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Frequentis Comsoft

Solutions for Air Traffic Management

Frequentis Comsoft is an international solution provider to the air traffic management (ATM) industry, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Wachhausstr. 5a,
76227 Karlsruhe,

Frequentis Comsoft is an international solution provider to the air traffic management (ATM) industry, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The company provides solutions in the aeronautical messaging handling and surveillance domain to civil and military air traffic control authorities and organisations, as well as entities in every International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) region.

Automatic dependent surveillance with multilateration for the aviation industry

Quadrant is an advanced modular surveillance solution designed to provide automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) and multilateration within a single platform.

Quadrant is an expandable solution that provides independent, genuine, 3D position measurements using multilateration techniques. A single sensor is capable of offering extended surveillance coverage that was previously unavailable. Additional sensors can be added at a low cost, further expanding coverage to overlap surveillance with optional multilateration.

Complete surveillance chart, including sources, distribution, processing, and display.
ADS-B, WAM and MLAT with Frequentis Comsoft.
Save flight with Frequentis Comsoft.

Aeronautical message handling systems

Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next-Generation (AIDA-NG) is Frequentis Comsoft’s market-leading integrated AMHS solution.

It is based on European ATM Communication Gateway (ECG) software, which was developed in cooperation with Eurocontrol.

The system offers a highly versatile communication gateway that integrates aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN) / Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (CIDIN) technologies with SITA in a single platform.

These services are ideally complemented by Frequentis aeronautical e-services.

Air traffic surveillance data distribution solutions

Surveillance Data Distribution System – Next-Generation (SDDS-NG) is an advanced solution for interconnecting surveillance sensors using the All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX) standard.

It supports full integration and interoperability of all current and future surveillance distribution needs by providing a single access point for surveillance data.

The system directly incorporates legacy serial interfaces, communication protocols and data formats. As a turnkey SDDS-NG supplier, Frequentis Comsoft provides its customers with the ability to operate legacy formats and equipment when necessary.

EUROCONTROL’s ATM surveillance tracker and server

Frequentis Comsoft is a bespoke service provider for the deployment and integration of EUROCONTROL’s ATM surveillance tracker and server (ARTAS). The system combines a range of surveillance data sources for a coherent and accurate air situation picture, using advanced tracking technologies to deliver optimal accuracy and reliability levels for data output.

Frequentis Comsoft is the current EUROCONTROL industrial partner for the maintenance of ARTAS, and is an ARTAS distributor for the deployment and integration of ARTAS systems in non-EUROCONTROL member state organisations.

Display solutions for air and ground situational awareness

The Air Situation Display (ASD) is a configurable human-machine interface (HMI) that is designed for seamless air / ground awareness for ATC operators and aerodrome flight information service officers.

ASD features a main traffic window that allows operators to focus on traffic in the assigned area. Additional support subwindows offer precise information to reduce workloads, which deliver real-time safe and efficient flight management.

The system has a range of open software modules for civil and military applications, including safety nets and flight data processing.

About Frequentis Comsoft

Frequentis Comsoft was established as a small communication company in the late 1970s. In 1989, EUROCONTROL tasked the company with the development of Surveillance Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment (RMCDE), which was the company’s first ATM solution.

The company develops products to meet fast-growing industry demands and developments. Its portfolio includes modern solutions for the ATM industry, including innovative surveillance and communication programmes such as ADS-B, ATM automation modules, as well as aeronautical message handling systems and surveillance data systems.

Supplying solutions for more than 80% of international AMHS, Frequentis Comsoft is a leading provider of communication systems, with its products used by more than 120 clients in more than 80 countries.

In 2016, Comsoft became part of the Frequentis Group and has since been operating as part of the corporate organisation, contributing its wide range of enhanced expertise for safety-critical applications.

As a member of the group, the company has access to international sales and service network across more than 50 countries. Frequentis and Comsoft aim to enhance the integration of their complementary ATM product portfolios and offer further benefits to their customers.

New Managing Director Appointed at Frequentis Comsoft

After three years of development and expansion work at Frequentis Comsoft, Gerald Enzinger hands over the management agenda to former Austro Control chief operating officer (COO) Thomas Hoffmann.

8 January 2019

South American AMHS Inter-Regional Link In Operation

Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC) in Venezuela has begun operating the Comsoft Solutions AIDA-NG message handling system, to create the second South American inter-regional gateway following Peru.

