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Air Traffic Control Console Design and Manufacturing

Crenlo designs, develops, and delivers ATC consoles to towers, en-route centers, flight service stations, terminal radar approach control centers (TRACONS), and radio approach control centers (RAPCONS), and has been doing for over 35 years.

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Crenlo ATC Systems air trafic control at night

Crenlo designs and develops, air traffic control (ATC) consoles for towers, en-route centers, flight service stations, terminal radar approach control centers (TRACONS), and radio approach control centers (RAPCONS)

We’ve developed a great understanding of what it takes to outfit an effective ATC control room, as a result of over 35 years of experience.

Customized and catalogue ATC consoles

Whether you’re looking for a customized ATC console for an air traffic control tower, flight service station, or en-route center; or a more standard catalog solution, Crenlo can help with its state-of-the-art coordinated measuring machines. We are able to meet extremely high-quality manufacturing standards throughout the fabrication process.

Crenlo provides air traffic control consoles for airport and control centres.
With over 35 years of experience, Crenlo has a long tradition of providing quality consoles.
Crenlo's installations span the United States, and the rest of the world.
Whether examining current ATC console prints or designing a new console, Crenlo tailors their designs to meet customer’s needs.
With state-of-the-art coordinated measuring machines, Crenlo is able to ensure quality manufacturing standards throughout the fabrication process.
Communications centers manufactured by Crenlo can feature slope front-style consoles.
1970s TRACON radar evolution, featuring roll in radar units.
1980s TRACON radar evolution, integrating updated roll in radar units.
2000s TRACON radar evolution, accomodating panel mounted radar units.

Whether you choose a custom or standard catalog ATC console, you can set the layout, select the work-surface material, color, and component parts.

Modular and flexible ATC console design to enable fast and easy installation

Traditional air traffic control consoles have an enormous amount of panel work, and are often put together and installed piece-by-piece on-site.

With Crenlo, all ATC console panels are precut to size and the cabinets preassembled prior to delivery, making the assembly and installation process on-site quick and easy, so you can get the tower operational in very little time.

The flexibility of our ATC consoles gives you complete control over the layout of your control room.

Easy modification and upgrading of ATC technology

At Crenlo, we maintain relationships with all of our customers after installation to make sure everything was installed correctly and functioning properly.

Should you decide to upgrade some of the equipment in your console, we can easily modify or create a custom solution to provide the most up-to-date technology and equipment, or supply you with a replacement panel / section of your console. All of this can be done without shutting down your entire facility or having to do a complete reinstallation.

About Crenlo

Our expertise extends well beyond just designing and developing consoles. We tailor our design services and solutions to meet your needs, whether it’s examining current ATC console prints or designing a new console.

We take into account every aspect of the control room, including lighting, ergonomics, traffic flow, and acoustics to ensure the best working environment for ATC personnel.

At Crenlo, clients can depend on our expert ATC engineering capabilities for support at any stage of a project, from concept to production.

What makes Crenlo’s offering unique is its ability to not only provides catalog solutions, but also modified or customized solutions, while maintaining modularity and flexibility in the design.

We offer more than just a wide range of console design capabilities, we also offer a number of different drafting, prototype / manufacturing, and testing solutions. To learn more about Crenlo’s air traffic control console offerings or to request a quote, use the contact details below.

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