TEC Huenert specialises in the development and manufacture of airport ground support equipment for the aviation industry.

TEC Huenert’s product range includes passenger stairs, VIP mobile escalator stairs, water and toilet service vehicle and its innovative Rescuestair systems.

Passenger to VIP mobile escalator stairs

With regards to client preferences and different technical requirements on various airports, the manufactured ground support systems by TEC Huenert have been designed with flexibility in mind.

From towed passenger stairs, motorised passenger stairs to the mobile escalator stairs, every system manufactured from TEC Huenert is adapted to customer requirements and preferences.

VIP mobile escalator stair, transportable in Hercules C 130, designed to special client requirements.
The company’s Rescuestair is the ideal solution for evacuating passengers from a stricken aircraft quickly and safely.
For the small rescue heights: TEC Huenert has designed a front rescue platform.
In use at the airports worldwide, TEC Huenert`s towed passenger stairs

Many optional components and functional features are available, allowing the ground support equipment to be perfectly adapted to the specific requests.

Emergency evacuation airstair system (EEAS)

A core product manufactured by TEC Huenert is its Rescuestair emergency evacuation airstair system (EEAS). TEC Huenert launched this system onto the market.

Rescuestair is specifically designed to be used by airport rescue and firefighting brigades. Its main purpose is to reach quickly an aircraft, which is involved in an accident, to rescue passengers from the aircraft and to provide access for emergency services to the aircraft.

Depending on the model of the system, the Rescuestair also performs initial firefighting actions.

About TEC Huenert

TEC Huenert is based in Melbeck in the northern part of Germany, located 60km south-east of the city of Hamburg. TEC Huenert’s main field of activity is the development and manufacturing of airport ground support equipment with more than 30 years experience.