26 February 2018

COMSOFT Solutions Network Manager for Flight Information

Comsoft Solutions will supply the Eurocontrol Network Manager with ETFMS entry nodes for Casablanca in Morocco, Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Riga in Latvia to facilitate improved efficiency and help these states to better manage air traffic volumes.

9 January 2018

Next Generation Radar Data Service

Over 30 sites now operate Comsoft Solutions state-of-the-art SDDS-NG that safely and easily interconnects any system that handles surveillance data.

18 December 2017

COMSOFT Solutions to Provide Multilateration Network for Finland

The Finnish air navigation service provider ANS Finland has installed quadrant sensors and transmitters in order to provide WAM and ADS-B coverage for more than 80% of the Finnish Airspace. The final WAM network will include more than 100 ground stations in Southern, Central and Northern Finland providing enhanced surveillance and a coherent air situation picture.

14 June 2017

COMSOFT Solutions Upgrades AMHS for Belgocontrol

Belgocontrol, the air navigation service provider (ANSP) for Belgium has successfully completed a midlife software and hardware upgrade of its aeronautical message handling system (AMHS), AIDA-NG, in order to provide further enhanced reliability, performance and message handling functionality. The upgraded system consists of Comsoft solutions AIDA-NG, CADAS-ATS and CADIR products with European Directory Service (EDS) support.

11 May 2017

COMSOFT Solutions Delivers Next Phase for Myanmar’s AIM Roadmap

The Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (DCA Myanmar) completed site acceptance of Comsoft Solutions' AIM system, transforming their aeronautical information management and thus supporting their increasing air traffic.

7 March 2017

Venezuela to Receive Major AMHS Upgrade from COMSOFT Solutions

The Civil Aviation Authority of Venezuela, Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC), has contracted COMSOFT Solutions to deliver and install an Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) solution based on their market-leading product AIDA-NG in order to transform the way in which they transmit messages and aeronautical data.

1 March 2017

COMSOFT Solutions and SITA Work Together to Ensure Flight Safety

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) are globally moving from Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Networks (AFTN) to ATS Message Handling Systems (AMHS) to enable a highly performant and future-proof environment for current and future rich data exchange.

6 December 2016

COMSOFT Solutions Wins Surveillance Project in Portugal

Portuguese ANSP, NAV Portugal, has selected Comsoft Solutions' state-of-the-art Surveillance Data Distribution system (SDDS-NG) for advanced data exchange of surveillance data sources for mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.

22 June 2016

COMSOFT Solutions to Exhibit at Global AIM 2016 in Rio

Global AIM, organised by the International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations (IFAIMA), is taking place this year in Rio, Brazil, with AIM experts gathering under one roof to talk about the latest AIM developments and innovative ideas.

11 May 2016

COMSOFT Solutions Completes First Site Acceptance Test

Comsoft Solutions has carried out successful site acceptance of eAIP production tool CADAS-EPS for the ANSP of the Netherlands, Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) - its first since becoming part of the Frequentis Group.

1 April 2016

COMSOFT Solutions and Frequentis to Hold Presentation at World ATM 2016

Comsoft Solutions' head of sales, Markus Heichel, and Frequentis' head of ATM Automation Solutions, Günter Graf, will take to the Frequentis Aviation Arena on 9 March, 12:30-13:00 to talk about Frequentis and Comsoft Solutions in a presentation: 'Working In collaboration for a safer world'.

9 March 2016

FREQUENTIS Group Expands Through Comsoft Solutions

The new Frequentis subsidiary 'Comsoft Solutions' has acquired parts of the ATM business of Comsoft. An experienced management team led by Gerald Enzinger will focus on realising growth opportunities, particularly in the European and Asian markets.

27 January 2016

Frequentis Group Acquires COMSOFT

The Frequentis Group, a strategic investor with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, will take over the main assets and projects of air traffic control and air traffic management business COMSOFT in Karlsruhe.

13 January 2016

Record Numbers Attend COMSOFT Aeronautical User Group

COMSOFT Aeronautical User Group (CAUG) took place in Karlsruhe, Germany, this week, bringing together its worldwide users to discuss operational and technological challenges arising from new technologies applied in the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) domain.

22 May 2015

Flagship satellite project in ICAO´s MEVA Region completed by COMSOFT

COMSOFT have completed the prestigious MEVA-III VSAT project, providing a regional VSAT network for 15 ANSPs at 18 sites in the Caribbean, as well as Latin, Central and North America, allowing for a new and more efficient communication system, using the latest VSAT technology, SykWAN, from long term partner ND SatCom.

