.

Over the past 13 years, adm has advanced this initial approach and has developed a broad range of tools and methodologies to enable airports to sustainably streamline their development in terms of:

  • Airport design – a functional development method for an efficient airport operation
  • Design management – supporting the planning team in handling the challenges of large scale development programs
  • Airport management – providing a reliable basis for decision making

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