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DEKAL specialises in developing and manufacturing test equipment for ground power units. The company’s product range includes 400Hz and 28.5VDC resistive load banks, power analysers and accessories.

We produce specifically designed rugged portable test equipment for use on civil and military aircraft ground power units. It is designed to be compatible with both workshop and airside operation.

DEKAL equipment is simple to operate and suitable for non-trained personnel, and is supplied with durable containers for storage and easy transportation. We place special emphasis on speedy and dependable delivery, guaranteeing clients a minimum stock at any given time for each load bank type in case of emergency.

Dekal is proud to be the preferred load bank supplier approved by major airlines, ground handlers and ground power unit (GPU) manufacturers worldwide.

DEKAL's 400Hz analogue load banks are available in 50kW up to 140kW versions.
Our digital load banks feature USB to PC connectivity and bundled software, with Wi-Fi and external power supplies also available on request.
DEKAL's 400Hz load banks are capable of remaining operational in the event of a GPU overload and a consequent shut off, and continue logging data during downtime to help determine the cause of such failures.
28.5VDC analogue models are available in 300A-2,500A power configurations.
Our 28.5VDC digital models are able to deliver simultaneous power measurements in volts, amperes and kilowatts, as well as possessing Aircraft Engine Start Simulation capabilities in automatic mode.
DEKAL Power Analyzers offer a complete power consumption analysis of the aircraft connected to the GPU, and are available in 400Hz, 28.5VDC and combined versions.
All Power Analyzers are supplied with complementary storage and carrying case to ensure unit protection.
DEKAL products are bundled with complementary, tailor-made storage and carrying cases featuring built-in wheels and pull-out handles to facilitate safe, easy handling.
Our portfolio of power test-based accessories includes reliable and easy-to-use cable tester units.

Power load banks for airline ground power units

DEKAL LOAD BANKS are the quality choice when it comes to ensuring a proper energy supply from GPUs to aircraft units.

They are used to simulate the aircraft connected to the power unit. Simulation is often needed to carry out adjustments and test activities on the GPU under different electric loads, both as a part of preventive maintenance work and following service repairs.

Our load banks also facilitate the possibility of running the GPU at full-load for an extended time period, thus decarbonising the diesel engine. This routine maintenance operation is required to preserve and prolong the engine’s original performance level.

Built-in data analysis software for detailed power measurement reports

DEKAL’s load banks are available in both analogue and digital versions.

Our digital products feature capabilities that allow data to be read out on the built-in high brightness LED display, as well as on external devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones.

DEKAL software packages are USB and Wi-Fi link compatible, and contain measurement data logging, graph drawing and data export features, as well as delivering detailed, PDF-exportable measurement reports.

Load banks with data logging

DEKAL’s 400Hz load banks are available in a wide variety of power ranges from 45kW-140kW.

Our load banks offer a continuous load increase and fine regulation in the range of 8kW with subsequent power escalation in 8kW increments. The digital versions offer simultaneous measurement readings in volts, amperes, kilowatts, kilovolt amps, hertz and the power factor.

We are also able to deliver external power supplies on all digital models upon request. In the unlikely event of GPU overload and a consequent sudden shutdown, the load banks are able to remain powered and operational, and can continue logging data during downtime. This means the exact cause of the fault, and the behaviour of the GPU’s overload protection, can be easily and accurately determined.

Load banks to simulate aircraft operations

Our 28.5V DC load banks are available in power ranges from 300A to2,500A. Manual load settings can be selected in up to six steps, and the automatic mode offers Aircraft Engine Start Simulation.

Digital versions are capable of providing simultaneous measurements of volts, amperes and kilowatts.

Power consumption analysis devices for airlines

The DEKAL Power Analyzer is a unique product that offers a complete power consumption analysis of aircraft connected to the GPU.

The Power Analyzer is available in 400Hz or 28.5VDC versions, as well as a combined configuration. It offers simultaneous measurements in volts, amperes, kilowatts, kilovolt amps, kilowatt hours, hertz and the power factor.

Our software offers measurement data logging, graph drawing and export of the data in the form of a measurement report. The Power Analyzer can be used to give accurate readings of power usage, providing airline companies with the possibility of billing ground power consumed by time and kilowatt hours.

Carrying and storage cases for long-lasting device protection

All DEKAL products are shipped with a tailor-made protection case, which are specially designed to protect the apparatus during storage and transportation phases.

All our robust and long-lasting carry cases feature built-in wheels and a pull-out handle for easy handling, and their underside components are constructed to be used as a base for the load bank while in operation.

Ground power unit accessories for airport applications

In addition to our standard product range, DEKAL also offers some accessories like our cable-testing equipment.

For more information about the company and its range of products, please contact DEKAL LOAD BANKS via the enquiries form.