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IT Systems, Consulting and Services for the Airport Industry

IBM is one of the premier providers of information technology solutions, consulting and services for the air travel industry, including over 90 airports and 200 airlines worldwide.


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IBM is one of the premier providers of information technology solutions, consulting and services for the air travel industry, including over 90 airports and 200 airlines worldwide. It has the expertise and capabilities to help airports leverage information to meet capacity demands, provide enhanced services, address rising costs and differentiate themselves in today’s demanding environment.

IBM can help set priorities, leverage innovation points, and complete projects with short-term ROI and long-term effectiveness. It also provides business process re-engineering, application management and strategic outsourcing. Its analytic software can aggregate, associate and analyze information to achieve real-time awareness, insight and agility.

Airports need to contain costs, operate efficiently, enhance non-aeronautical revenue and improve service for passengers, airlines and tenants. IBM offers solutions to help achieve these goals.

Strategic outsourcing for airport information technology and business processes

IBM manages information technology and network operations for major airports through strategic outsourcing arrangements that generate significant savings. This may include technology support and billing for the airport’s tenants and service providers. It also provides business process outsourcing for human resource management, finance, customer relationship management, and procurement, allowing airport management to focus resources on core operations.

Focus on your customers and let IBM help create your smarter airport.
IBM's next-generation baggage management solution reduces bag mishandling by up to 60%.
Sophisticated analytic tools applied to video data identify risks to assure the security of airside and landside operations.
Common use self-service for passengers and their bags with mobile check-in.
Operations, planning and optimization solutions help keep the airport running smoothly.

Airport operations management system integration

A typical airport has more than 30 separate information systems that have each been deployed over time to meet a single need. The result is a complex infrastructure that is inflexible and expensive. Each system holds information that could improve airport services if shared with other systems supporting the airport and their partners. The systems can be integrated without replacing the original infrastructure by implementing IBM’s airport operations management system (AOMS). AOMS provides an open industry standards-based architecture that abstracts the interfaces between systems, allowing collaboration between business functions, reducing cost and improving operations.

IBM implements common use communications networks supporting data, voice and digital content which streamline operations and facilitate airport shared services. Using open standards from ICAO, IATA, ACI and AAAE ensures flexibility and interoperability.

Self-service systems and revenue enhancement

IBM is the market leader providing common use self-service systems, including check-in kiosks, smart phones, baggage check, web, voice-activated-response and call centers, all using a common platform for seamless integration and rapid adaptability. Helping passengers check-in before they reach the departure hall can reduce congestion and space requirements. Delivering the right information, at the right time, through the right channel is critical to meeting the expectations of sophisticated travelers.

IBM helps airports use loyalty programs to increase non-aeronautical retail revenue, including delivering promotions to mobile devices using location-based services and smart cards for frequent travelers.

Operations planning and optimization solutions

Operations, planning and optimization solutions produce timely, accurate and actionable business intelligence in areas such as equipment, facility and labor planning, operations delivery, and schedule recovery during irregular operations. Operating plans can be created in minutes and adjusted based on real-time events in seconds for fewer delays, faster passenger through time, better resource utilization, reduced cost and faster reactions to unplanned events.

Next-generation baggage management

Baggage management solutions from IBM use analytic and process management software for smarter baggage track and trace using RFID, bar coding and legacy tagging techniques. The solution works with your current assets, while preparing your system to handle more travelers and bags. The solution works with any electro-mechanical baggage transport system and can support multiple hubs. Management reporting enables process improvement and rapid problem resolution. Airports using IBM baggage handling have reduced mishandled baggage by 60%, reduced bag transfer time, and lowered operating expense by up to 40%.

IBM’s baggage management competency center delivers consulting services, solution design, development, implementation, testing and ongoing support.

Asset management and maintenance solutions

IBM asset management and maintenance solutions exploit tools including Maximo and ILOG to improve utilization and decrease operating expense for assets, equipment, and facilities across their lifecycle. Shifting from preventative to predictive maintenance based on the current condition and usage pattern for each asset reduces cost and downtime. Advanced analytics coordinate maintenance with the airport operational plan to increase capacity for airside and landside operations.

Airport safety and security solutions

IBM safety and security solutions apply advanced analytics to data from digital video, sensors, biometric identification and wireless devices. The solution monitors operations in real time, identifies risks and generates alerts to responders. IBM’s command and control center integrates information from diverse systems to achieve immediate situational awareness of unfolding events and coordinate the response. The cost and effectiveness of monitoring risks can be dramatically improved with IBM solutions.

With over 50 years of experience, IBM airport specialists around the world are ready to help you create your smarter airport.

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