FinBin Bermuda

FinBin® litter bins and ashtrays are designed and produced by Lehtovuori Oy. Lehtovuori Oy is a Finnish company providing living-environment products and solutions for furnishing interior and exterior environments, including litter bins, park benches, bicycles parking, shelters etc.

Since its establishment in 1945, Lehtovuori Oy has made a lasting presence in the urban cityscape, with both and parks and interior spaces, as well as the natural environment of recreation areas.

FinBin litter bins and ashtrays

FinBin litter bins are always near at hand when needed. Modern and functional design fulfils the requirements of any surroundings, shopping centres, terminals, public areas, etc.

The FinBin product range is extensive, and includes litter bins and ashtrays for every need. By request, FinBin litter bins and ashtrays can be designed and customised according to the client’s specifications. The bins and ashtrays are designed in Finland and made of the best Finnish steel materials.

The FinBin litter bin product range is extensive, including litter bins and ashtrays for every need.
FinBin Bermuda is a self-extinguishing litter bin for terminals and retail facilities.
The FinBin Bermuda Vista allows monitoring of content of waste for safety reasons.
The FinBin Wave litter bin and recycling bins are available with or without cover on top.
The FinBin Media bin is a piece of functional furniture, combining digital signage and a waste recepticle.

Bermuda recycling bins

The FinBin Bermuda and Wave recycling bins are designed especially for passenger areas in terminals and retail facilities. Standard models are in stainless-steel, with a metallic black lid, or fully powder-coated in a metallic black colour. The colour can be customised to fit the surroundings.

In the Bermuda and Wave recycling bins, the design guides the user to recycle different waste fractions into the right compartments of the bin. Two and three-compartment recycling bins are available in both Bermuda and Wave designs. The Bermuda series also includes a four-compartment model.

Finbin Bermuda is a self-extinguishing litter bin. If a fire starts inside the bin, the shape of the lid directs the combustion gases, cuts off the oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire.

Finbin Media bin, digital signage and waste receptacle

FinBin Media bin is a new generation solution for public premises, providing a cost efficient digital advertising media for targeted marketing campaigns, or as an info channel. FinBin Media bin is a piece functional furniture, combining both a media pylon and a litter bin. The Media bin is equipped with a digital screen, and the media is managed through a web application.

An administrator can easily create, modify and schedule still, flash or video material that updates wirelesly to the screens almost in real-time by using either 3G or WLAN network.

The media management system uses normal a internet connection, so can be managed from as far away as the other side of the globe. FinBin Media bins can be also connected with other media management systems, where they can be used to extend upon existing digital signage systems.

Free-standing and wall-mounted ashtrays

FinBin ashtrays offer different solutions for indoor and outdoor smoking areas. The product range consists of free-standing and wall-mounted ashtrays.