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SkySoft-ATM Leading-Edge ATC Solutions Provider

SkySoft-ATM’s corporate mission is to rethink the design and implementation of airport air traffic management (ATM) systems. The company brings innovative solutions to the many challenges of air traffic control.

By combining technical performance and a human approach, SkySoft-ATM achieves high productivity, reliability and safety standards. User-friendliness and flexibility are the central themes of the company’s vision, which leads to custom-made solutions, developed in close cooperation with clients.

SkySoft-ATM is one of the market leaders for recording solutions and has successfully designed and deployed the biggest screen recording projects.

SkyRec is currently recording thousands of screens, keyboards and mice, as well as radar and voice channels worldwide.

With Albatross, SkySoft-ATM is the initiator of the first open source community in the ATM domain.

SkySoft is targeting the drone detection vibrant market providing seamless UAV traffic management components.

After 15 years of using our ATM Solution in large ATCO simulation environments, SkySoft is introducing SKYSIM, a multipurpose portable ATM Simulation Solution.

SkyVisual human-machine interface (HMI)

SkyVisual has been acclaimed by ATCOs for years. It goes far beyond a traditional ATC HMI. SkyVisual is operational for ACCs, approaches and towers.

The HMI is often the main visible part of an ATC system. ATCOs demand extensible and ergonomic systems with fast response-time and easy data access, something that has traditionally been under-evaluated by the market.

We have developed a fully responsive HMI following the EATMP ergonomic concepts, which provides efficiency and intuitive navigation, as well as safety benefits.

Customisation possibilities to meet individual needs and shortcuts to reach the right information contribute to a considerable increase in ATCO uptime.

SkyServer ATC data processing engine

ATC information has to be efficiently shared among ACC ATCOs through silent and real-time systems. Consequently, smoother and more precise flow management tools, reduction of ATCO repetitive tasks and a focus on value-added functions become a necessity.

SkyServer, which integrates many of the ATCO working rules, naturally leads to ATC automation and to outstanding airspace capacity improvements. Benefits of the SkyServer include:

  • Increased capacity and service quality
  • Increased safety and smoother traffic management with traffic anticipation
  • Time savings thanks to the automatic conflict detection / resolution over coordination points
  • The customised MTCD improves visibility of situational airspace

SkyRec BlackBox multimedia recording tool

SkyRec BlackBox is a high-performance, hardware-based multimedia recording tool. This non-intrusive solution can capture At The Glass (ATG) very high-resolution screens (including 4K ultra high-definition), as well as audio channels, mouse clicks and keyboard input. Get access to recorded data within seconds with our user friendly HMI. Export synchronised recorded data to standard media for external replay.

ATG data captured from the CWP screen is essential to most ANSPs for legal recording, post-event analysis, training purposes, or technical investigation. SkyRec BlackBox also provides synchronised voice, mouse and keyboard data, serial lines recording. It reflects an exact picture of the ATCO’s environment at any point in time.

SkyRec BlackBox is the ultimate hardware based ATC / ATM screen recording solution.

SkyRec Video Software Edition

SkyRec allows you to track all events on your controllers’ work position. The software video recording module captures exactly what your ATCO sees on screen, including mouse clicks and keyboard actions.

SkyRec Video Software Edition provides you with 100% accurate information for legal recording, post-event analysis and simulation. The software is available for Windows and Linux.

SkyRec radar and data recording

The ultimate radar data recording solution provides synchronously ‘through the wall’ radar and other ATC data recording. It is designed to work on a permanent and continuous basis for 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

In case there is a legal recording requirement, radar recording is coupled with a voice recording solution.

SkyRec Replay for data playback

SkyRec Replay is a user-friendly application for playing back all recorded data synchronously. Multiple export features are offered for archiving and post processing on portable storage media.

Embedded playback application in export file allow the immediate replay of encrypted data on any windows PC without software installation. SkyRec Replay allows users to select audio, video, radar data to replay in just a few clicks and replay them synchronously.

While playing back you can generate bookmarks, speed-up or slow down the replay, and then export synchronised data to any local or remote storage.

SkyRec Replay includes an OCR search engine to retrieve call signs, STCA, MTCD or any specific event automatically and generates bookmarks for each occurrence to allow quick access to video data of interest.

SKYSIM for ATCOS staff training

SKYSIM is a user-friendly assistant for airspace and sector changes to train operational staff when airspace changes become valid. The solution offers realistic aircraft behavior, and can be used as a procedure planning tool.

New routes and flow of traffic may be simulated in a matter of minutes. SKYSIM offers:

  • Basic training
  • Real-time simulation
  • Procedure and airspace design
  • System testing and evolution

The solution’s innovate user interface was developed in close collaboration with active controllers.

Albatross, the Open Source ATM community

SkySoft-ATM’s vision is to offer more vendor independence to customers and easier access to technology to small and medium-size airports and centres in emerging markets.