7 April 2015

Tanzania CAA Optimises Operations with Automated Billing

The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority has again chosen COMSOFT to assist with their goals of efficient and modernised air traffic services, with the addition of COMSOFT's Aeronautical Billing (CAB) solution.

19 March 2015

WATM 2015: Georgia strengthen cooperation with COMSOFT

Georgian air navigation service provider SAKAERONAVIGATSIA have added an important maintenance contract to the scope of their Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) contract with German ATM expert COMSOFT.

17 March 2015

Georgia is Ready for AMHS and FPL 2012

SAKAERONAVIGATSIA implements COMSOFT's premium AMHS solution. Following comprehensive testing procedures the national ANSP of Georgia SAKAERONAVIGATSIA has site accepted its AMHS/AFTN system, which went operational after an error-free reliability test period.

18 December 2012

COMSOFT Supplies Highly Versatile Flight Plan Converter to ENNA

The Algerian ANSP adapts its flight data processing systems to the new ICAO flight plan format. To be able to seamlessly effect the transition to the new ICAO flight plan format, ENNA has chosen COMSOFT's cutting-edge flight plan converter AIDA-FPL. Following a successful site acceptance the ANSP has taken the converter into operation and is now all set for the ongoing transition.

15 November 2012

SMATSA is Prepared for ICAO’s New Flight Plan Format

Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency opts for COMSOFT's leading FPL converter technology. Having selected COMSOFT as their partner to supply SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency) with its leading flight plan converter technology, the ANSP is now all set for the new ICAO flight plan format.

9 November 2012

COMSOFT to Equip 22 Radar Sites for Brazilian Air Force

FT Automacao Industrial selected COMSOFT to undertake the installation of their new Surveillance Data Distribution System SDDS-NG in the Amazon area. The German ATC supplier recently has been awarded a contract to provide FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) with its SDDS-NG at 22 locations.

8 November 2012

CORPAC Contracts Comsoft Solutions

The Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Civil (CORPAC) is pursuing its goal to establish the most modern ATC environment by introducing an AIXM 5.1 based AIM solution.

13 April 2012

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Ready for FPL2012

COMSOFT supplies advanced FPL converter to GACA. GACA, the ANSP of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is way-ahead of most other ANSPs and well-prepared to await the worldwide migration of the flight plan format applicable in November 2012. Not only have GACA ordered an FPL2012-compabtible update of

7 June 2011

Fourth COMSOFT AMHS User Group Meeting is a Big Success

Worldwide ANSPs using COMSOFT's AMHS systems joined to debate on latest and upcoming aeronautical communication issues. Under the heading 'AMHS - Part of the Big Picture,' the fourth meeting of the COMSOFT AMHS User Group (CAUG) was opened on 3 May. Air navigation service providers (ANS

2 June 2011

EUROCONTROL Entrusts COMSOFT with Directory Services Operational Study

Comprehensive study will pave the way for the implementation of ATN directory services and the AMHS extended service in Europe. EUROCONTROL entrusted the renowned German AMHS expert COMSOFT with the execution of a study of fundamental importance on the operational use and implementation

28 March 2011

UK is Prepared for FMTP

Successful site acceptance tests marked the culmination of implementing four highly specialised gateways (OLDI FDE/FMTP) at the Swanwick and Whitley centres of British air navigation service provider (ANSP), NATS. The systems were delivered, installed and tested by key supplier and manufa

2 March 2011

GCAA of UAE Pioneers Leading AIM Solution

GCAA of the United Arab Emirates accepts COMSOFT’s AIXM 5.1-based integrated AIM solution and publishes the first electronic AIP in the MID region. ABU Dhabi/ARAB EMIRATES, February 2011 – The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of the United Arab Emirates published their AIP on Feb

17 February 2011

COMSOFT Selected to Update EUROCONTROL eAIP Toolbox

German ATC expert COMSOFT has been selected to perform the update of EUROCONTROL's eAIP core and extended toolbox. Moreover, the eAIP Editor's and User's manuals will be updated and eAIP sample files will be provided. eAIP is the solution for the publication of AIP contents in structur

10 February 2011

AMHS Gaining Further Ground in the Middle East

By establishing another operational AMHS link, the Middle East has further substantiated and expanded their leading position as flagship ICAO region for the implementation of AMHS. Recently published, ICAO COM charts depict the Middle Eastern AMHS centres of Jeddah, Cairo, Amman, Doha, Abu Dhabi

