Amerace has been the leading global brand of airfield lighting infrastructure products for decades.  Designing, manufacturing and supplying Connector Kits, Isolation Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Molded Cable Assemblies, Blocks, Tees, Splitters and even reels of cable, we have everything an electrician needs to get airfield lighting connected.   Our products comply with all industry standards, such as the FAA and ICAO, as well as electrical certification and standards bodies such as CSA, UL and IEEE.

Encapsulated Isolation Transformers

Encapsulated isolation transformers are the heart of the typical 5kV series circuit powering airfield lighting.  These transformers isolate the fixture from the circuit allowing the system to operate even when the load is removed or shorted.  They are encapsulated to withstand harsh installation conditions underground or in standing water.

Amerace has long been a leader in supporting intelligent transformer applications.  A common application is Single Light Addressable (SLA) systems where fixtures can be diagnosed and controlled remotely over the power line carrier.  Due to the unique manner in which the primary and secondary windings are placed and isolated, Amerace transformers outperform many others in the marketplace.  New products that provide additional value through advanced diagnostics and LED specific functions are planned for release in 2011.   

Connector Kits and Molded Assemblies

Molded cable assemblies are tried and true field hardened products for Amerace.  Available in custom configurations, cable types and lengths, our connections are easy to make and resist water ingress better than any other connector on the market.    If you make light fixtures or other load devices and need a connector or molded assembly, give us a call and our customer service group will find an option to meet your needs. 

45 W Isolation Transformer FAA L830-1 Designation Compliant
52 Super Kit - Plug and Receptacle FAA L823 Designation Compliant

FAA L823 connector kits are a core product for us, having literally shipped millions of them all over the world.   Easier and faster to make than any other kit on the market, our connectors are made from 100% virgin thermoset rubber.  This material choice allows incredible elasticity to hold a seal for decades as well as resistance to oil, fuel and other common caustic chemicals that may be present beside the airstrip. 

Blocks, Wyes and Tees

We have many variations of blocks, wyes and tees to assist the electrician in ganging together lights, splitting power feeds or managing complex junction points.  If we don’t have what you need to solve your problem we’ll make it!  

Standards Compliant

All of our products comply with FAA standards, including especially FAA L823, FAA L830 and FAA L831 designations.  Amerace also complies with Buy America Act regulations and conforms to ICAO standards.  Electrical products are tested to CSA, ETL and UL regulations where relevant and in most cases exceed the test cases and thresholds for each of the standards.  Certificates and documentation is readily accessible through our website.