Champion Door knows doors inside out. The company specialises in fabric fold-up doors and partitions for indoor and outdoor as well as specialist applications.

Fabric fold-up hangar doors for aircraft hangars

Champion Door’s fabric fold-up doors make very competitive solutions for aircraft hangars, industrial installations, warehouses, transport depots and sports centres, and can also be used for dividing large spaces, fire protection, and extra-large and unusually shaped doorways. They are reliable and long-lasting.

Fabric fold-up doors require minimal maintenance and can be equipped with soundproofing, thermal insulation and burglar alarms. Champion Door makes sure that its products can endure heavy-duty industrial wear. The doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature, are resistant to dirt and dust, and resist even the most violent winds.

The elevating support posts of our fold-up doors leave doorways to aircraft hangars completely partition-free.
The most popular fold-up door for aircraft hangars is the NK2 Double, which has a U value of 1.39 with a 280mm frame.
The NK4 Warm fold-up door is ideal for aircraft repair hangars.
Three-piece hangar door with mullions.
Multiple hangar door for jumbo jets.
Business jet hangar door in Cannes.
Champion Door is a specialist provider of military air hangar doors.
Champion Door's hangar doors are designed with lightweight fabric that does not need a supporting structure.

Custom fold-up doors and partitions

The fabric of our fold-up doors and partitions is extremely durable against both friction and impact. Champion Door is renowned for high-quality products, and while its hold-up doors and partitions are made with standardised components they can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Large doors for aircraft hangars

Champion Door’s fold-up doors with elevating support posts are ideal for extra-wide and extra-high doorways. The large, partition-free doorways of airplane and helicopter hangars and specialised machine rooms require doors with special properties.

The NK2 Double and NK4 Warm large doors for aircraft hangars have been designed specifically with larger industrial doorways in mind. With their rigid frame they are ideal for use as large external doors, and a major advantage is that they are lightweight but durable. Unlike other fold-up fabric doors on the market, they do not need heavy support structures. The NK4 Warm comes with two additional insulation layers for added thermal insulation and soundproofing.

The PVC material is designed to resist the chemicals used for de-icing. Champion Door fold-up doors have been tested in a wind laboratory, and the wind resistance for large hangar doors is more than 56m/s (1kN/m²).

Steel and aluminium fold-up doors

In all Champion Door fold-up doors the frame structure and elevating mechanism are of steel and aluminium construction. The doors’ fabric is UV, fire and mildew-protected, and the Geder strap profile enables differently coloured fabrics to be used in the same door.

In the event of impact damage, the door’s entire fabric does not have to be removed, as only the damaged lamella needs to be replaced. Champion Door doors are safe: wire arresters stop a descending door if its lower edge encounters an obstacle below.