GECI is a worldwide high technology, engineering, E&M support and consulting group, which has been providing technical and commercial expertise services to a wide range of customers in the aeronautical, telecommunications, infrastructure, and transportation industries for over 30 years.

GECI is currently working in over 15 countries providing flexible, custom-designed solutions and services in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Relying on extensive experience in manufacturing, system engineering and logistics project implementation, GECI works improve service by working in partnership with its customers.

Airfield ground lighting products

GECI is a leading provider of airfield lighting solutions to both civil and military airports. GECI consistently offers a high standard of customer service and this has made it one of the foremost suppliers of airfield lighting products to the international marketplace.

GECI is able to supply the worldwide airport market with market-leading constant current regulators, airfield signs and SMGCS control systems whilst maintaining and developing their critical airside installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

The CCR mod.HTP 2000-G2 is designed primarily to operate in airport lighting system environments.
The monitoring and control panel system (SMP) is a panel based on the human machine interface (HMI) and complies with global aeronautical industry standards. It is suitable for almost any environment.
Heliport SMP version.
Programmable logic controller (PLC) panel.
The circuit selector switch unit is designed to power different circuits from one CCR. It connects two or more airfield lighting series circuits with a single CCR output.

AGL CAT I / II / III capabilities:

  • Threshold identification
  • Runway edge
  • Runway end
  • Precision approach path indicator (PAPI)
  • Turning pad
  • Taxiway edge
  • Current control and monitoring
  • Constant current regulator (CCR)
  • Tower control panel
  • Wind direction indicator
  • Obstruction lighting
  • Power supply for AGL / NAVAIDS
  • Communication cabling
  • Earthling system

Airfield LED solar lighting products

GECI can provide a range of solar-powered LED-based products specifically tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Quickly installed without cabling, with low maintenance and no electricity bills the lights are ideal for tactical deployment. They are used around the world by civil and regional airfields, defence departments, tower and crane operators, and construction and mining companies.

Products include:

  • Obstructions lights
  • Taxiway and runway edge lighting
  • Illuminated windsocks
  • Guard lights

Airfield monitoring and control panel system

GECI is a manufacturer of power and control system solutions for airfield lighting equipment and navigation aids. With experience in the design and implementation of constant current regulators (CCR) and monitoring and control panel system (SMP), GECI builds failsafe system solutions for airside lighting operations.

Using DSP technology, ferroresonant CCRs produce precise sinusoidal output waveforms for series circuit loads, and provides a real-time picture of regulator performance and status. The touchscreen-based SMP control systems use commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and software products, allowing end users to receive the most advanced technology available at the lowest cost option, all in non-proprietary form.

GECI´s design-build solutions include pre-manufactured electrical vaults that can be installed and commissioned on-site. GECI conforms to all FAA AIP requirements with ISO 9001:2008 registration and ICAO and FAA certified. Quality hardware components, field-proven design, on-going development and a support staff of experienced engineering and field personnel combine to deliver the safest, most reliable systems found on the airfield today.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) activation panel

The PLC activation panel (tower version) is designed primarily to work in a tower building. This unit is adapted for the substation panel to mimic the SMP panel and to supply power to the different auxiliary devices. The system has elements of power, control and communications for configuration in accordance with customer needs. Crash and fire alarms, beacons, wind cones, UPS, surveillance cameras, monitors and others can be operated in remote mode from the panel.