Xybase airport operational systems

XYBASE provides airports with systems designed and built based on operational and business requirements.

Automated operation management for airports

The company’s airportXpert automated solution effectively and efficiently supports today’s modern airports, and can be integrated with other airport management system applications.

The airportXpert suite consists of various modules, namely:

XYBASE solutions are designed to handle small and large-scale airport requirements.
The XYBASE Message Broker is the power behind today’s integrated airport operations.
The XYBASE flight operation solution handles full operation cycles, from scheduling to billing, as well as integration to other systems.
  • XODB – XYBASE Airport Operational Database
  • XFlight – XYBASE Flight Management System
  • XTMS – XYBASE Terminal Management System
  • XCommerce – XYBASE Commercial Management System
  • XMB – XYBASE Message Broker, the integration engine
  • XFIDS – XYBASE Flight Information Display System
  • XRMS – XYBASE Resource Management System
  • XAMS – XYBASE Apron Management System
  • XIS – XYBASE Information System
  • XMS – XYBASE Management System

Scalable management of operational airport data

The XYBASE Airport Operational Database (XODB) is a comprehensive central repository for airport operational data management. It is as efficient as of a central database, with consistent operational performance.

This fully scalable, state-of-the-art operational centre is the engine that provides the foundation of XYBASE’s airport solutions.

Advanced flight management suiting airport operational needs

XFlight is an advanced flight management system designed to suit the operational needs of airports.

It consists of a flight scheduling module (FSM), a flight management module (FMM), and a flight information display module (FIDM).

XFflight can be configured to meet the operational needs of a variety of different sized airports.

Customisable aeronautical system records

The XYBASE Commercial Management System (XCommerce) is a set of modules designed to reflect the individuality of each airport. It is customisable without any major impact to commercial support systems.

The system records all aeronautical-related activities, such as landing and aerobridge charges, and non-aeronautical activities, such as concessionaires and airport service providers.

Emergency operational process support

The XYBASE Terminal Management System (XTMS) supports the operational processes that monitor and respond to any relevant activities and emergencies that might occur at an airport.

The XTMS provides a bird’s-eye view by capturing and showing alerts to airport management, highlighting it as a mobile and proactive solution.

Middleware technology to integrate new and old airport systems

The XYBASE Message Broker (XMB) is a reliable piece of middleware technology, which provides communications support between independent systems.

It also offers primary IT support for inter-system communication within an organisation.

Since not all airport systems are brought into the data sharing community at the same time, there is the added need for middleware technology that allows the addition of new community system without affecting existing setups.

Airport resource co-ordination

The XYBASE Resource Management System (XRMS) is developed especially to manage critical operational resources at airports.

The XRMS maximises the utilisation of scarce and available resources in airports, enabling them to function at its highest potential and capability, while maintaining peak customer and passenger satisfaction.

The XRMS assists airports in allocating operational resources, with minimal human intervention.

Airport apron and flight management services

The XYBASE Apron Management System (XAMS) is designed to manage airport operational information related to apron services.

The system provides access to accurate flight information, movement updates, tracking, and records of any incidents within the apron area.

The XAMS provides a view of the apron area of the entire airport, with specific drill-down capability to view particular activities at a specific area.

Effective handling of flight and ticket queries

The Xybse Information System (XIS) is designed to better equip airport operators when handling public queries.

From flight and ticket information to contact information, XIS provides airport operators with an easy-to-use interface to support daily operation.

Easy access to historical airport information

Made for the management and operation command centre of an airport, the Xybase Management System (XMS) offers easy access to useful information, which facilitates the reporting and decision-making processes.

Using specialised tools, XMS processes historical data to generate comprehensive reports for analytical purposes.