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Ground Power Units (GPUs), Generating Sets and Floodlights for Airports

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Bertoli designs and manufactures technical and commercial power solutions, including 400Hz ground power units (GPUs), generating sets and floodlight units, for the airport industry.

400Hz ground power units (GPUs) for airports

Bertoli provides reliable, high-quality, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain 400Hz diesel ground power units for military and civil applications.

The company’s GPUs offer outputs ranging from 60kVA to 180kVA. They can be provided with one or two AC outputs depending on a client’s power requirements, as well as an optional 28VDC power output module.

A 180kVA ground power unit on a trailer with two 115VAC / 200VAC outputs and a 28VDC output.
Generating sets are a reliable source of power in the event of a mains failure.
Bertoli diesel-powered ground power units are state-of-the-art resulting from long-period investments in research and innovation.
A GPU with 28VDC output for aircraft engine starting and battery charging applications.
A GPU for military applications mounted on a high-speed off-road trailer.
Bertoli designs and manufactures technical and commercial power solutions.
Diesel generating set for standby use.
Bertoli designs and manufactures technical and commercial power solutions.
Bertoli designs and manufactures technical and commercial power solutions.

The control panel features an easy-to-use, configurable electronic device for GPU management. Operators are able to establish engine dynamics (low / rated speed) and adjust the GPU’s output based on their power needs.

Bertoli also designs and manufactures weather and soundproof enclosures and two-axle trailers for its GPUs.

Generating sets for emergency power supply at airports

Bertoli’s generating sets are designed to provide electricity in cases where the public mains has failed, or where there is no mains available.

The company provides generating sets with outputs ranging from 3kVA to 2,000kVA. From inception to completion, Bertoli produces its generating sets in Italy, using components manufactured in western countries.

For its generating sets, the company designs and produces sound and weather-proof enclosures, as well as field and high-speed trailers for towing on or off roads.

Portable floodlight units

Bertoli floodlight units are supplied with mobile generator sets that have outputs ranging from 6kVA to 30kVA, as well as telescopic masts and halogen lamps. High-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide or light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are available on request.

Generating sets can be easily detached from the trailer and used independently.

Depending on power and models, Bertoli’s mobile light towers can be equipped with telescopic masts ranging in height from 5m to 9m. The masts can be raised and lowered manually or using a pneumatic or hydraulic lifting system.

Floodlights are normally integrated on a single-axle trailer designed for low-speed towing, or they can be fitted on high-speed trailers for towing and illuminating obstacles on roads.

About Bertoli

Bertoli’s dynamic and flexible services have helped it to acquire contracts with public and private clients for more than 30 years.

The quality of the company’s power solutions has been proven by its experience, its ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer status, and its collaboration with the most important and prestigious engine and alternator manufacturers.

In addition, products are constantly updated with new innovations to anticipate and meet clients’ demands. Bertoli’s technicians check product upgrades to ensure they comply with European safety and reliability standards.

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