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Multifunctional Grass Cutters and Collectors, and Flail Mowers



TRILO offers high-quality grass cutters, collectors and flail mowers for airport and airfields.

The company’s solutions help control the population of local wildlife and prevent bird strikes at airports.

TRILO also provides multipurpose solutions for vacuum sweeping, and collecting grass and foreign object debris (FOD).

TRILO's Cut & Collect solution cuts and collects grass and foreign object debris (FOD) in a single pass.
The company's machines can be used to manage grass at airports and airfields.
A TRILO machine can cut 100cm-long grass to a height of 20cm.
The company provides solutions for collecting FOD from grass surfaces.
A TRILO machine collects FOD with a joystick-operated suction hose.
The TRILO S8 unloading its collected grass.
TRILO's S12 wide-area collector can be set at varying collection heights.
The TRILO S4 is ideal for collecting grass clippings and FOD near fences, and cutting and collecting operations in smaller areas.

Airport and airfield grass management solutions

Grass management at airports minimises the risks that wildlife communities and FOD have on aircraft.

TRILO supplies high-performance machines for cutting grass, as well as collecting leaves and waste at airports worldwide. Clients can also add optional parts to their machines to suit their specific requirements.

Grass-cutting solutions for aviation environments

The company’s flail mowers and grass collectors cut grass to heights between 15cm and 20cm, which prevents birds from finding insects and seeds, as well as keeps them from seeing predators.

The collectors therefore reduce wildlife population at airports and help prevent bird strikes.

Flail mowers and grass collectors

TRILO offers vacuum sweepers in a variety of shapes and sizes, with options for challenging mowing and / or cleaning jobs. These can be used to collect mowed grass and FOD.

The collectors are equipped with a self-sustaining drive, which ensures that the power of the towing vehicle is not affected, and enables faster, easier mowing operations.

Wide-area grass collectors

TRILO’s wide-area collector can be used to pick up grass clippings with a maximum length of 12cm. The machine has a capacity up to 13ha per hour, and can be set at different collecting heights to suit requirements.

The TRILO wide-area collector effectively clears 10m-20m areas next to runways and taxiways, and is available with a hopper capacity of up to 20m³.

Cut & Collect grass cutter with turbine

All TRILO grass collectors are equipped with a vacuum turbine, which allows the solution to cut wet and dry grass. The grass cutters also pull grass into a vertical position before cutting it, allowing it to cut foliage up to 25cm in height.

The advantage of using a grass cutter with a turbine is that it cuts and collects grass clippings and FOD in a single pass.


TRILO’s machines are built, painted and assembled in its factory in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, according to the latest production methods.

The company’s well-equipped service department refines all new machines, allowing clients to start using them immediately. Spare parts can be ordered via TRILO’s website, where stock levels are easily checked and orders can be tracked 24/7.

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