9 December 2010

COMSOFT Launches Flight Plan Converter AIDA-FPL

According to Amendment 1 to ICAO Doc 4444, a new flight plan format will be in effect from 15 November 2012. In support of the ICAO-driven FPL2012 migration, COMSOFT has launched its AIDA-FPL product, which transforms all flight plan messages from the present format into the new format and vice v

2 December 2010

COMSOFT Enables Historic Act Between Peru and Colombia

CORPAC of Peru has announced to have put into service the AMHS link between its aeronautical fixed communication centre in Lima and Colombia's Aerocivil in Bogotá without using a hitch, on 8 November. Both South-American ANSP have made a major leap in terms of advancing the worldwide aeronau

25 November 2010

Belgocontrol Accepts COMSOFT’s Superior AMHS Solution

Fully in line with the industry's specifications and schedule, Belgocontrol's innovative system for automated aeronautical communication (ISAAC) demonstrated its maturity and readiness for operational service in meticulously accomplished acceptance and reliability tests. Based at Brussels Interna

16 November 2010

COMSOFT: EAIP-System Approved for Commission in Estonia

Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) have signed site acceptance certificates for their unique eAIP solution, based on COMSOFT's AIXM 5 compliant aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB and the electronic AIP production system GroupVerve AIS by Synclude. The new system is the first running AIXM 5.1-

10 October 2010

COMSOFT’s PRISMA Ready for ICAO’s New Flight Plan Format

COMSOFT’s modular ATC automation solution PRISMA has proved its capability in flawless site acceptance tests to be compliant with the amendment of ICAO’s 15th edition of the procedures for air navigation services – air traffic management (PANS-ATM, Doc 4444). Hence, the General Civil A

30 September 2010

GCAA Received Prisma Extension

With the aim of providing additional services to civil airlines and operators, as well as to UAE's air force, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has received a major extension for their PRISMA system, including additional ATC tower equipment for Al Ain International Airport in the East o

29 July 2010

Third COMSOFT AMHS User Group in the Year of Change

From 23 to 24 June, a delegation of international air navigation service providers (ANSP) operating a COMSOFT system followed the annual call of the German ATM supplier to participate in its user group benefiting from the mutual exchange of experiences. This time, the leading theme was

24 June 2010

COMSOFT Paves the Way for First Trilateral AMHS Link

The General Civil Aviation Authority of Abu Dhabi (GCAA) has launched an operational AMHS connection with Jordan transferring their aeronautical message exchange from AFTN to AMHS. Just one year ago, this proactive administration took their first AMHS link with the DCA of Oman into ope

14 March 2010

COMSOFT to Demonstrate Latest Quadrant Product Updates at ATC Global 2010

COMSOFT will be demonstrating the latest developments of its ultra compact Quadrant sensor at this year's ATC Global exhibition, taking place 9-11 March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Besides the presentation of the sensor itself, the performance monitoring suite QCMS will be on display

4 March 2010

COMSOFT’s PRISMA Contributes to Authentic ATCO Education in Indonesia

The new ATC automation system for the flight school and aviation training centre STPI of Indonesia has passed site acceptance tests in Tangerang. After the successful completion of site acceptance tests for COMSOFT's PRISMA in January 2010, STPI has obtained a modern ATC automation syst

7 February 2010

COMSOFT’s AIDA-NG Boosts Transition to AMHS in Asia

Hong Kong and Macao, Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, have moved their aeronautical messaging service from AFTN to the new standard AMHS. Outstanding engagement on the customers' side impressed German system supplier COMSOFT and underlines the system's maturity.

17 January 2010

Thumbs Up for Delivery of COMSOFT’s First AIXM 5.1-Based eAIP System

Estonian Air Navigation Service (EANS) and COMSOFT have signed acceptance certificates for their new electronic AIP (eAIP) solution featuring COMSOFT's fully fledged AIXM 5.1 database CADAS-AIMDB and Synclude's eAIP production system GroupVerve AIS. After the implementation in Tallinn i

4 January 2010

COMSOFT Helps South America Gear Up for First International AMHS Link

The providers of air navigation services CORPAC of Peru and U.A.E.A.C. of Columbia have successfully conducted pre-operational AMHS tests and are set to establish the first operational AMHS link in South America. In November CORPAC and U.A.E.A.C. performed AMHS interoperability tests w

