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Belting Systems for Baggage Handling at Airports

Ammeraal Beltech helps airports to fulfil the demands of passengers and transport goods safely and in good time using our reliable conveying products and services and baggage handling system.

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Ammeraal Beltech helps airports to fulfil the demands of passengers and transport goods safely and in good time using our reliable conveying products and services and baggage handling system.

Belting systems for check-in and aircraft loading

As partner of the worldwide aviation industry Ammeraal Beltech help to guarantee the safe and reliable transfer of baggage. We provide belting solutions from check-in until the loading of aircrafts. The understanding of downtime in a baggage handling system is an everyday business for us, because the cost destroys profitability and throughput of an airport.

Low-noise belting systems for the airport industry

The company supplies low-noise belting solutions to guarantee a relaxed airport experience for passengers. The belting product improvements also support the required energy savings in the airport. The handling of more than 50,000 pieces of baggage per hour would not be possible without this company. The speed of the modern baggage handling system is up to 12m/s.

The company is an innovative and service-oriented belting supplier with experience, competence, dedicated project management, customer performance support 24/7, design and custom engineering. The knowledge of Ammeraal Beltech increases the productivity and reliability of nearly every baggage handling system throughout the world.

Ammeraal Beltech provides airport baggage handling solutions.
Airport cargo hold loading belts can be provided.
Ziplink is Ammeraal Beltech's airport cargo hold solution.
A range of airport luggage check-in belts are available.
Curve conveyor belt solutions are ideal for airport baggage handling.
Ammeraal Beltech offers inclined conveyor belts for airports.
Modular belts are suitable for various applications.
Sorting belts are designed for baggage handling operations.
Ammeraal Beltech offers a range of synthetic conveyor belts.
The sorting pusher diverter belt is suitable for airport baggage handling.

Many unique profiles and joining methods have been developed for our belting and conveyor belting processes.

Terminal check-in and baggage weighing conveyor belts

In the departure area of airports the baggage is weighed at check-in counters and then transported on the takeaway conveyor to the baggage sorting hall. Check-in and weighing systems require special properties. Our check-in and baggage weighing conveyor belts have been equipped with profiles especially suited for a smooth handling of all kinds of suitcases, including suitcases with rollers or wheels.

Security checking belts and X-ray scanning belts

Pre-departure security checking and baggage X-ray screening, including explosive detection systems, are very important. The outstanding quality of our screening belts prevents breakdowns during the scanning process.

High-speed baggage sorting systems

High-speed baggage sorting systems with cross belt sorters and tilt tray sorters minimise baggage transfer times to speed up passenger flow and shorten connection times. In order to facilitate these shorter turnaround times, Ammeraal Beltech has developed the appropriate belts.

Baggage handling system conveyor belts

Efficient baggage handling is ensured through our baggage handling system process and conveyor belts for applications from sorting to baggage reclaim.

Our global engineering capabilities provide the highest belting knowledge to fulfil the demands and requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s airport baggage handling systems.

Curved belt material and merge and takeaway conveyor belts

Our highly efficient curved belt material is a result of a continuous development and testing process with our customers and partners. With loads of up to 250kg per curve we ensure the smooth transportation of baggage.

On belt junctions, narrow tolerances and small drum diameters are required. Ammeraal Beltech’s 45° merge belts are resistant against high temperatures due to the combination of high-speed and fixed nose bars.

Plane loading and unloading conveyor belts

Loading and unloading planes is made easier with our weather and temperature-resistant conveyor belts with excellent grip and tracking properties in bi-directional running directions.

Terminal baggage reclaim conveyor belts

Our high-quality baggage reclaim conveyor belt systems ensure rapid transportation of baggage to passengers after a flight.

Energy saving concept

Ammeraal Beltech has developed an energy saving concept that helps airports to save energy and costs. The concept yields energy savings of 25% to 40% compared to conventional belts and today’s technology.

Conveyor belt design and manufacture

Ammeraal Beltech offers the largest range of belting products worldwide in more than 150 countries. A truly global company, we have seven production plants and over 80 service centres worldwide.

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