Lanthan is a developer and distributor of aircraft warning lights and lighting systems. Its products are used in wind farms, broadcast masts, cranes, and other situations. Its range of lighting solutions includes autonomous and solar-powered lights, coloured lights, weather-resistant hardware, signal and rotating set ups, and day and night equipment.

Aircraft obstacle and warning lights

Lanthan’s range of low and medium-intensity obstacle lights can be used in a range of situations where aircraft warning lights are required. The biggest wind turbines are in locations that do not have a lot of night-time air traffic. In order to minimise the requirement for warning lights, Lanthan has developed a lighting system that can switch itself on when required. The circuit activates when it detects a transponder signal in the surrounding air space. Back up systems can also detect aircraft in the event of a transponder failure.

Use cloud computing to monitor your obstacle lights

Lanthan has included a number of innovations in its technology. One of these developments is the ability for its lighting facilities to be monitored via an online database. The lighting systems send periodic reports and status changes to the company’s server via GSM or Ethernet. This data is then analysed, and updates are emailed to clients. Alternatively, clients can check on their lighting systems with the Lanthan smartphone app.

Lanthan provides aircraft warning lights for use on industrial cranes.
Lanthan's lights are designed with high weather-resistance.
Lanthan's on-demand lighting circuits respond to aircraft transponder signals.
Lights can be monitored remotely via email, or through the company's mobile app.
Lanthan provides fuel cells so that lights can have a dependable source of power during construction and maintenance.

Fuel cells for construction lighting

Tall structures such as cranes, masts and turbines are often erected away from a reliable energy source. As such, Lanthan’s methanol fuel cell provides a dependable source of power for the duration of a construction or maintenance phase. It can be monitored via Lanthan’s cloud systems, and clients will be notified of low fuel levels via email. It can provide three months of continuous red light in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C. It is designed with a pallet base for easy manoeuvre by forklift truck.