22 December 2009

COMSOFT Delivers Countrywide ADS-B Network to Taiwan

Taipei's flight information region is now covered by advanced ADS-B technology from German surveillance expert COMSOFT. The Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS) of the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Republic of China contracted COMSOFT for the provision of a comprehensive

20 December 2009

GACA Commissions COMSOFT AMHS System in Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudia Arabia — On 2 November 2009 the air navigation service provider of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia put its new AMHS messaging system into operational service. Just before the start of the annual pilgrim period Hajj, which causes very high rises in traffic figures

12 November 2009

Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (PCAA) Inaugurates New AMHS and AIS System

The new AMHS and AIS solution for the air navigation service provider of Pakistan, PCAA, was officially inaugurated in Karachi in August. The ICAO headquarter actively supported PCAA in the execution of the project and their skilled air traffic management experts monitored the implementation ensu

2 November 2009

Singapore’s New ADS-B System Ready to Go Live

Singapore – The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and COMSOFT last month signed site acceptance test certificates for the most advanced ADS-B receivers plus an ADS-B processing system. After the conclusion of reliability acceptance tests, the system is now ready to enter ope

26 October 2009

COMSOFT Surveillance Communication Technology Successfully Used by PANSA

Warsaw, Poland – The modern surveillance data network of the Polish Air Navigation Service Agency (PANSA) based on advanced COMSOFT surveillance communication technology has already proven its excellence in operational service for several months. This country-spanning archit

25 October 2009

COMSOFT Enables AMHS Link Between India and Singapore

Mumbai, India – On 14 October 2009 the first AMHS message was exchanged between the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in the course of conducting bilateral interoperability tests according to the ASIA/PAC AMHS manual. Both par

22 October 2009

Swedish ANSP Embarks on CADAS

LFV and COMSOFT have signed a contract at the ATC Global 2009 for the modernisation of their AIS at Stockholm's Flight Planning Centre (FPC). LFV's business area manager for ANS Systems, Mr Rolf Norman, and Mr Manfred Schmid, CEO of German ATC supplier COMSOFT, took the opportunity at t

22 March 2009

Hong Kong Chooses COMSOFT’s Supreme AMHS Technology

Karlsruhe, Germany – the civil aviation department of the vibrant city of Hong Kong, in the centre of rapidly developing South-East Asia, has placed a firm order for COMSOFT's AMHS technology. With this award, German ATM specialist COMSOFT substantially increases the number of modern and

11 January 2009

New Cooperation for AIM Development

The German ATM system supplier, COMSOFT, and RISK from Azerbaijan, have agreed to join forces and develop a highly integrated system for aeronautical information management (AIM). RISK is a software house providing excellent solutions for aeronautical charting and intelligent procedure and airspa

26 October 2008

Peru’s New AMHS Passed FAT

Kalrlsruhe, Germany - COMSOFT and CORPAC successfully conducted the factory acceptance test (FAT) for the aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) due to be delivered to the Air Navigation Service Provider of Peru, Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Comercial (CORPA

3 August 2008

A Proof of Confidence

After 14 years of highly reliable operation, the LVNL decided to base their future national and international messaging system AMADEUS for AFTN/CIDIN and AMHS traffic on the AIDA-NG, the Next Generation of their current AFTN/CIDIN switch from COMSOFT. For COMSOFT the LVNL has been a valued, long

20 May 2008

AMHS Development in the Middle East on the Fast Lane

The aeronautical message handling system, contracted by the end of 2007, already passed FAT and SAT. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (DGCAM) of Oman went operational with COMSOFT's AMHS and AIS technology in record time. Once again the high level of professiona

22 April 2008

Egypt’s Novel AMHS Gateway

Early this month the Egyptian air navigation service provider NANSC signed a contract in Cairo with the German ATC/ATM supplier COMSOFT for the provision of an AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS solution. Preparations are already underway as the contractor seeks for an expeditious cut-over. The communicat

17 April 2008

ATC Global 2008: COMSOFT and NATS Signed Strategic Framework Agreement

At this year's major ATC conference and exhibition, the ATC Global 2008 in Amsterdam, the German company COMSOFT and NATS, the UK’s air navigation service provider, signed a contract to further deepen and enhance their long-term cooperation in the ATC/ATM business. In the course of the

16 April 2008

ROMATSA Contracts Radar Data Conversion Technology from Comsoft

Romanian Air Traffic Service Administration (ROMATSA) selected Comsoft's All-purpose Data Stream Replicator (ADR) to allow cross-border radar data exchange. Commissioning of a new PSR/MSSR Mode-S radar for improved coverage of Romanian air space required a format converter, as th

