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Baggage Handling System Design Expert

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CALL3D is your key partner for designing, developing and optimising large and small handling systems for airports and logistics.

Enriched by a prolonged experience acquired in the major international airports, CALL3D provides consultancy from the feasibility study definition to the final project implementation, offering a distinctive partnership in the conception and designing phases of highly performing systems, included HUB level complex systems.

CALL3D’s core distinguishing capabilities are know-how and creativity, supported by a strong client-oriented approach when re-defining any existing system or designing a new one according to specific needs. Using standard software specifically customised by the company, CALL3D is able to enhance system functionality and efficiency, with related positive impacts on timing and costs.

Airport baggage handling system / hold baggage screening design

Our major strength is our global vision and deep knowledge of baggage handling systems’ processes and technologies, as they are in place in the most important international airports worldwide. Thanks to technical competence, technological expertise and project management capabilities, CALL3D is able to independently design custom baggage handling systems, or co-design them with customers, to ensure these systems meet clients’ individual requirements and processes, even when these are complex.

CALL3D is your key partner for designing, developing and optimising large and small handling systems for airports and logistics.
CALL3D core distinguishing capabilities are Know-how and Creativity.
Using standard software specifically customized by our Company, CALL3D is able to enhance the system functionality and efficiency.
Offering a multilanguage service and an international mobility, CALL3D guarantees on-site support and project leading worldwide.

This wide experience makes CALL3D a unique partner in guaranteeing high-level contribution in terms of creativity, performance, innovation and security.

Airport baggage handling system / hold baggage screening development and optimisation

CALL3D’s exclusive way of working in the project development phase ensures it can optimise the whole process of developing and delivering a baggage handling system for your airport.

In the project development phase, we have the special ability to customise the baggage handling system in order for it to be able to face any unpredictable problem, change settings while the work is in progress and reach the expected performance level and quality.

Worldwide on-site support for baggage handling systems

Offering a multi-language service and an international mobility, CALL3D guarantees on-site support and serves as a project leader. Working side-by-side with engineers, architects and the whole team involved, we can direct and control the workflow in every single detail, in order to reach the performance level target and to fulfil all expected goals.

Having CALL3D at your side means having a strategic partner that has a clear vision of your needs, and therefore gives your project great engineering creativity, state-of-the-art solutions and the best matching technologies to grant performance to every different handling system need.

Benefits of working with us for your baggage handling systems include:

  • Global vision of existing baggage handling systems and processes
  • Solid know-how associated with a creative problem-solving approach
  • Deep, detailed knowledge of every single process’ specific and related technology
  • Top-quality simulation service (in partnership with Simcore)
  • Contacts with main technology producers and integrators
  • Continuous update on existing technologies and the most effective system-managing solutions
  • Experienced and specialised partnership
  • Training and coaching
  • Multi-lingual service
  • International mobility and on-site support


Via Gioacchino Murat, 75
20159 Milan

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