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Runways and Taxiway Preservation

ASI Solutions (Rhinophalt) develops and provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction and preservation of asphalt and other bituminous bound surfaces.


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ASI Solutions develops and provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction and preservation of asphalt and other bituminous bound surfaces. Trusted by over 75 airports worldwide, RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation has proven to be a reliable, effective, and innovative solution for preserving asphalt infrastructure, offering substantial operational, environmental benefits and long-term cost savings to all airport operators.

Asphalt preservation treatment for runways and taxiways

The company’s RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation is the ideal solution to help runways, taxiways, aprons, and all access roads stay in better condition for longer. It is a unique preventative maintenance treatment that protects asphalt from climatic conditions, oxidation, and traffic wear to preserve the runway surface for longer.

Cost effective maintenance of a runway or taxiway

RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation is approximately 10% of the cost of resurfacing, making it an ideal alternative to runway resurfacing. With repeat applications, users can prolong the need to resurface their runway even further by extending the life of the surface well into the future, meaning the cost of resurfacing can be diverted to other priorities. Customers may never need to resurface until the friction characteristics are considered no longer safe, helping them to save money on runway resurfacing.

ASI Solutions provided products at Antigua runway in 2018.
Advanced road treated and untreated with ASI Solutions.
Application at airports can be carried out at night.
Alderney Airport in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK, has implemented ASI Solutions products.
Solutions are available for military airport runways.
The runway at Keflavik Airport, Iceland has been treated by ASI Solutions.

With RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation, prevention is always better than cure, as well being more cost effective and sustainable. The application of RHINOPHALT significantly reduces carbon from the runway maintenance process by more than 90% compared to resurfacing.

Effective solutions for runway and taxiway maintenance

RHINOPHALT can be applied in short operating windows, often at night meaning, there is far less disruption to flights. For example, a full runway (180,000m²) can be treated in less than two weeks.

The application process also supports security and safety due to minimal vehicle movements airside. It greatly improves aesthetics, which in turn supports visual enhancement for incoming pilots.

Sealcoating runways

RHiNOPHALT penetrates the existing surface and seals in essential oils and resins while improving its binding and waterproofing properties. As a result, the treated surface will become more resistant to abrasion, stone loss, water ingress, and severe ageing effects of the climate.

Runway FOD prevention

As the bitumen ages, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle, leading to ravelling and pothole formation. This surface aggregate loss is a major safety concern to all airport operators as it poses a potential for foreign object debris (FOD). With an application of RHINOPHALT, the occurrence of FOD is significantly reduced, which increases runway safety. The process also poses no detriment to skid resistance or macro-textures.

Sustainable runway rehabilitation

The company and its Australian partner, Downer, recently won an award at the Australian Airports Association (AA) National Industry Awards 2023 for its work at Mackay Airport, where RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation was used on a runway in Australia for the first time.

As a result of the successful work after a series of trials, Mackay Airport will now implement a proactive runway maintenance strategy (intervene while the asphalt surfacing is in good condition) and re-apply RHINOPHALT every five years to maximise the life of the runway asphalt surfacing. A successful example of this approach can be seen in place at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland.

The strategy at Mackay will result in delaying further resurfacing of its RWY 14/32 until 2045/2046 or beyond, providing a significant economic and environmental benefit by extending the runway in service life to more than 20 years.

About ASI Solutions

Suppliers of RHINOPHALT, ASI Solutions and their approved applicators around the world, have now worked at over 75 airports globally.

ASI has so far successfully completed projects totalling in excess of five million square metres of the world’s major civil and military airfields, including Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Brize Norton, Lisbon, Sydney, Mount Pleasant, and Brussels.

For more information or to find out if your runway, taxiway, apron, or access road is suitable for RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation, please contact the company using the form at the top of this page.

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