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Baggage-Management Systems and Baggage-Management Software

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ASI was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable real-time aviation data-management software, baggage-management software and baggage-management systems to allow aviation enterprises maximum productivity and efficiency in their daily operations.

Customizable baggage-management software and baggage-management systems

ASI's baggage-management software and baggage-management systems have stood the test of time to provide its clients with increased business intelligence, decision support and streamlined operations. ASI's approach delivers long-term benefits based on durable yet flexible solutions that respond rapidly to both market and customer needs. If you can think it, then ASI can make it happen.

Aviation mail, baggage, load plan optimization, operation, accounting and messaging data management software

Aviation Software understands that the business of aviation is ever-changing. We provide information technology solutions to help manage your aviation business using processes which have been refined and developed over the last 35 years. For mail, baggage and cargo tracking, load plan optimization, daily operations assistance, accounting, EDI messaging and more, ASI provides real-time data management and has a proven track record of improving and streamlining airline operations.

Commercial and charter aviation baggage-management software

ASI has a broad range of software available for both commercial and charter use. CapPlan, ASI's newest product, provides powerful 'what if' modeling and dynamic forecasting to simplify capacity planning and maximize cargo and mail revenue, while minimizing baggage expenses. Its goal is to ensure your aircraft’s belly space is filled and provide universal benefit for the postal authority and the carrier.

As part of our new marketing campaign, ASI's slogan is: "If you can think it…", supporting our 35 years of innovative and original baggage-management software and baggage-management system design.
CargoTrak is a popular offering streamlining the cargo transport process; from possession to delivery, CargoTrak baggage-management software and baggage-management systems offer reliable data-scan collection/retrieval with advanced cargo management through Wi-Fi, RFID and barcode tracking.
The TagTrak Suite of baggage-management software and baggage-management systems ensures proper loading/transport of cargo, mail and baggage to improve operations and ensure correct carriage; it offers a unified system with accurate and real-time internet-based data for increased efficiency regarding scanning/tracking.
The SPECTRUM reservations and departure control system is a complete system to perform the entire scope of PNR generation while also providing seat inventory control, ticket pricing, boarding control, single-step check-in and paper/e-ticket environments.

Aviation carrier scanning and tracking software

ASI's TagTrak Suite encompasses all aspects of carrier scanning and tracking requirements. BagTrak, CargoTrak and MailTrak all work individually or in unison to streamline mail and cargo data into a unified system with accurate, real-time data accessible from anywhere in the world.

Real-time parcels, bags and cargo tracking software

TagTrak modules can be used on the same scanner – even for international and domestic multiple carriers. Increase revenue and decrease mishaps by tracking parcels, bags and cargo consistently and in real-time. BagTrak, MailTrak and CargoTrak cover the bases of intelligent transport.

From the tarmac and warehouse to the office, improve collaborative decision-making with ASI's time-tested solutions that streamline real-time operations information throughout your organization and beyond.

Baggage automated bar-coding, messaging, re-routing and interline-transfer

Baggage tracking is a difficult issue for airlines, because it wastes time and resources when items are misplaced. BagTrak takes the guesswork out of baggage management with automated bar-coding, messaging, re-routing and interline transfer capabilities. Fully compliant with all baggage messages including BSM, BTM, BPM, BUM and IATA regulations, BagTrak leads the industry in reliable data collection and retrieval, allowing staff to locate any bag at any time. ASI is ready to help with baggage management systems.

ASI BagTrak supports your baggage management systems to ensure correct baggage transport through a variety of methods. Mishandled baggage currently costs the aviation industry billions of dollars every year; BagTrak can eliminate this cost by ensuring 100% tracking and tracing of all scanned baggage.

Benefits include:

  • Bag security: know where all bags are at all times
  • Reduce PAWOBs and misconnections
  • Respond quickly to 'hot bag' situations

Aviation cargo monitoring software

CargoTrak is an efficient way of monitoring cargo through the transport process utilizing integrated barcode management and real-time tracking capability. CargoTrak makes the most of your available resources (aircraft, flight schedule, routing and belly space) to maximize possible cargo carriage and collect the most revenue.

Using CargoTrak, air waybills are tracked from acceptance through destination or consignee pickup, with full support of bins and containers provided for simpler load and transfer operations. Shippers, consignees and carrier agents can track shipments through the Internet.

CargoTrak uses wireless scanners to quickly and reliably track cargo. Tracking follows each item from acceptance to delivery so shipments can be easily located during travel and also in a warehouse. CargoTrak is also fully compliant with all IATA messages and requirements, as well as TSA and DHS regulations. Overall, CargoTrak increases cargo shipping process efficiency and reduces associated labor costs.


  • Track shipments quickly and accurately
  • Comprehensive reporting tool
  • Store weight data for proper aircraft loading (avoid unloading and extra costs)
  • Maximize revenue with cargo capacity management tool
  • Search waybills to locate and identify status of cargo at all times
  • Customize screens for shippers, consignees and carrier agents
  • Absolute TSA compliance

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