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Fuel Management Platform for Airports

Proconsi provides the world's innovative Keros purpose-built aviation fuel management platform.

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Proconsi provides the world’s innovative Keros purpose-built aviation fuel management platform.

Keros® is web-based, fit for purpose and user-friendly. It uses modern technology and it is scalable.

The solution can be configured as a seamless digitalised system on the airport apron, optionally providing printed delivery tickets.

Keros architecture

Keros is the most advanced airport fuel management platforms available. It is based on the latest software technology with full scalability and designed to be centrally hosted, as well as minimises local hardware requirements and investment.

Keros@Core is a complete operational tool for managing fuel movements in the airfield.
Keros@Dispo features real-time data collection and resource allocation for operational management.
Keros@On-Platform is used to ensure simple, safe and efficient under-the-wing operations.
Keros@e-Office offers secure access to historic and real-time data on fuellings and contracts, as well as documentation.
The Keros@Pryma resource and shift planning application can be optimised using other Keros modules.

Keros architecture features:

  • Cloud-based and hosting
  • Software Windows-based (SAAS)
  • Multilanguage
  • Versions remotely implemented
  • Data protection and reliability
  • Modular and profiled
  • Hardware adaptable
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Document repository
  • Interfaceable
  • Business continuity

The user-friendly, web-based platform can be configured according to customer requirements, featuring a range of modules for airport operations, integrated transmission data, shift planning, drag and drop dispatch, and fleet geo-positioning and tracking.

Keros @Core

Keros @Core focuses on complete operational management of fuel movements in airports. It has easy administration of primary customers (core operations and airlines), stock owners, resellers, and final customers, facilitating simple control of all kind of into-plane contracts, credit and split contract agreements.

Features of Keros @Core include:

  • Fuel stock control
  • Operations standardisation
  • Customer and contract management
  • Start and final counter method
  • Adaptable to airport size
  • Extended reporting and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Fuel movements registration
  • Counter connectivity
  • Safety and reliability
  • Day and monthly operating closings
  • Aircraft cabin connection

Safety: Keros has been designed with safety in mind. Specific safety parameters and barriers have been built into the system.

Reliability: the Keros platform has a proven track record with more than a decade of continuous service.


Keros@Dispo manages operational coordination at airports with real-time data collection and resource allocation. It can provide tracking of an aircraft’s refuelling cycling at the airport, as well as a timeline of past operations and flight scheduling per season according to the airport’s authorities.

The powerful dispatch module provides GPS fleet location and tracking. Aircraft location using the module aids just-in-time arrival, optimising efficiency at the airport.

Keros@Dispo key features are:

  • Real-time flight coordination
  • Airport activity control
  • Coordination and autonomous modes
  • Real-time fleet geolocalisation
  • Resources assignation
  • Operations standardisation
  • Safety and reliability

Our flexible dispatch tools can be switched on and off in real-time depending on operational demands such as peak times or night shifts. This might allow centralised multi-airport dispatch.


Keros@On-Platform ensures simple, safe and efficient airport operations and operational under-the-wing management.

It automatically connects to read electronic meter data and is easy to use with mechanical meters. It offers two operating work modes. ‘Autonomous mode’ selects flights to attend while ‘coordination mode’ accepts or rejects orders from operational control.

Keros@On-Platform features:

  • Fuelling operational tracking
  • User-friendly
  • Paperless (Optionak)
  • Fuel truck counter integration
  • Full auto-guidance process
  • Digital signature capture
  • ‘Fuelling remarks’ data capture


Keros@e-Office is Proconsi’s digitally secure customer web portal for airports, providing access to historic and real-time data on fuellings, contracts and more. It features electronic documentation and management reporting tools. Being centrally based and accessed by multiple sites allows the generation of powerful management reports and queries at a local airport, cluster or central level.

Keros@e-Office comprises:

  • Customer web portal
  • Data accessible 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Real-time data
  • Digitally secured
  • Fuelling, contracts, delivery tickets


Keros@Pryma is our resource and shift planning application. Optimisable using other modules in the Keros suite, the module combines resources, flight and shift data to enhance an airport’s workforce and fleet.

Key features of Keros@Pryma are:

  • Annual and monthly planning
  • Extended reporting and KPIs
  • Workforce payroll data
  • Resources activity and control
  • Airport shift management

Historic flight, refuelling and resource data can be combined for detailed analysis and review. Workforce payroll data is seamlessly generated and interfaced to the payment centre.

Press Releases

  • Keros technology implemented by SLCA

    Servicios Logísticos de Combustibles de Aviación (SCLA), SL, manages combustible materials for use in aviation, such as kerosene (JET A1), aviation gasoline (AVGAS 100LL) and lubricants.

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