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Heavy-Duty Ball Transfer Units, Pop-Up Stops and Conveyor Rollers

B&T Bearing focuses on design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of ball transfer units (BTUs), rollers, pop-up stops and other cargo-handling equipment.

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Design, manufacturing, distribution of ball transfer units

B&T Bearing focuses on design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of ball transfer units (BTUs), rollers, pop-up stops and other cargo-handling equipment.

Components for logistic applications in the aviation industry

B&T Bearing offers various products that enable clients to move loads safely and quickly. The company supplies solutions for cargo-handling, ground support, conveyor and conveying equipment, air courier, transportation, warehousing, industrial machinery and equipment and general contracting applications.

The company manufactures industry-standard products, which are completely interchangeable with most other products in cargo-handling applications, as well as custom-made products to meet the client’s specific needs.

B&T Bearing’s high-quality products include heavy-duty and light-duty ball transfer units, container stops, rollers, and replacement and spare parts.

B&T Bearing specialises in the design and manufacture of logistic components, including ball transfer units (BTUs).
The company’s gravity rollers simplify the transportation of heavy goods, and are customisable according to the client’s requirements.
B&T Bearing’s container pop-up stops stabilise the transport of containers, making them suitable for freight forwarding operations.

Ball transfer units for transporting heavy loads

B&T Bearing’s heavy-duty ball transfer units simplify the moving of heavy loads. When configured in a pattern, they can support loads up to 500lb each.

The company’s bearing features a one-piece construction, so there is no internal cup or plate to crack or break. The inside of the hardened cup serves as the race of the bearing and provides a much stronger support for any load.

A number of companies implement B&T Bearing’s BTUs, due to of their superior performance in high-impact or high-volume areas, as well as their durability.

Container pop-up stops for easy loading

B&T Bearing manufactures cargo container pop-up stops to assist clients with their freight forwarding and logistics needs. They are foot-activated, step-and-turn components, which are carefully designed for hands-free easy operation.

The company has specifically engineered its pop-up stops to help clients halt and stabilise a container during loading and unloading, and they are also ideal for warehouses that use ball decks.

Conveyor rollers for cargo handling applications

B&T Bearing manufactures standard and custom rollers to match the client’s requirements.

The company offers a full range of rollers for cargo-handling, and conveyor and conveying needs, which are engineered to easily transport loads and provide maintenance-free service.

These rollers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and configurations.

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