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Aviation Information, Passenger and Baggage-Processing Systems

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Ultra Electronics Airport Systems’ comprehensive suite of offerings in information, passenger and baggage-processing systems, which can be delivered as individual products or integrated solutions, meet the key business needs of airports, airlines and ground-handling agents.

Aviation and airport systems integration

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems is recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of airport systems integration expertise and now offers its products as fully managed services to airport, airline and ground-handler communities around the globe.

Baggage reconciliation and baggage re-flighting systems

The baggage processing systems we provide include the UltraTrak baggage reconciliation system (BRS) and the UltraReflight baggage reflighting system.

Airline passenger-processing systems

Our range of airline passenger-processing systems includes:

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems provides aviation information, passenger and baggage-processing systems.
We are recognised as one of the world's leading suppliers of airport systems integration expertise.
We provide airport, airline and ground-handling operations equipment.
  • UltraCUSE common use platforms (CUPPS)
  • UltraDCS local departure control systems (LDCS)
  • UltraLoadPlan load planning systems

Aviation and airport information systems

We provide a range of airport and aviation information systems, including:

  • Flight information display systems (UltraFIDS)
  • Airport operational databases (UltraDB)
  • Resource planning tools (UltraResource)
  • Systems integration / integration broker (UltraIB)
  • Building systems integration (UltraControl/BSI)

Airport, airline and ground-handling operations equipment

We have a deep understanding of airport, airline and ground-handling operations and a reputation for delivering excellent services and innovative integrated solutions. More than 100 airports around the world now benefit from Ultra’s commitment and experience.

Airport, airline and ground-handler references

The company is proud to offer as references more than 100 airports and more than 100 airlines as users of Ultra products around the world. With a regional presence in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Ultra Electronics Airport Systems is positioned to meet the system requirements of airports, airlines and ground handlers worldwide.

Aerospace electronic and electromechanical products

Airport Systems is a division of Ultra Electronics Holdings, an international group of businesses specialising in the design, manufacture and support of electronic and electromechanical products and integrated IT solutions for aerospace and defence markets worldwide.

Advanced aviation information, passenger and baggage-processing systems

The group has over 45 years of experience as a supplier of technically advanced solutions for civil and military applications and employs some 3,500 people within over 20 businesses based in the UK and North America. It has seen a steady and considered growth to reach its current turnover of in excess of $1,019m.

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The Oaks
Crewe Road
M23 9SS
United Kingdom