Frequentis Comsoft is an international solution provider to the air traffic management (ATM) industry, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The company provides solutions in the aeronautical messaging handling and surveillance domain to civil and military air traffic control authorities and organisations, as well as entities in every International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) region.

Automatic dependent surveillance with multilateration for the aviation industry

Quadrant is an advanced modular surveillance solution designed to provide automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) and multilateration within a single platform.

Quadrant is an expandable solution that provides independent, genuine, 3D position measurements using multilateration techniques. A single sensor is capable of offering extended surveillance coverage that was previously unavailable. Additional sensors can be added at a low cost, further expanding coverage to overlap surveillance with optional multilateration.

Complete surveillance chart, including sources, distribution, processing, and display.
ADS-B, WAM and MLAT with Frequentis Comsoft.
Save flight with Frequentis Comsoft.

Aeronautical message handling systems

Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next-Generation (AIDA-NG) is Frequentis Comsoft’s market-leading integrated AMHS solution.

It is based on European ATM Communication Gateway (ECG) software, which was developed in cooperation with Eurocontrol.

The system offers a highly versatile communication gateway that integrates aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN) / Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (CIDIN) technologies with SITA in a single platform.

These services are ideally complemented by Frequentis aeronautical e-services.

Air traffic surveillance data distribution solutions

Surveillance Data Distribution System – Next-Generation (SDDS-NG) is an advanced solution for interconnecting surveillance sensors using the All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX) standard.

It supports full integration and interoperability of all current and future surveillance distribution needs by providing a single access point for surveillance data.

The system directly incorporates legacy serial interfaces, communication protocols and data formats. As a turnkey SDDS-NG supplier, Frequentis Comsoft provides its customers with the ability to operate legacy formats and equipment when necessary.

EUROCONTROL’s ATM surveillance tracker and server

Frequentis Comsoft is a bespoke service provider for the deployment and integration of EUROCONTROL’s ATM surveillance tracker and server (ARTAS). The system combines a range of surveillance data sources for a coherent and accurate air situation picture, using advanced tracking technologies to deliver optimal accuracy and reliability levels for data output.

Frequentis Comsoft is the current EUROCONTROL industrial partner for the maintenance of ARTAS, and is an ARTAS distributor for the deployment and integration of ARTAS systems in non-EUROCONTROL member state organisations.

Display solutions for air and ground situational awareness

The Air Situation Display (ASD) is a configurable human-machine interface (HMI) that is designed for seamless air / ground awareness for ATC operators and aerodrome flight information service officers.

ASD features a main traffic window that allows operators to focus on traffic in the assigned area. Additional support subwindows offer precise information to reduce workloads, which deliver real-time safe and efficient flight management.

The system has a range of open software modules for civil and military applications, including safety nets and flight data processing.

About Frequentis Comsoft

Frequentis Comsoft was established as a small communication company in the late 1970s. In 1989, EUROCONTROL tasked the company with the development of Surveillance Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment (RMCDE), which was the company’s first ATM solution.

The company develops products to meet fast-growing industry demands and developments. Its portfolio includes modern solutions for the ATM industry, including innovative surveillance and communication programmes such as ADS-B, ATM automation modules, as well as aeronautical message handling systems and surveillance data systems.

Supplying solutions for more than 80% of international AMHS, Frequentis Comsoft is a leading provider of communication systems, with its products used by more than 120 clients in more than 80 countries.

In 2016, Comsoft became part of the Frequentis Group and has since been operating as part of the corporate organisation, contributing its wide range of enhanced expertise for safety-critical applications.

As a member of the group, the company has access to international sales and service network across more than 50 countries. Frequentis and Comsoft aim to enhance the integration of their complementary ATM product portfolios and offer further benefits to their customers.