EMS Formation, a division of EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG), is a leading supplier of hardware and software for the aerospace, defense and transportation industries. EMS Formation possesses over three decades of cutting-edge experience in product innovation and has a proven track-record of providing mission-critical technology for military and commercial organizations.

Aviation communications, entertainment, data storage, connectivity and data recording and replay software

By optimizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and applying its AS 9100B-certified processes, EMS Formation develops proven and qualified solutions that enable in-flight communications and entertainment, rugged data storage, airborne connectivity, and data recording and replay. Products include:

  • Fully synchronized record and replay systems for record and replay of voice, data, radar and video data for air traffic control, air defense/C4I and custom applications
  • Rugged wireless access points for high-performance, secure, manageable and flexible wireless connectivity for commercial aerospace and military applications
  • Rugged hard drives for cost-effective data storage in extreme environments
  • Ruggedized processing devices consisting of avionics-class servers, ruggedized file servers, video-on-demand servers, terminal data loaders, avionic IP network products and avionic data loaders

ATC / C4I integrated record and replay system

EMS Formation's Advanced Integrated Recorder (AIR) is a COTS record and replay system optimized for air traffic control and air defense/C4I applications. AIR records voice, workstation screen activity, radar, LAN/WAN and video data for time-tagged and synchronized replay from local or remote locations.

The AIR system offers the widest variety of interfaces of any record and replay system. All information streams are compressed, time tagged, synchronized to within 100ms and stored together in a single media, and are subsequently available for playback without interruption to active recording. System configurations range from a single node with 12 audio channels to a networked, multi-site system supporting over 1,000 recording channels.

AIR is optimized for air traffic control monitoring, training or any application where voice, video and LAN data need to be recreated synchronously to audit actions and results.
Wireless access points enable wireless connectivity via a Cisco Aironet® 1200 Series 802.11 a/b/g access point.
ToughDisk provides rugged data storage for extreme environments, including manned or unmanned aircraft, naval vessels and ground vehicles.
Ruggedized file servers feature proprietary disk-protection technology to protect disks from harsh conditions.
The Terminal Data Loader (TDL) device enables airlines to quickly offload existing data and load new content.

The system's software can be adapted easily to accept new hardware, accommodate new interfaces and add new features as technology and requirements evolve. Applications include accident or incident investigation, training, security and quality monitoring.

Over 600 installations worldwide include:

  • Copenhagen Airport
  • All US navy air stations
  • On the NATO Europe Air Command and Control System (ACCS) program

Aviation hardware and software manufacturing facilities

EMS Formation operates in 44,000ft² of office and manufacturing space. The company's manufacturing lines include medium and high-volume surface-mount lines, Vitronics-Soltec 6748 selective-soldering machinery and BGA workstations and X-ray systems.

Certified aerospace hardware and software

EMS Formation adheres to strict quality standards, has been ISO 9001-certified since 1996 and achieved AS 9100B certification in 2008. AS 9100B specifies requirements set by the International Aerospace Quality Group for outstanding product quality, continuous improvement and excellent customer service. The standard embodies the complete text of ISO 9001:2000 plus approximately 80 additional requirements and 18 amplifications of these standards.

EMS Formation's processes have also been approved to the quality standards of IBM, Motorola, Rockwell Collins, Panasonic, Kawasaki and Airbus. The company is an FAA-approved manufacturer (FAR21) and an FAA-certified repair station (FAR145).