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Air Traffic Management Solutions and Services


International Air Traffic Automation Services (IATAS) offers air traffic management (ATM) solutions, tools and professional services for the aviation industry.

The company’s platform and solutions are based on state-of-the-art, patented technology that provides highly efficient air traffic control operations.

Based on specific requirements, clients can integrate IATAS solutions to support tools during an initial implementation. They can be installed as semi-automated automated systems, and become fully automated once all validations have been completed.

Solutions to maximise capacity at airports

IATAS provides cost-effective solutions to maximise capacity, efficiency and safety for airports, as well as enhance situational awareness to prevent pilot and controller-induced incidents.

IATAS provides fully automated ATC and ATM solutions for airports, airlines, ANSPs and aviation authorities.
The company aims to maximise capacity, efficiency and safety at airports, as well as reduce the risk of incidents and enhance emergency response.
Aviation authorities and safety agencies can use the IATAS replay platform to review flight data and communications.

The solutions include airport capacity enhancement simulators, and dynamic moving map systems that outline aircraft operation, as well as air traffic control (ATC) and remote tower applications that provide simultaneous control across multiple airports.

Visualisation tools for airport operators

IATAS offers visualisation tools that provide airlines with enhanced fuel and taxi performance, weather updates for flight planning, airport slot scheduling, retention services and data sharing.

Automated solutions for ANSP and ATS

Air navigation service providers (ANSP) and air traffic services (ATS) can use IATAS’ automated solutions to improve safety and reduce direct ATM costs.

The company can also help ANSPs and ATS to reduce controller-induced incursions and excursions, manage stop bars, and offer voiceless ATC services, efficient maintenance scheduling and emergency coordination.

Tracking and infrastructure automation for aviation authorities

IATAS supplies systems and tools that enable aviation authorities to coordinate flight takeovers, tracking and emergency responses.

The company’s Contingency Aircraft Takeover System marshal aircraft that have been hijacked or are deviating from their flight path by locking / unlocking the autopilot.

It also provides a data recorder, which records all IP-based information and allows it to be replayed after incidents.

Aviation replay solutions for safety agencies

IATAS allows safety agencies to mine data, replay incidents and provide reports from recorded sources.

Agencies can benefit from the company’s aviation replay platform, which allows investigators to review flight data, related ATC communications, and past weather maps and screens.

IATAS also offers a shared database (SDB) that stores and retrieves data in any SWIM-compatible format, such as AIXM, FIXM or WXXM.

Solutions to enhance pilots’ situational awareness

Pilots are provided with a complete set of tools to enhance situational awareness, preflight and in-flight WX planning, and aerodrome operations, as well as reduce taxi time and fuel consumption.

IATAS provides global airborne weather maps, which update the weather during flights worldwide.

It also offers airborne flight data transmitters, which use A/G communication to send flight data and cockpit audio to ground-based retention services.

IATAS beta testing programme for ATM solutions

IATAS’ beta partnership programme provides airport-related organisations with hands-on access to existing and upcoming products and services.

The programme is open to airports, ATS, airlines, homeland security organisations and aircraft manufacturers.

Beta partners also offered substantial discounts, direct access to IATAS’ technical team, and the opportunity to participate in closed events, meetings and demonstrations.

Following registration, clients are provided with a list of potential solutions suited to their organisation.


IATAS’ mission is to provide fully automated ATC and ATM solutions for the world’s air-traffic community.

The company aims to provide industry-leading performance, customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Since 1997, IATAS has been building an automated ATC platform, as well as applications and related tools, to provide airports with a 360° infrastructure that adheres to the regulations of ATM-related organisations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), EUROCONTROL and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

IATAS offers plug-and-play ATM solutions that maximise safety, capacity, interoperability and collaboration, while reducing workloads, operating costs and environmental impact.

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    International Air Traffic Automation Services (IATAS) offers air traffic management (ATM) systems and professional services.

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