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Airport Baggage Conveying

Nerak specialises in automated vertical conveying of loose airport baggage and standard and oversize baggage in trays. Continuous vertical conveyor (CVC) and vertical reciprocating lifts (VRL) are developed, engineered and manufactured by Nerak for baggage handling systems (BHSs) around the globe.


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Nerak specialises in automated vertical conveying of loose airport baggage and standard and oversize baggage in trays. Continuous vertical conveyor (CVC) and vertical reciprocating lifts (VRL) are developed, engineered and manufactured by Nerak for baggage handling systems (BHSs) around the globe.

Continuous vertical conveyors for airport baggage

Airport baggage handling systems are not usually limited to operating on one level; baggage has to be transported up or down between several levels and several functional areas. Traditional solutions involve inclining conveyors or spiral lifts. Often the main challenge system designers and engineers face is a lack of space.

Since the system is often extended with additional X-ray machines and links between terminals, space requirements do not meet those in existing buildings. An alternative, space-saving solution is the Nerak CVC.

Space-saving continuous vertical airport conveyors

S or C-shaped CVCs save valuable space and allow more flexibility when designing a BHS. Additional capacity can be gained by using the freed space from X-ray machines. Possibilities to increase capacity are often limited within existing architectural structures.

Baggage tote.
Nerak continuous vertical conveyor.
S-lift baggage infeed.

Nerak utilises a rubber block chain with internal, pre-stressed steel cables as the load-carrying member. Benefits of this system include:

  • Rubber block chains do not need greasing
  • The rubber absorbs the majority of the operational noise and vibrations, allowing a quiet and smooth operation
  • Inside the rubber blocks are pre-stressed steel cables, which hold the load and take the force. Pre-stressing prevents the rubber block chain from stretching, so frequent chain tensioning is not necessary
  • The system is maintenance friendly. Visual inspection and cleaning of the light sensor reflectors is the main maintenance work required
  • The CVC does not involve conveyor belts, so storage of expensive spare parts and frequent exchange of worn belts is not necessary. Total costs of ownership are reduced significantly
  • A footprint of only 15% of a typical inclining belt conveyor system frees valuable space for additional capacity increasing equipment

Continuous vertical conveyor for loose baggage and baggage in trays

The CVC S316Gep is designed for high-capacity transportation of loose luggage between two levels with the smallest possible footprint. It can be built with a height up to 40m, while its capacity is up to 1,400 bags per hour. Internal cladding closes the travelling path completely, ensuring a flawless transfer of conveyed luggage. It prevents catching of loose luggage handles and strings, and guarantees no luggage is lost during transport.

The CVC S316Tr is designed for high-capacity transportation of baggage trays between two levels with a small footprint. It can be built with heights up to 40m and a capacity of up to 1,200 trays per hour.

These energy-efficient conveyors operate with a single motor reducer. This ensures low power consumption and, therefore, reduced operational costs. Connection to the power supply is fast and easy. The CVCs have a reduced number of light sensors that are generally controlled by the system programmable logic controller (PLC), so a separate PLC is not necessary.

Vertical reciprocating lift for loose baggage

Vertical baggage transport between more than two levels or for a lower capacity requirement can be achieved with the Nerak two-post lift PH411. A belt conveyor adjusted to the baggage size is attached to a carrier structure that, with the belt conveyor, runs on two cantered posts. The PH411 reduces operating costs and power consumption, while avoiding bending into the carrier structure and clearly reducing wear on the guiding wheels.

Nerak rubber block chains (RBC) insure a grease-free and noise-reduced operation. An optional electronic positioning system guarantees exact positioning in every level, despite the actual load.

A fully integrated frame made of square steel tube brings stability up to 40m in height. Cladding with perforated metal sheet provides an integrated enclosure, which gets rid of the need for an external fence around the lift and generates valuable space.

Installation and spare parts service

Nerak provides assembling and installation support from experienced supervisors. Professional on-site work includes supervising of unloading and unpacking, correct assembling and installation based on the Nerak installation manual, test runs, and training for operators and maintenance personnel.

Annual service contracts ensure long-term operation on high availability and low downtime. A reduced total cost of ownership leads to the highest customer satisfaction. Professional supply of spare parts from stock or custom made to order allows systems to be up and running again in the shortest possible time.

About Nerak

Nerak is a family owned and globally operating company based in north Germany. More than 25 years of experience in vertical transport of virtually all possible materials make Nerak a leading supplier of vertical transport equipment for a range of markets. Sister operations in the UK, US, Scandinavia and China ensure local support in major regions and cost-effective production.

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  • Rubber Block Chains

    The heavy-duty NERAK rubber block chains are at the heart of all conveying systems.

  • Vertical S-Conveyors for Totes and Boxes

    NERAK continuous, vertical conveyors can provide considerable space saving over more conventional inclined conveyors and can be configured into a 'C' or 'S' shape.

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