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Biometric Identification Technology for Airport Security

Designed to tackle tomorrow's aviation security challenges today, Morpho's seamless solutions integrate identity management, document verification and threat detection systems to deliver improved security, operational efficiency and passenger convenience to the global aviation industry.

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Designed to tackle tomorrow’s aviation security challenges today, Morpho’s seamless solutions integrate identity management, document verification and threat detection systems to deliver improved security, operational efficiency and passenger convenience to the global aviation industry.

Built with tomorrow’s evolving threats and regulatory considerations in mind, Morpho’s aviation security solutions are designed to enhance security and reduce operational costs by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, products and solutions to address evolving aviation security process challenges today and into the future.

Biometric identification technology for airport security

With more than 35 years experience in world leading biometric technology, over 2.5 billion fingerprints captured worldwide and a number one NIST ranking, Morpho solutions are designed to handle even the most damaged fingerprints and the toughest working environments.

Morpho’s proven technology serve the security needs of major airports, including Sea-Tac, LaGuardia, Kennedy, Newark, McCarran and Charles De Gaulle. These are some of the largest and longest running airport biometric solutions in the world.

MorphoTrak technology ensures the safety of thousands of airport employees and airline passengers on a daily basis.
MorphoTrak devices provide accurate and reliable employee identification to meet and exceed compliance with TSA security policies.
MorphoTrak devices are the right choice for physical access control.
MorphoTrak eKiosks and eGates ease passenger flow, while improving security.
MorphoTrak’s solutions are fully scalable with field-proven performance.

Morpho’s security product portfolio includes identity verification and access control systems for air travelers, airport employees, tenant employees, contractors and other frequent visitors to airports using fingerprint, including contactless Finger-on-the Fly and a unique fusion of fingerprint and finger vein called Finger VP. Morpho also offers facial recognition and iris technologies.

Biometric security for airports

Many airports maintain outdated employee identification systems with traditional access cards. These traditional cards present serious vulnerabilities at airports, particularly when they are lost or stolen. To compensate, airports implement redundant, resource-intensive measures for worker access control, or leave critical areas vulnerable to fraud and illegal entry.

By adding a simple biometric security layer to the existing security platform, fraud can be eliminated and security significantly improved. The addition of biometric authentication to an existing card-based access control converts an unsecured or manned portal into a secured unmanned portal. This biometric layer ensures access is granted only when the cardholder’s identity is authenticated.

For passenger security, Morpho offers both eGate solutions for border control, surveillance, and frequent traveler programs. Using a configurable combination of fingerprint, facial and iris recognition, eGates facilitate the quick and efficient movement of known, low to no-risk individuals and their possessions. Fast processing of approved travelers allows authorities to focus on unidentified or high-risk individuals and possessions.

Biometric fingerprint technology for airport worker control and security

The use of biometric fingerprint technology produces secure, positive authentication of employees while protecting privacy. Morpho’s NIST number one ranked accuracy lets you quickly confirm who is allowed access to sensitive areas. This process eliminates the potential for counterfeit identity cards and PIN numbers.

Biometric enhanced access control ensures airport security policies are followed and decreases staff access time to SIDA-controlled zones. Biometrics reduces identity theft and the need to remember passwords or to carry documents. It confirms that the holder of a credential is the true owner of that credential.

The most secure identification solution incorporates multi-factor authentication. Morpho technology provides airports with many combinations of transaction types, including:

  • Personal identification number (PIN)
  • Card + biometric
  • Card + PIN
  • Card + PIN + biometric
  • Card + PIN + BioPIN

Biometric devices and fingerprint algorithms

Every transaction involving a Morpho device includes a complete audit trail to verify compliance with all TSA security directives. Morpho’s smart hardware is designed to evolve with changing specifications and government requirements. The products meet NIST, ICAO, INCITS, and ILO standards. Morpho also meets Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC™), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Federal Information Processing 201 (FIPS 201) standards for trusted identity credentials.

Morpho biometric products and fingerprint algorithms are GSA FIPS 201 certified for interoperability and biometric accuracy. The card readers are available in MIFARE, DESFire, TWIC, PIV and common access card (CAC) configurations.

