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Cellular Connectivity Solutions for the Airport Industry

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JMA Wireless

JMA Wireless is a leading global innovator of mobile connectivity solutions that assure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations and maximize wireless performance.

By employing powerful, patented innovations, the company’s products have proven to lower the cost of operations while ensuring lifetime-quality levels in equipment and unrivalled performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data.

Components for wireless connectivity in airports

The JMA Wireless portfolio includes unique, cutting-edge connectors and components, radio frequency (RF) repeaters, small cell solutions and distributed antenna system (DAS) technology.

JMA Wireless supplies connective solutions for a wide range of industries, including aviation and rail.
JMA specialises in connectors and components, radio frequency repeaters, small cell solutions and distributed antenna system (DAS) technology.
Using DAS technology, JMA’s solutions wirelessly connect multiple buildings and areas.
The DAS is implemented using three technologies, namely wavelength division multiplexing, point-to-point link and dense wavelength division multiplexing.

With more than a century of experience and an excess of 400 patents, JMA Wireless enhances and protects the integrity of wireless signals in all types of environments, including airports, rail stations, sports complexes and corporate campuses.

High-speed wireless technologies

Even though airports present a variety of challenges to mobile connectivity, the DAS from JMA Wireless meets the capacity and coverage requirements at many of the world’s busiest airports. DAS’s rack-mounted master unit combines different high-speed wireless technologies such as long-term evolution (LTE), the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) and others, with multiple bands to serve the various needs of an airport environment.

The master unit simultaneously drives a connection throughout the facility and surrounding outdoor areas. This is achieved by using both high and low-power remote units via an integrated platform, in addition to common optical transceivers, sub-racks, power supply and supervision modules. Often times in the gates or fingers of an airport, low-power units may be used while in the larger open spaces such as check-in, the baggage drop area and car parks, high-power units are installed to provide mobile connectivity.

The solution supports the various power level units automatically and brings the proper level to the base transceiver station.

Distributed antenna systems

The DAS is an innovative, cost-effective solution for airports as it minimizes the number of fibers that are needed to connect multiple buildings and car parks.

This is accomplished by three technologies developed and produced internally by JMA Wireless:

  • Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)

WDM filters are integrated in optical modules, which allow a single fiber for each remote unit to be used to support two different wavelengths for uplink and downlink transmissions

  • Point-to-point link

With a single fiber up to 16 remote units belonging to a sector and one multiple input multiple output (MIMO) path can be connected. Once the remote building is reached, a star topology is used to connect all RU locations throughout the facility

  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM)

DWDM multiplexers / demultiplexers are integrated in the head-end rack at the BTS hotel and in the remote location to further minimize the number of fibers needed between buildings. With DWDM filters, up to four sectors or 64 total remote units can be supported by a single fiber, compared with the 64 separate fibers often required.

This type of deployment not only results in reduced cost and complexity, but in better performance as well. The DAS solution acts on the settings in the point-to-point modules and remote units, in order to find the optimal trade-off between system noise and robustness.

About JMA Wireless

JMA Wireless’ solutions are accompanied by extensive technical knowledge and experience. All the components included in the DAS solution are engineered, designed and manufactured in-house.

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