The first of a series of technologies to be contributed to the project by Skysoft-ATM will be the Albatross Display™, an advanced, flexible ATC radar display solution that will be made available to the Albatross.

Safety will not be compromised in any way, and stringent processes will be enforced in the software production and certification cycle to make sure that international safety standards, such as ESARR6, are respected.

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Press Release

ATECH and SkySoft-ATM Partner for a New Contract

SkySoft-ATM has been cooperating with ATECH (Grupo Embraer) for a new recording project. With this new contract, they will benefit from the latest version of SkyRec software, the leading solution to record Controller Working Positions' monitors.

White Papers

SkyRec ATM Data Recording Solution

An efficient recording solution is essential to most air navigation service providers (ANSP) for legal recording, post incident analysis, training purposes or technical investigation.


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+41 22 417 47 70 +41 22 417 47 77 .

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Press Release

10 August 2017

SkySoft-ATM has been cooperating with ATECH (Grupo Embraer) for a new recording project. With this new contract, they will benefit from the latest version of SkyRec software, the leading solution to record Controller Working Positions' monitors.

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10 May 2017

INDRA selects SkySoft-ATM to provide a video recording solution to Oro Navigacija SE the Lithuanian air navigation service provider (ANSP).

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21 February 2017

Leidos recently awarded a subcontract to SkySoft-ATM under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) programme.

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15 February 2017

SkySoft-ATM has announced that it has joined the Global UTM Association (GUTMA).

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2 February 2017

The subsidiary of Skyguide has joined CANSO as of January 2017.

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2 November 2016

SkySoft-ATM will be exhibiting at the UTM 2016 Conference.

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27 October 2016

DFS has recently awarded a frame contract to Skysoft-ATM to deliver a solution to record video, audio and serial channels from all controllers' working position in the Bremen, Munich and Langen Area control centres in Germany.

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13 October 2016

SkySoft-ATM will be showcasing its products at the 61st Annual Conference and Exposition - ATCA.

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10 October 2016

SkySoft-ATM will be exhibiting at the FAA Managers Association / 36th Annual Gathering of Eagles and Managing the Skies Expo.

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19 May 2016

The next Global AIM Rio 2016 is confirmed and will take place from 17 to 19 May 2016 at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro.

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21 April 2016

The 16th edition of Airport Show will continue to serve as a B2B platform for companies to present their airport and aviation-related products and services and will cover seven areas, namely airport build and installations, airfield construction and installations, airport operations, airport security, airport technology and IT, ground support equipment and services, and air traffic management.

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25 February 2016

SkySoft-ATM will be exhibiting at the World ATM Congress in Madrid from 8-10 March.

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14 July 2015

UAVs are becoming a major component of the ATM environment, and require specific solutions to be integrated into regular traffic.

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6 February 2013

Swiss ANS solutions, a joint cooperation with skyguide (ANS solutions), SkySoft-ATM and Wey Technology, will be exhibiting at the first World ATM Congress in Madrid from 12 to 14 February 2013.

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19 September 2011

DFS, the German air navigation service provider has entrusted SkySoft-ATM with a new contract to expand in the new control room in Karlsruhe the video, voice and serial data solution from SkySoft-ATM. The new SkyRec BlackBox will equip 41 additional controller working positions in the

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19 September 2011

In May 2011, Slovenia Control launched a call for tenders procedure to procure a new fall-back air situation display as the previous solution was becoming obsolete and needed to be replaced to equip their future control centre in 2012. Albatross Display Professional Edition will be used

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19 September 2011

Operational data recording system based on SkyRec video has been deployed in the current LPS area control centre in Bratislava in 2009 and in order to equip the new area control centre LPS has placed a new order with R-SYS the Slovak IT company specialised in ATC solutions deployment and SkySoft-

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10 September 2009

Following an international tender process, SkySoft-ATM has been mandated by DFS (the German air navigation service provider), to supply a video and audio recording system which will be implemented into the Karlsruhe UAC. This project confirms the expertise of SkySoft-ATM with regard

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9 September 2009

Geneva, Switzerland - Skysoft-ATM, a major solution provider to the airport traffic management industry, today announced the availability of Albatross Display™ an advanced, flexible ATC radar display solution that is fully open-source under the GPL version 2 license. The solution

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16 March 2009

Skysoft-ATM, a major solution provider to the airport traffic management industry, today announced the Albatross™ open source community project, a key initiative to boost innovation in the ATM industry. The project home at was launched today. Skysoft-ATM also announced the

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30 September 2008

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) International Airport (United Arab Emirates) has chosen SkyRing to replace their previous system. The SkySoft-ATM/CS Soft Joint Solution comprises of radar display, flight data processing, radar data processing and recording systems. The control tower modernization

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