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Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Technology Solutions

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Proxim Wireless provides indoor and outdoor wireless solutions that provide organizations with the quadruple play of data, voice, video and mobility. Proxim is 100% focused on wireless technology, which enables it to provide a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX (point-to-multipoint) and point-to-point technologies. The ProximVision ES provides rapid network deployment, mobile configuration and greater ease of use in a software-based network management system.

WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMax and point-to-point backhaul broadband wireless equipment

Proxim’s product portfolio enables partners to custom-build a wireless solution to fit customers’ specific needs. Its broadband wireless equipment is used by enterprises, carriers and municipalities that need high-performance, secure and scalable broadband wireless solutions.

Using a combination of WLAN, Wi-Fi Mesh, WiMAX and point-to-point backhaul technologies, Proxim enables a wide variety of fixed and mobile applications.

Wireless security and surveillance systems

Institutions are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too remote and costly or physically impossible to reach with additional cabling.

The Proxim Wireless LAN AP-8000 and AP-800 are the industry's first 802.11n solution to achieve 320Mbps of throughput with a dual-radio solution.
The Tsunami GX800 is a high-performance point-to-point licensed backhaul.
The Tsunami MP8100 is a point-to-multipoint WiMAX. It offers high speed broadband wireless access for fixed and mobile applications.

A Proxim wireless security solution means an unlimited number of video surveillance cameras can be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In a new or expanded security system, high resolution, real-time video from each security camera is transmitted directly to a Proxim base station in a regional security center or on-site security office where the wireless network remotely controls the cameras.

Broadband wireless technology for improving public safety

Emergency services rely on quick access to accurate data to better serve the public. Broadband wireless technology saves time as information can be received en route.

Proxim’s broadband wireless technology allows constant connectivity from patrol vehicles to headquarters. Once on the scene, Wi-Fi technology allows officers to leave their vehicle and remain connected with Wi-Fi enabled devices. A wireless metro area network linked directly to real-time networked sources of information in the vicinity means officers can be armed with even more information.

Broadband wireless access

Total broadband wireless access (BWA) subscriber rates and usage rise each year. Service providers and municipalities need to address customer and resident demands for quick service delivery and a high-speed network access from any location and at a low cost. The price for customer acquisition costs and on-going last mile maintenance puts additional pressure on service providers to find new ways to cost-effectively deploy broadband access services to large numbers of customers.

Cellular data, voice, video and mobility

Cellular subscribers are demanding high-quality connections wherever they go. Whether you’re a data service provider or regional cellular provider, responding to customer demands requires a robust infrastructure capable of providing the quadruple play of video, voice, data and mobility.

Government wireless broadband initiatives

Wireless broadband is growing steadily, especially as the performance of wireless technologies has caught up with and surpassed traditional wired broadband infrastructure. One of the key enablers for this growth is the number of government grants available that can be utilized to fund wireless broadband initiatives.

Many of Proxim’s customers have secured grants to help fund their deployments or pay for it completely. Proxim has a quick-start guide with the options available to help fund your wireless broadband network. It also provides an overview of the grants available as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus package.

Indoor and outdoor WLAN solutions

Enterprise mobility is increasingly a requirement for productivity at every stage of an organization. All employees benefit from being able to connect and do business from anywhere and organizations are able to change more rapidly to better meet business demands. Proxim’s WLAN solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability for fast-changing organizations. This enables enterprises to easily redeploy or expand their workforces and facilities without the substantial delays and expense of installing cable or leasing lines.

Proxim Wireless has provided indoor and outdoor WLAN solutions to hundreds of thousands of organizations throughout the world. This saves organizations money while enhancing their productivity by enabling true, enterprise-wide mobility. Proxim offers all components in a complete end-to-end wireless solution including seamless integration and management of all components. The enterprise WLAN can be integrated with Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX and wireless backhaul products for the most flexible and scalable wireless systems available.

Sales channel and system engineering

Proxim serves customers through a global network of distributors, value-added resellers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers. Proxim’s internal salesforce engages in direct-touch, consultative selling with major customers regardless of whether fulfillment is direct or via a channel partner. Its experienced system engineering team is available to provide professional services to both its channel partners and end customers.

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1561 Buckeye Drive
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