Services and Solutions for Modern Airports

Airports and their passengers are constantly evolving. Airports have an ongoing need to adapt, innovate and envision how to meet the needs of an industry where passenger traffic will grow on average 5% per year for decades to come. ARINC Airports offers a range a services and solutions for modern airports.

With a global presence at more than 150 airports, including half of the 20 highest rated in the world, and a reputation as a master communication network integrator, we understand the flow of an airport is the flow of an industry.

Self-serve solutions

A leading provider of self-serve solutions focused on airport operational efficiency, optimised passenger facilitation and enhanced security, ARINC Airports ensures the highest level of innovation and integration. From self-service bag drop to self-service kiosks we are innovators of seamless solutions to make the airport experience as efficient as possible.

Passenger processing solutions

Our passenger processing solutions have been developed to make the most of IT resources and infrastructure to maximise your services. As passenger numbers grow and security requirements change frequently, airport operators are constantly working to keep lines shorter and passengers moving.

Airports systems integration solutions for smoother airport operations.
Passenger processing solutions to make check-in processes faster, reduce service setup costs and streamline infrastructure.
Passenger Facilitation solutions to create a seamless airport journey, improve security procedures and improve passenger experience.
Airport Operation Solutions are designed to deliver business intelligence and seamless travel for passengers.
Seamless and cost-effective baggage handling systems are important for passenger processing and critical for efficient airport operations.
The ARINC MUSE is an advanced agent-assisted check-in for passenger processing.
ARINC SelfServ is a self-service kiosk solution designed to improve the passenger experience.
ARINC SelfDrop helps airports operate smoothly and keep passengers moving.
FIDS offers advanced flexible display and signage technology for airports of all sizes
ARINC Automated Border Control helps airports lower costs, provide seamless operations and avoid congestion.

With our passenger processing solutions, you can expect to make check-in processes faster for passengers and staff whilst attracting new airlines and routes through reduced service setup costs.

Airport baggage systems

Airport baggage systems can also make significant enhancements to passenger processing and must be seamless, efficient and cost-effective. Off-site, curb side, at the counter or at the kiosk – it doesn’t matter how you check-in, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC baggage solutions lead the way.

Baggage management, bag drop and baggage sorting solutions will help you reduce check-in delays and operational peaks, whilst maximising revenue, resources and security.

Systems integration

Our systems integration expertise means we offer robust, flexible and reliable architectures. By creating airport systems that share data and infrastructure, operations become more efficient and cost-effective. With unsurpassed industry experience we reduce the complexities of airport integration to leverage existing investments with the best systems and technologies available and eliminate problems caused by desperate information sources.

Airport operations management

Gain greater control of your operations through data analysis and airport operations management. Optimising airport operations and communications allows for greater profitability and ultimately improves passenger processing. Enhanced airport business intelligence allows airlines and airports work to provide a seamless travel experience for the passenger, intertwining their operations to be optimally efficient, cost-effective, safe and customer-friendly.