Darmec Technologies S.r.L

Darmec Technologies S.r.l, an Italian manufacturer and supplier, specialises in airport ground support equipment (GSE), consisting of top-quality products made entirely in Italy, that combine reliability, efficiency and safety to ensure high return-on-investment.

The company’s products are present in almost all the major Italian airports, in addition to many European and worldwide airports.

Airport ground support equipment

Darmec Technologies offers a very wide range of various GSE, which is available in self-propelled and towed models. The company supplies electric or diesel-powered versions, which are designed and customised to serve all types of aircraft.

The electrically powered conveyor belt loaders are environmentally friendly and ensure reliable and efficient service.
All towed models are equipped with brake pads that automatically raise the towbar in case of accidentally unhooking during towing. There is an additional approach system available to facilitate manoeuvres.
The SGV 180-400D passenger staircase features improved operational flexibility to provide a comfortable, secure and fast embarking / disembarking of passengers.
Thanks to its considerable operating range (2,200mm – 5,800mm), the TSP 5822D Telescopic passenger stairs can serve the largest commercial aircrafts in service.
Thanks to the innovative automatic discharging, washing and rinsing system of sewage tanks, Darmec’s equipment is consistently clean, hygienic, efficient and ready to use.
A custom chassis with a double cab, which ensures a high level of visibility and comfortable driving.
Toilet service and potable water units mounted on commercial industrial chassis.
All products by Darmec are usable in cold climates, thanks to their protection canopy, insulation and winter kit, which guarantees efficient use in low temperatures, even under -40°C.
Darmec’s potable water and toilet service units can be equipped with a hydraulic lifting platform that can reach 3,000mm in height.
Darmec’s personnel provides high-quality, post-sales services, assistance and maintenance, in order to create customised equipment to meet every customer’s request.

Equipment manufactured by Darmec Technologies includes:

  • Conveyor belt loaders
  • Passenger stairwells
  • Potable water units
  • Lavatory servicing units

Conveyor belt loaders

Darmec Technologies’ self-propelled and towed conveyor belt loaders are powered by either electricity or diesel and their operation range serves various types of aircraft.

The loaders are characterised by the conveyor boom, which is equipped with special acetyl and a modular elastomer carpet. This ensures a high draining capacity, which allows efficient replacement of small components.

Plane passenger stairs

Darmec Technologies produces two main models of passenger steps.

The SGV models feature a variable geometry and are designed to facilitate passengers disembarking an aircraft with doors at heights between 1,800mm and 3,800mm / 4,000mm. The TSP models (Telescopic) are suitable for an operational range between 2,200mm and 5,800mm.

Toilet service units for aircraft

Darmec Technologies’ toilet service units (TSUs) are customised to meet specific customer requirements. The TSU is highlighted by its automatic washing and rinsing system, which allows the operator to empty the waste tank and subsequently to wash it directly from the cabin.

The TSU can be mounted on custom or commercial auto chassis.

Potable water units

Darmec Technologies offers various models of water service units (WSUs) with different tank capacities to ensure an efficient supply of drinking water for all types of aircraft. The potable water units are manufactured according to high security standards, reliability and hygiene conditions.

Water service units can be mounted on custom or industrial chassis.

Ecological ‘zero emissions’ machines

All electrically powered equipment produced by Darmec Technologies, including motorised and towed models, provides high levels of autonomy and reliability for a cleaner environment.

Programmable logic controllers

Darmec Technologies’ models are equipped with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that control all the safety functions on the machine and the operating sequences. This reduces wiring and facilitates the timing of operator-programmable functions while allowing a rapid fault diagnosis.

All models are customisable for any work sequence and interlock.

About Darmec Technologies

Darmec Technologies’ experienced staff provides high-quality, post-sales services and assistance. Services include maintenance, operator and personnel training (onsite and in-house), inspection and commissioning, repair, high warranty conditions and overhaul and sale of spare parts.