Automated border control to reconcile security and facilitation

The MorphoWay™ automated e-gate is specifically designed for modern border control. Compatible with all ICAO recommended biometrics, fingerprint, facial and iris recognition, it speeds up passengers screening, greatly reducing queuing time at borders, whilst guaranteeing optimum security.

The e-gate processing matches the live capture biometric with the digitized biometric stored on the credential. To prevent piggybacking, specialized flooring, which is able to detect the presence of more than one person is also available for seamless integration into the e-gate. Unobtrusive on-the-fly facial or iris recognition technology acquires and matches the live capture biometric of the individual in motion, walking through the e-gate.

MorphoWay delivers the fastest border crossing time: 7sec in optimal conditions of use and has the fastest response time: under 0.5sec (opening and closing). Compatible with all basic access control (BAC) and extended access control (EAC) standard e-passports and travel documents, MorphoWay is sized to fit in environments with space constraints.

Morpho is committed to developing pioneering technology solutions based on biometrics. The company can boast several worldwide premieres in the field of automated border control: SmartGate Australia, first e-gate using ICAO e-passports; IRIS UK, first registered traveler program using iris recognition and PARAFE France, first solution with extended access control (EAC).

Advanced threat detection and identification technology

With nearly 20 years of experience implementing advanced technology aviation security solutions, almost 2,000 CTX EDS units installed worldwide, more than any other manufacturer and more than 22,000 trace explosives and narcotics detection systems deployed worldwide, Morpho is a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) detection systems for air and ground transportation as well as government, military, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations.

Designed to be cost-effective, noninvasive and best-in-class, Morpho solutions provide fully-automatic rapid detection and identification to help protect by integrating advanced computed tomography (CT), raman spectroscopy, ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS™) and mass spectrometry trace detection, X-ray and X-ray diffraction (XRD) technologies.

Trace detection and substance identification for hold baggage, air cargo and checkpoints

Innovative Morpho products like the Itemiser® DX desktop detector, the portable MobileTrace® handheld detector and the StreetLab® Mobile go-anywhere threat identification system use advanced technologies such as ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) and raman spectroscopy to help close security loopholes by reliably detecting residue from explosives and narcotics on skin, clothing, parcels, bags, cargo and other surfaces.

Computed tomography explosives detection for hold baggage

Built on advanced computed tomography (CT) explosives detection and certified by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other governments, CTX™ automated explosives detection systems (EDS) screen checked baggage in airport environments.

Leading-edge EDS like the small footprint, dual-use CTX 5800™ and the high volume inline CTX 9800 DSi™ represent a revolutionary advancement in security technology. Built on the clarity data acquisition system (DAS), these systems produce unprecedented high-quality 3D images designed to deliver an increased ability to identify threats, reduce false alarm rates and lower operational costs.

X-ray explosives detection for hold baggage and checkpoints

Unlike other X-ray systems that merely estimate the density of objects, Morpho’s X-ray diffraction (XRD)-based XRD 3500™ effectively detects and precisely identifies both liquid and solid explosives by defining the molecular structure of substances.

Available in 2013, the XDi™ ultimate Type D liquid explosives detection system can automatically detect multiple liquid explosive threats in containers and inside bags, so passengers do not have to remove liquids for screening. By combining high detection rates with extremely low false alarm rates, XDi can help enhance the passenger experience by reducing checkpoint queue times.

X-ray screening for air cargo and checkpoints

Morpho’s high resolution X-ray (HRX) screening devices offer cost-efficient X-ray screening solutions for small, medium, large and pallet-size parcels and containers in multiple aviation security environments. From the HRX 650™ for carry-on items to the HRX 1500™ for air cargo pallets, the HRX series combines simplicity of operation with state-of-the-art image clarity and resolution.

Security screening for hold baggage and checkpoints

Morpho takes an integrated, multi-technology approach to deliver sophisticated security screening solutions that meet the most demanding operational effectiveness and efficiency standards while enhancing customer experiences.

Solutions like the system of systems, which combines powerful EDS and XRD technologies to screen hold baggage, and the ShoeScanner™, which detects shoe-borne threats without shoe removal using a combination of ion trap mobility spectroscopy (ITMS™), quadrupole resonance and active metal weapons detection, bring together the most advanced technologies to address aviation security challenges.

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