AAT Automation GmbH is dedicated to delivering innovative automation solutions, including conveyor and automated warehouse systems, robotic solutions, control technology, production and recycling facilities, and automated guided vehicles (AGV), for a wide range of sectors. 

Established in 1995, AAT has built a reputation as a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies for a variety of different uses. The company’s applications primarily find purpose in airport operations, the automotive industry, and the logistics sector. 

AAT is recognised not only for its technological expertise, but also for its role as a trusted development partner for ambitious automation projects. The company’s aim is to confront complex challenges and come up with practical and efficient solutions. AAT’s multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs, design bespoke automation solutions, and provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from conceptualisation to implementation. 

Baggage loading into ULD with ABLE MK2.
Baggage loading into ULD with ABLE MK2_1.
Baggage loading into ULD with ABLE MK2_2.
Baggage loading into cart with ABLE MK2.
ABLE MK2 picking baggage from conveyor belt.
Baggage loading into ULD with ABLE MK2.
Baggage loading into cart with ABLE MK1.

With 15 years of extensive experience in the airport industry, Innovative Airport Solutions is a leading provider in the baggage loading sector. The expertise of AAT lies in the design, implementation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art baggage loading and unloading systems. Over the years, AAT has successfully delivered cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and security of baggage loading processes. 

As industries evolve, AAT remains at the forefront of automation advancements. To leverage the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced robotics, the company empowers its clients to embrace the future with confidence. AAT’s commitment to innovation is matched only by its dedication to reliability and excellence. AAT ensures that each solution delivered to clients meets and exceeds expectations. 

Automated baggage loading for airports

In the constantly evolving industry of airport operations, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has become essential to optimise efficiency and elevate passenger experiences. A standout solution garnering considerable attention is AAT’s automated baggage loading equipment (ABLE) MK2 robot, which automates baggage loading. 

AAT makes use of the latest technology to provide clients with the latest innovations. The newly developed MK2 robot is designed to transform the future of airport operations and is tailored to support airports in meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Equipped with cutting edge AI and robotics capabilities, the robot can assist clients with various tasks, from baggage loading and unloading to security checks. By automating intricate processes, AAT aims to enhance efficiency, minimise human error, and optimise the overall passenger experience.  

AAT’s automated solutions are currently operational in some of the largest and busiest airports in the world. The company’s large client base is a testament to its quality and commitment to delivering solutions that meet the unique demands of high-traffic airport environments. Using AAT’s automated systems helps to ensure that passengers’ belongings move seamlessly through check-in and onto the aircraft. 

While the automation of baggage conveyance within terminals, for example, at the check-in counter or during baggage claim, has reached remarkable levels, the process of loading baggage onto carts and cargo is still manual. ABLE can be used to complete the automation cycle and provide users with unparalleled gains in operational efficiency. 

Within the terminals, automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems have become instrumental in transporting baggage between different processing points. The implementation of ABLE brings a variety of different benefits to airport operations to suit all customer requirements. Foremost among them is the elimination of personnel costs in baggage handling. By automating the loading and unloading process, airports can significantly reduce their reliance on human labour, thereby reducing staffing costs, which allows them to optimise their financial resources while also increasing efficiency. 

In addition, the implementation of ABLE greatly reduces the potential for injuries and health risks associated with manual baggage handling. The physically demanding nature of this task often leads to strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal injuries among airport workers. ABLE´s precision-engineered technology ensures that bags are handled with the utmost care, without the need for additional physical labour, which minimises accidents and helps to safeguard the well being of airport personnel.  

About AAT

Innovative Airport Solutions aims to adapt to change and encourage growth within the industry. The company’s mission is to revolutionise airport operations through innovation and improved reliability. Using its industry knowledge, extensive experience gained from many successful installations, and the integration of futuristic robotics, AAT aims to create the airports of the future today. 

As proof of the company’s success, AAT achieved dual honors at the interAirport exhibition. In 2011, the company received the esteemed Innovation Award, a recognition that underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and automation. 

In 2015, AAT again garnered acclaim and secured the award for its revolutionary baggage unloading system. This achievement further solidified the company’s position as an industry leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of airport operations.