men in mobby wheelchairs being pushed

Special Mobility is a manufacturer of transport solutions for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) at airports, providing items such as wheelchairs and baggage carriers.

The Mobby product range contains a transport wheelchair with a wide range of options available for luggage, electric movers, with Mobby XL able to carry weights of up to 250kg, and Multimobby containing seven PRM vehicles with advanced safety features.

Robust, durable wheelchairs for airport passengers

The Mobby transport wheelchair is solid, safe, durable and requires low maintenance, having been specifically designed for PRM use.

It features a swing-up footplate and does not tip when a passenger steps on it, with a safety break deployed when the wheelchair is not in-use. Armrests swing-up and cannot be removed from the wheelchair.

Mobby wheelchairs can be supplied with bespoke colour schemes and nameplates, enhancing clients’ branding during deployment onsite.
Mobby wheelchairs can be supplied with bespoke colour schemes and nameplates, enhancing clients’ branding during deployment onsite.
Special Mobility’s Mobby wheelchairs can be effortlessly equipped with luggage trolleys for extra convenience, allowing for the transportation of both passengers and their baggage simultaneously.

The Mobby is available in several colours, with customised themes available on request.

Coating (two layers) is high-quality and the non-coated parts are made from stainless-steel. The Mobby is stackable, even with the options to save space.

The frame is rigid and is easy to push even with the weight of 35kg, making the Mobby difficult for criminal access.

Heavy-duty wheelchairs to push increased passenger weight

The Mobby LX is able to carry larger loads and capable of transporting weights of up to 250kg.

Multiple options are available to address PRM requirements, including keylock, coinlock and cardlock systems, luggage racks and anti-theft poles, as well as logo plates fitted to the rear of the wheelchair.

In addition, the Mobby can be equipped with seatbelts, crutch holders, bag hooks and other fixations to offer extra convenience and protection.

Advertisement plates can also be attached to the side of the Mobby vehicle.

Connecting mobility chairs and luggage trolleys

The patented fixation solution makes it possible to connect several Mobby’s and move them together in a row. Restoring empty Mobby’s is easy and can be done in a minimal amount of time.

Luggage trolleys can be connected to the Mobby, e-Mobby or Mobby XL, meaning the attendant can push the Mobby passenger and their luggage without any hassle.

The Multimobby is a PRM designed vehicle that takes up to seven PRM and has advanced safety features. The vehicle has been designed for easy entry and alighting, with low-entry also enabled.

The Multimobby has 360° steering and can carry cabin luggage at the back, while sensors prevent it from bumping into walls.

Electric-powered wheelchairs and trolleys for airports

The e-Mobby is electric-powered and able to transport PRM. It can be connected to enable driving two or three passengers at a time.

Time is saved and simplicity added to transporting people with limited mobility throughout their duration at the airport. Using the e-Mobby in combination with Mobby wheelchairs enables the needs of disabled travellers to be met.

Versatile solutions for transporting disabled airport travellers

The Electric Mobby pusher can be used to transport a Mobby or Mobby XL without the passenger being transferred out of the chair. This is a big advantage for transporting heavy loads.

The aisle Mobby has automatic seatbelts and has a swing-up back for easier access to lift the passenger. It can be equipped with a lifting device if required.

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