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Flight Information Display Systems, Gate Management Systems, Airport Operational Databases and Digital Signage for Airports

Terminal Systems International (TSI) provides Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Airport Operational Databases (AODB), Resource and Gate Management Systems (RMS / GMS), digital advertising, and flight data and corporate communications solutions for airports.


Terminal Systems International (TSI) provides Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Airport Operational Databases (AODB), Resource and Gate Management Systems (RMS / GMS), digital advertising, and flight data and corporate communications solutions for airports.

TSI offers both local server and hosted options for AODB, RMS and FIDS. The company has been providing turnkey airport IT solutions for more than 20 years.

Flight information management and display

TSI FIDS offers innovative, cost-efficient FIDS that enhances a client’s corporate image, modernizes airports and provides a premium service to travelers.

The TSI Flight Information Display System (FIDS) provides quick access to real-time airline and airport statistical analysis. It automatically distributes reports and provides airlines, administrators, tenants, and authorised personnel with direct access to reports and key performance indicators.
Flight status and schedules are automatically updated from the most reliable sources in the aviation industry.
Flight information is more than a gate, ticketing, baggage carrousels, and arrival and departure screens. The ASI3000™ provides a comprehensive solution that combines operational FIDS requirements with content management, touchscreens and advertising.
TSI's system is designed to support multiple areas in a single screen for posting messages, streaming rich site summary (RSS) / news feeds, and displaying graphics, videos, key performance indicators, and weather updates.
Automated KPIs keep viewers informed with live statistics.
TSI's Resource Management System (RMS) provides quick and easy management of airport resources, while its Gate Management System (GMS) gives operations the power to make informed operational decisions and build 'what-if' scenarios.
The company's flight map includes a weather information feed displaying current conditions (local and destination). A live weather map can be displayed in the airport and online.
The automated airport billing feature generates billing information and integrates with standard accounting and finance packages.
The Airport Operational Database (AODB) serves as the central data repository and integration manager for all data systems, and provides a master database for statistical analysis of operations.

The TSI Flight Information Display System (FIDS) supports a wide range of display scenarios, including baggage, gate and ticketing areas, multi-user Flight Information Display Systems (MUFIDS), touchscreens, advertising, and video walls and pages.

The systems automatically display live flight status and weather updates, schedules, flight maps, rich site summary (RSS) / news feeds, and company video subscriptions and weather.

TSI FIDS seamlessly integrates with other applications or third-party airport IT solutions, including public address (PA) systems, billing, baggage handling, resource management, gate docking, baggage reconciliation, website FIDS and navigation.

It can also be incorporated with common use passenger processing systems, self-service applications, and terminal equipment. Manual changes are made quickly and simply using a secure online user interface.

The hosted FIDS solution eliminates the hassle and expense of on-site servers. An easy-to-use web-based interface allows users to access a user-specific FIDS platform via their mobile devices.

Dedicated rugged FIDS input devices for baggage handlers and gate staff provide a simple touchscreen interface for changing resource assignments or flight information.

Language controls extend past public and operational displays, with a smart interface that allows users to login and manage the system in their preferred language.

Airport Operational Database

The TSI AODB serves as a central repository and translator for all essential airport information systems.

The TSI AODB streamlines and minimizes data entry, increase operational effectiveness, and ensure precise information by cross-referencing data between various systems. The system enhances overall efficiency and performance of operations by providing accurate historical and real-time airport information.

The AODB assists the decision making process by providing the latest operational information to most terminals, and allowing users to effectively perform their responsibilities.

The AODB standardizes data between systems, ensuring consistent information throughout the airport.

Airport gate planning and scheduling

TSI’s Gate Management System (GMS) / Resource Management System (RMS) increases aircraft parking efficiency, while reducing errors and costs. The adaptable GMS solution supports custom gate requirements for individual airports.

The system includes support for swing and shadow gates, as well as customizable rule structures composed of soft and hard rules for fine tuning automation.

The solution also includes a learning algorithm which evolves as the system is used, allowing it to automatically adapt and optimise throughout its lifecycle.

TSI’s GMS provides a real-time visual plan, which allows users to quickly make informed decisions with the best possible outcome by automatically verifying scheduling and highlights potential conflicts.

Gate planners and schedules save time and energy, as airport and airline rules and preferences are integrated into the automated GMS. Resource assignments are made automatically to schedules generated from published carrier schedules using a multi-tier logic structure incorporating hard rules, soft rules, history and the learning algorithm.

Planners can view past results and future projections using a flexible reporting tool. Interested parties can also subscribe to automated email notifications of reports and Gantt schedules, while authorised users are provided with real-time access through an easy-to-use web portal.

The system supports what-if scenarios with a potential scheduling support system. There is no limit to the number of preview schedules and possible scenarios planners can create and rapidly apply to the production plan.

The GMS is fully integrated with TSI’s FIDS and AODB, and can work with third-party systems or as a standalone flight information management system. It supports future airport growth and customisation of the system without outside support or additional licensing. System users are able to modify business and gating rules and preferences as required.

TSI’s RMS solution provides an intelligent decision-making tool for optimizing resource allocation.


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