14 April 2008

FMV Moves Ahead With ASTERIX Tools

Swedish Air Force orders eight new RAPS-3 - Comsoft's radar data test and evaluation tool, qualified by EUROCONTROL. The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has ordered eight compact versions of RAPS-3, following the upgrade of their first RAPS II to its powerful succes

14 April 2008

ATSA of Bulgaria Embarks on ADS-B

Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (ATSA) extends radar-based surveillance infrastructure with ADS-B sensor. In March ATSA ordered from Germany’s ATC/ATM specialist Comsoft a first Quadrant ADS-B ground station including a control and monitoring system and real time data pr

1 April 2008

Most Modern Surveillance Data Network in Poland

Poland's Air Navigation Service provider decided on a modern, future-proof and field-proven surveillance infrastructure and enhances its existing radar technology by installing a country-wide surveillance network, the Polish RAdar NETwork PRANET. The central communication nodes RMCDE, forming the

17 March 2008

COMSOFT to Upgrade Irish ETFMS Gateways

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) awarded Germany's COMSOFT a contract for the upgrade of ETFMS gateways The Irish Aviation Authority upgrades their Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS) gateways. The systems located in Dublin and Ballycasey interface the local ANSP e

7 March 2008

QinetiQ and COMSOFT – a Promising Partnership

ATM solution provider COMSOFT and UK's leading defence and security expert QinetiQ once more associate in a technology joint venture to boost their activities in the sensor technology for ADS-B and multilateration. QinetiQ is an international defence and security technology business based

5 March 2008

MilRADNET for German Air Force

First military radar data network is being established in Germany. Surveillance experts from German ATC/ATM solution provider COMSOFT successfully accomplished major milestone. The installations of the three phase project MilRADNET have been put into operational service by the Ge

3 March 2008

COMSOFT Gains Access to Chinese Market

Already by the end of 2007, COMSOFT emerged the winner of an elaborate selection which was conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in close cooperation with AACM. The core of the chosen solution is COMSOFT's proven AIDA-NG product line, complemented by COMSOFT's terminal

27 February 2008

Peru Moves to New AMHS Technology

The Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviacion Comercial selected the ATC solution provider COMSOFT for the implementation of Peru's future country-wide AFTN/AMHS infrastructure. The installation will be completed by a state-of-the-art AIS system providing access to local and international NOT

21 February 2008

DFS and NATS Again at the Forefront with RAPS-3

Germany and the UK replaced their current ASTERIX test and evaluation tool with COMSOFT’s latest development in this sector: RAPS-3 German Air Navigation Service Provider DFS and British NATS, both belonging to the first RAPS-II customers, are certain about the advantages of the

30 January 2008

COMSOFT Wins Tender for Aeronautical Message Handling System

The German ATC specialist COMSOFT has been chosen for the implementation of an Only recently the company carried out a similar project in Abu Aeronautical Message Handling System (AHMS) in the Sultanate of Oman. Dhabi, thus making the Middle East yet another cornerstone for AMHS-based technolo

30 January 2008

New Recording and Replay System for Swiss Air Force

Swiss Air Force disposes of a new network for the recording and replay of aeronautical data. The systems, provided by the German ATC specialist COMSOFT, are operational on the military air bases of the Swiss Air Force The German ATC supplier COMSOFT has equipped various military

30 January 2008

RAPS-3 on the Advance

Sri Lanka disposes of a new tool for the testing and analysis of surveillance data. The German ATC specialist COMSOFT has provided the Control Centre in Colombo with RAPS-3, the next generation of the company's highly regarded ASTERIX Test and Reference Tool. KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, October 2007 –

30 January 2008

ARTAS Goes Multilateral

The German ATC specialist COMSOFT has been awarded the contract for the integration of Wide Area Multilateration and ADS-C into ARTAS, the European tracker system developed by EUROCONTROL ARTAS, the European ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server, is undergoing major development. Follo

30 January 2008

COMSOFT Awarded Another Contract for a Message Handling System in Africa

COMSOFT will soon install an AMHS in Morocco. This will be the first operational system on the African continent using this new technology. In the near future it will also serve as a gateway improving the connection between North Africa and Europe. In January 2007, COMSOFT was awarded a

6 June 2007

COMSOFT Solutions GmbH

Wachhausstr. 5a
76227 Karlsruhe

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